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  1. zillafreak

    Boats and foils comparison

    So now I see the reason for the large bulb. Unlimited number of wings can be used if <20% total wing weight. ETNZ doesn't have that option. Consequently, the boat’s overall center of gravity is low for low-speed handling. Teams are only allowed to build six wings, but are allowed to change up to 20 percent of the wing weight. Three of the four teams have elected to integrate bulbs into their wing designs. It’s conceivable that 80 percent of the wing weight is in these bulbs, which would allow the three teams to plug multiple wing designs into these same bulbs without them counting toward the six-wing limit.
  2. zillafreak

    Wind Limits - Where are they

    Well said
  3. zillafreak

    Emirates Team New Zealand.

    The first real "sailing video" of this class. Not just a few seconds of foiling. Friggin brilliant concept
  4. zillafreak


    For those who dont want to see Salty Seacock for the next 20,000 posts. You pick. Nuthin personal...
  5. zillafreak

    i fucked up

    Wait you mean the entire ETNZ thread is gone? Years worth? Holy shit...
  6. zillafreak

    Stars and Stripes Team USA is gone

    Obviously. Just smoke and mirrors up till now...
  7. zillafreak

    Boats and foils comparison

    Wait aren't we saying the same thing? Or do you think ETNZ totally f'd up?
  8. zillafreak

    Boats and foils comparison

    And you probably believe Trump withheld funding to Ukraine because he really wants to eliminate corruption and not spy on Biden. Yes I think they may have withheld a bulb design on purpose. This is a game of design poker. So if ETNZ has no bulb foils throughout the contest, I am incorrect and totally ridiculous. But If they sport a bulb in the AC, you eat crow. So either all challengers got it wrong, or ETNZ has some tricks up its sleeve..
  9. zillafreak

    Boats and foils comparison

    Obviously kiwis odd man out with no bulb. Maybe holding back with a top secret version? Did they find some flaw with bulb design? My guess is they did not want to "give away" the bulb issue early on, like not foiling too early (oops), but everyone else figured it out. Time will tell
  10. zillafreak

    Luna Rossa Challenge. AC 36

    Thats where they hid the Herbie unit, but the matte finish gives it away. They should have gone with chrome paint again, can't even look at it.
  11. zillafreak

    Team NYYC

    Interesting point about AM using flat bottom for ground effect lift. Seems ETNZ went for hydrodynamic hull, AM aero/ground effect Hugely different foil solutions Curious to see what happens in big chop, although that didn't seem to be an issue in the previous cup when flying
  12. zillafreak

    Team NYYC

    Does seem that way. How much is loss of lift vs actual counterforce...
  13. zillafreak

    Team NYYC

    I'm probably hallucinating but it looked liked someone spashing around in the water near the back of the boat at end of the video when off the foil?