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  1. Matt D

    12ft Skiff Interdominions Video

    Those boats look like such an adrenaline rush downwind!
  2. Matt D

    2018 International 14 Worlds

    Come to the team racing prize giving to find out...
  3. San Francisco Bay - Berkley Circle - August 12 - 25. I am beyond pumped! T-4 days until I fly out! I hear some of our favourite Germans have arrived, with a few American teams training in Earnest. Other than try not to turtle in 10' water during nuking winds, any advice for a newb to SF?
  4. Is your PFD too large for you?
  5. Big thanks to Dave for coming to Ottawa and letting a few of us try the UFO. His coaching with the headset was awesome. This is making me seriously reconsider my sailing priorities. You UFOers have yourselves a pretty sweet ride!
  6. I am so stoked to try one of these bad boys out! I should mount a gopro to make a good lowlight video of me eating $hit my first time out. :p
  7. Matt D

    Wiring off the Rack

    I tend to think of up to a certain point, more vang will power you up, as it closes your leach, and essentially trims your main in up high. Having the top of your main trimmed in will allow every extra armfull of mainsheet to trim the full sail for more power, and thus prevent you from rolling in tow windward. Above a certain point, more vang bends the rig and flattens the sail, as Edward Mason refers to. With modern mains, more downhaul bends the rig, blading out the main, and opening the leach, allowing the top of the sail to fall off. This will prevent you from going in to leward when overpowered, as the top of the lever arm isn't pulling, keeping your power down low, thus reducing the torque that the main exerts. Caveat emptor - My experience is in other mordern boats, not the RS700.
  8. Matt D

    Does your dinghy have a name?

    I used to race an I14 named blue fOOted bOObie. The name was written in nipple font, so there were dots in the Os. When we upgraded I14s, the new one got named bOObie tOO. Though the Canadian fleet frequently refers to her as Implants since she's the boobie upgrade.
  9. Matt D

    I14 Capsize Compilation

    I love it when the recoveries go like that! Sadly it would have involved me picking up the jib sheet after handing the mainsheet off at the bear-away...
  10. Matt D

    I14 Capsize Compilation

    With our steamer wetsuits, the air and water didn't feel too cold. The bulk of our poor performance was due to being rusty (a month since our last sail), and being tired (slower, poor judgment). The water was extremely flat, with some ridiculous puff/lulls. I swear we're normally much better than this...
  11. Matt D

    I14 Capsize Compilation

    Our most recent capsize compilation. Because if you can't laugh at yourself, whom can you laugh at?
  12. Seconded. I used to sail with a guy whom had a bunch of drysuits. When out frostbiting in the I14, there were a lot of emergency get back to the dock events. We were on the steep part of the learning curve at the time, and this was 10 years ago, so maybe things have changed, but I would opt for a steamer wetsuit on the 14 any day of the week.
  13. Matt D stung by the 'WASZP'?..OD foiler...

    Lol. I don't think Doug 17 has ever tried a moth.
  14. Matt D stung by the 'WASZP'?..OD foiler...

    I wonder if we'll see one being used as a stepping stone to the other... (I.e. start in a UFO, or F101, then later move to the Moth) One of the things that I find most appealing about the UFO is that it's probably a better trainer for learning to foil. A friend of mine picked up a blade rider a few years ago, and though he has a solid skiff background, his fitness (or lack thereof) prevented him from getting long enough sessions in on the Moth to really get a hang of it; though he claims to have gotten it up on foils, no one I know ever saw it. The UFO sounds as though it's more forgiving in the transitions, thus allowing more time spent learning to foil. Once you master foiling in the UFO, some may find that they're ready for the next step, which could be a Moth. In the meanwhile, with most of the sailing population not having the basics of foiling down, the UFO would seem the logical first step.