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  1. Je Prefere

    Uglyboat Admiration Society Hang Out

    Although it seems clear that this prototype is being tested in more salacious waters, perhaps its the first shot at a Race to Alaska qualifier ?
  2. Je Prefere

    Defending an existing PHRF rating

    At least for PHRF-NW the whole idea is that the speed potential of the boat is based on top 1% crew and skipper, boat prep, sails, and gear. so yes, compared to me for example.
  3. this seems to work pretty well
  4. Je Prefere

    Used J/109 Question

    Not that I’ve ever heard of. Very Early models had issues with the aftmost keel floors, and had a factory fix.
  5. Je Prefere

    J/122 diesel heater installation

    Check the normal water temp of your engine before you think about a hydronic system
  6. Je Prefere

    Mythical Front Page Upgrade

    Having observed it now for a bit, I’d say it’s even less relevant than before
  7. Je Prefere

    Jammer Six has left and taken it all with him

    Fortunately not even close snaggle
  8. Je Prefere

    Jammer Six has left and taken it all with him

    Possible that it’s one of his alternate personalities belongs to Styc
  9. Je Prefere

    Bronze alloys in seawater

    It was “red bronze “ maybe, with iron and failed?
  10. Je Prefere

    MAGNETIC NORTH on the move.............

    no worries about reversals and life. no one has found any good correlation between magnetic reversals and mass extinction events.
  11. Je Prefere

    What brands from the 70s/80s would you resurrect?

    Afford has to include time and money for moorage and maintenance, even used boats are increasingly expensive per hour of use. Just tearing down and greasing 4 winches 2 x a year is more time than I spend directly on maintaining my car yearly, then add in everything else.
  12. Je Prefere

    cost difference between J24 and J27

    All other things being equal, the 27 will want a jib, a light and medium 155 Genoa, a good main, and a light and medium or reacher and runner spin. All are bigger and more expensive than the 24 sails. If you buy wisely and figure to replace one a year, you’ll be running 3-4 k on sails. Bottom paint is marginally more for the 27, but not much. General maintenance, similarly. The 27 is a far more comfortable boat.
  13. Je Prefere

    ToT PHRF pre race calculation

    Yep, another version is to assume the zero boat goes 6 knots, so multiply the tod rating difference by 6 and divide by 60 for # of minutes per hour racing allowed. If it’s the same fleet all the time, the time differences will be constant. Tod is not much less complicated imo, unless you’ve got a pretty reasonable idea of the distances.
  14. Je Prefere

    ToT PHRF pre race calculation

    Can’t really work without a time difference between you and the other boats.