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  1. Not the batwing foils. Are the trainer 45's?
  2. Yikes by SBTJ at 6:50That's a race loser right there
  3. Hey Weta, Bro we also had you first for ETNZ footage. Whats you bank acc number :D
  4. Thank you SAAC for having the community and motivation to get donations to MIHBDA. Thank you Jack for implementing the payments site. And an absolutely massive thank you Jason MIHBDA for your footage. We sit around the big screen and watch your youtube videos every day they are posted. Im fortunate enough to have travelled to your island home many years ago while sailing the Atlantic. Such a great place. I have happily donated and looking forward to the next month or so of the only footage worth watching at this point in time. JD
  5. What's with the $10 max amount? I'm sure some would like to tip their hat a little deeper than that??
  6. Putting the chain back on 😂
  7. The situation with the light and heavy air foils is a case in point. You want us to believe that every team is telling us lies, that they are not using a 2 foil design strategy. It makes zero sense. Each team gets close enough to the opposition to see what foils they are using and know enough (= more than you) to be able to assess the foils they see. none of them would fall for the lies you suggest are being told. There is no point at all of anybody saying they have light and heavy wind foils if they don't. Yet you simply refuse to accept the clear evidence. This is the Americas Cup and you are defending believing what the teams say about the single most wide open elements of this Cup. That is just silly! You're way off base if you think you can believe a single word any team says about its foils!! Especially NOW- when racing in anger hasn't even begun. But you go ahead fantasize away....... Doug, how long have you defended your position of "One foil to rule them all" based on believing 100% without question what Nick Holroyd said?
  8. Clarkey, you really do swallow all the PR bullshit that is put out. What else was PB going to say. They got smoked by STJ and ATS started well behind and paced them, how can you tell if they are up there or not. A lot more golf to play in this hole. Well if no one believed anything anyone says or does to have any sort of truth to it, it would be a pretty boring buildup wouldn't it? And I didn't say anything about them being "Up there" I just said they're in the ball park of everyone else, which is obviously true, otherwise even in practice they'd be getting destroyed if they weren't. Even in videos, they look to be doing well, but don't believe the videos, because they're just "PR Bullshit" too. Sheesh you must live a pretty cycnical life if you believe everyone who says anything in the media is lying to you. Perhaps the point is that for a over a month now we have heard from a variety of NZ fans that based on their video and first hand observations that NZ was doing far better than anything coming out of Bermuda. Please don't try to deny that . I am not saying that it was you specifically but quite a significant number of " fans " . They looked faster , smoother , better turns and on and on . Remember all the claims that the other teams must be shitting themselves and losing sleep because NZ was coming? I think its safe to say everyone is sleeping just fine . Now they show up and share the same waters and now you are happy that they are " in the ball park " . Frankly there is nothing to be ashamed about that at all. What makes this humorous at the least and embarrassing for some at worst was all the crowing before they even got in the same waters. Some guys never learn and it is vaguely familiar to AC 34 in many ways. Welcome to the ball park , there is nothing wrong with being average at this point in the festivities. Nailed it Max.
  9. Sail world just said gear damage, no specifics.I assumed side slipped means pushed from siee, which might indicate steering issues. Side slipped means their chase boat was tied alongside and towed the AC50 from that position.
  10. Should I tell all on my affirmations and prayers too? What I really want to know is, particularly after his unfortunate swim a few days back, does your Jimmy sink or float?
  11. ^ So the only thing that can partake of n a tacking dual with ETNZ must be their own chase boat 🤣
  12. Your question is relevant and the answer is not too difficult nor private to share here amongst my supporters, friends and champions of the feculant diatribes. In truth, the forming of my Jimmy is somewhat premeditated and thought out. Preparation is planned out a full 24 hours before and generally straight after the previous poor soul was named and washed away to a grizzly meet up with 'others'. I start with a concoction brainstorming session with no peers nor any other entity around. I prefer to, but it's not essential, set the scene for the best possible result. I have soft chamber music caressing my ears and enjoy olfactory stimulation from fresh cut flowers to promote clear thoughts on the days where the preparations gift me the desired results. The method and ingredients called for must in all circumstances offer forth a combination consisting of: 1. Odour 2. Viscosity 3. Aeration 4. Pressure 5. Texture 6. Colour 7. Adhesiveness 8. Rinse ability 9. Wipe ability 10. Lingeration I'll state here an old but excellent recipe that anyone other than celiacs suffers can enjoy. This recipe assumes one is already clean and slightly dehydrated. Start with a base of three coffees followed by three hours of starvation. Then two sausage rolls, a chicken savory and one Watties tomato sauce sachet followed by a fresh orange juice of 300ml. Two hours of starvation then coffee four and a banana. Urinate and check for pungent sulphur positives of aromatics. Eat a steak and cheese pie from a gas station, preferably privately owned. Starve one hour then two 150gm packets of budget chippies and 200gm of cheese chansky sausages. Before bed, four poached eggs and cranberry juice 300ml. Sleep. Get up and rejoice for the hard work is about to come to fruition. Coffee cigarette and masturbate. Prepare bathroom by turning the extractor fan off and lightning with a dull light. Apply landing pad for the solids that fail to attach to the toilet bowl. This keeps the fecal matter from drowning and therefore not sharing their delicate odor. Sit, focus and name the turd, Jimmy. Hold for as long as possible to let the pressure rise to 5.4kpa. Spray It comes out in one glorious effort if your preparation has been a successful. Wipe but do not put the spent paper in the bowl. Keep it in a plastic bag to dispose of later. Admire, photograph and record olfactory sensations. Do not flush. Check back in an hour and record again. Flush Jimmy. That's truly beautiful.
  13. "Jimmy, stop fuckin twisting the twisty grips"
  14. What day does Emirates fly the flying boat out to Bermuda?
  15. Any word out of GTF after their very careful two boat tow back to base?