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  1. JonRowe

    ........ to Noumea

    The race was... wet? but a 4 day drag race, updates are hard when you only have competitor paid sat comms though, no Volvo budgets here!
  2. JonRowe

    ........ to Noumea

    Its certainly howling here this morning, only 25-30 recorded on the dial in the harbour so far but seabreeze has full on brown trousers predicted later.
  3. JonRowe

    what is it?

    +1, its a Monofoil Gonet,
  4. JonRowe

    VOR Leg 9 Newport to Cardiff

    I enjoyed reading your theory/guess on this failure in the leg 7 thread, the boat geek in me is hungry for more info on how this happened Agree the PLC was likely just a victim, most discreet electronics would melt themselves before they blew a 400A fuse!
  5. JonRowe

    how fast is it?

    From the Fast40 class site explaining Morty was not on board
  6. JonRowe

    Rad new Ran Fast40 for Niklas Zennstrom

    I was out on the Solent just over from the racing this weekend, it was damn flat however you always get the odd short sharp wave from passing ships, suffered a couple ourselves!
  7. JonRowe

    how fast is it?

    I'd like a close look at the "control line" setup, it looks like max "down" there, but it's hard to tell where the usual ring is.
  8. JonRowe

    how fast is it?

    More aerodynamic too. Halyard lock and cunno to tension would be my guess.
  9. JonRowe

    Selling Sportsboats

    Plenty of time to buy a Shaw to do that before Airlie, was awesome fun taking the Business round the cones when I went, yewww
  10. JonRowe

    VOR Leg 7 Auckland to Itajai

    I'll admit to being very jet lagged right now so I have no idea what you mean by that...
  11. JonRowe

    VOR Leg 7 Auckland to Itajai

    Re the AIS I think its a moot point about the spare antenna for the VHF, as they probably wouldn't have fitted it "just" for a broken AIS system (would you?) although theres a question wether it could have been rigged into the AIS at all? Certainly would have required an at sea rewiring, so fitting it after John fell over may have been considered as not viable? The MOB button is a tricky problem, there are many ways for them to operate and none of them are ideal if they cause a false positive, what strikes me as a good idea would be a visual indicator the button has gone off, has no one invented a glowing ocean-level waterproof button yet?
  12. JonRowe

    Selling Sportsboats

    Well technically the Shaw 650 is a one design boat we even have the class rules to prove it, also Yorkies new boats will be one design, his goal was always that way orientated. Quite a few of the vipers and vx ones race ASBA outside their one-design format (e.g. mast head kites or longer prodders) so I'm not sure SMS is going to work for a mixed bag of ones designs. Speaking as someone who has sailed one design and mixed, I can assure you that whilst one design eliminate the design arms race, its still an arms race, theres always someone who will pay a tactician you can't afford, or buy more, newer sails than you. Cracking down on this just decreases the fun level for all involved, its a hard problem to solve, we've tried.
  13. JonRowe

    Selling Sportsboats

    Monkey Business has a a 112kg production bulb as she was upgraded to meet ASBA rules, she was built with a 92kg bulb but none of the boats in Australia can use these.
  14. JonRowe

    Selling Sportsboats

    Lickety Split? Noels old boat before he passed away.
  15. JonRowe

    Selling Sportsboats

    Yes Monkey Business is the one I'm trying to sell, theres one other at the same price in Queensland the rest are $5k dearer (I only reduced my price to match the other cheap one) and heck of a lot more boat than a Viper.