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  1. JonRowe

    HIRW 19

    Far out...
  2. JonRowe

    HIRW 19

    Is there a NOR / SI publically accessible somewhere? Links were broken for me.
  3. JonRowe

    Mini sailor lost at sea

    This was sad news, I didn't know him personally but the fleet is pretty close nit Safety wise mini jack stays normally run from the top of the cockpit (by the hatch) to the pad eye at the front for the baby stay, class rules forbid them to be attached to the pulpit and pushpit. Class rules also require us to have a method of getting back on board, some have a ladder in a bag, most use a piece of dyneema with bungee spliced in (to retract it) that can be grabbed and used as a step onto the rear. I can say it works in the marina but have obviously not used it at sea :/
  4. JonRowe

    HIRW 19

    What rules that? The links to the NOR/SI on the website seem broken
  5. JonRowe

    SailGP 2019

    Anyone know what the SailGP cats were up to on Sunday? 2 unbranded save for "SailGP" mark on the wingtip, one white and one bright blue so looked like Japanese boat and French platforms sailing around western solent with a bunch of chase boats and a helo.
  6. JonRowe

    Brexit, WTF

    Totally agree, tuition fees as ridiculous, the government could recruit more nurses by restoring the grants instead. All of the NHS doctors I know in there 50s are still working, as those in their 60s, they're forced to retire at 65 for pension rules, then come back to keep working part time in order to keep up the supply of said doctors. All of the junior doctors I know (and probably all of those in the country) hate Jeremy Hunt as it was his plan (benefiting his private medical corporate buddies) to take the NHS "24/7" (despite it already being 24/7, just with no electives at weekends, oh and most people die on a Wednesday statistically) and without consulting the BMA or the doctors forced new contracts on them. The BMA don't dictate the number of places either by the way, that would be the medical schools, theres simply not enough resources (again from the government) to teach more doctors to the standard we expect. Teaching people also costs money.
  7. JonRowe

    New imoca boats

    Currently most Mini 650s are carrying 3 kites and a Gennaker out of their 7 sails
  8. JonRowe

    2019 Rolex Fastnet Race

    Cookson 50s have the option if being Canters, and can have hyrdo winches too. So yes, engine running!
  9. JonRowe

    Team NZ

    My vote would be the entire design team, literally "designed by committee", who'd seen what everyone else (except the kiwis) was doing, and just matched for the conditions in Bermuda, the Brits boat was so slow in part because it was designed for max conditions on the Solent.
  10. JonRowe

    Trans-Atlantic Race

    The Scallywags seem to Fuku is just a sponsor?
  11. JonRowe

    Sun Fast 3300

    Qualifying passage (or two) and permission from RORC? You don't have to do races to qualify, just get approval for your plan and justification why you can't do the races. The crew can still be experienced.
  12. JonRowe

    Transpac 2019

    Speaking of rules does ORR allow stacking?
  13. JonRowe

    Transpac 2019

    I'd a fan of MOD70s but you're dreaming if you think its "5-6 of your mates" rather than "5-6 of some of the highest paid sailors around". If you want to take your mates you want a monohull in that bracket, you can get away with "5-6 highly paid sailors" and fill the rest in with your mates
  14. JonRowe

    Brexit, WTF

    The same logic applies to Brexit Party vs Conservatives... If you believe that remain vs leave would be the only factor in an election. Which it won't, because some people vote on party lines regardless of policy, and some people will actually vote for individuals and not partys.
  15. JonRowe

    Transpac 2019

    Crew all at the back like WOXI pre-mods, maybe she needs a cut-and-shut too