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  1. I hope you're not referring to the limerick thread?
  2. I see Tom Ehman has resurfaced and, surprisingly, backed Oracle! I wonder if the rest of his shitty magazine/website is going to be as biased? http://nzh.tw/11860884
  3. Yes, it's absurd. I think the Cup should be taken away from Larry. Unless ETNZ win, then it's fine.
  4. In that case, they're all fast in a straight line. Right?
  5. BTW, interesting to see how much of the time the ETNZ cyclors are pedaling. I'm actually struggling to find footage of Blair pedaling at all (which might mean I just can't see it) and sometimes I can only see one pedaling (#3 typically). By contrast other teams have all four grinders going, all the time. I can't find any footage of them stopped. Also, if the French can do what they did at 3:40 of Part 3 in ten knots of wind, imagine what they're gonna do in 20 knots!
  6. See above. They're working for Toyota on Facebook. Just like Uncle Russ predicted.
  7. How on earth can you say that, objectively?
  8. Hmmmm, interesting. Team NZ just choose not to fall off the foils in the first place.....
  9. This year it's hard to rebuke The best team's Pete and Blair Tuke Ben's a bloody wanker Hit our boat, nearly sank her! And Jimmy makes me puke!
  10. Here's the Mason Brother's Building now. http://www.nzherald.co.nz/business/news/video.cfm?c_id=1503079&gal_cid=1503079&gallery_id=169334
  11. Nothing would make me happier than Dean sticking his bow through Jimmy's top sides after losing control in a prestart.
  12. 19.4m wave. http://nzh.tw/11860343 I've been hunting around for photos of the AC boats racing in Wellington c.1994. We were sailing off Plimmerton on the same weekend, a big northerly front came through and they got laid flat. And that was in the old days when they had lead to keep 'em upright!
  13. http://nzh.tw/11860242
  14. Win at any cost. Aye.Skip a race, lie, or sandbag.We are diminished. Credit: http://www.apparent-wind.com/haikus.html