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  1. Ex-yachtie

    Will Any Team Ever Fly A Code Zero?

    Still looks like an option.
  2. Ex-yachtie

    Emirates Team New Zealand.

    I think it’s telling that they’re flying both sails together, and that the CZ is clearly light weight material. I can only imagine that it’s designed for displacement sailing only, not to initiate foiling.
  3. Ex-yachtie

    Emirates Team New Zealand.

    Very windy in AKL today. This, stolen from Joan Kirk on the ETNZ Fans Facebook page. Interesting to see no batwing main.
  4. Ex-yachtie

    Mozzy Jumper

    I need a cup like that.
  5. Ex-yachtie

    Emirates Team New Zealand.

    I suspect they thought they had skinny foils.
  6. Ex-yachtie

    INEOS Team GB

    Just in case no one has given you a straight answer yet, they are drains for the cockpit. ETNZ has the same, although with cover plates. INEOS have always had them. They may have had cover plates, now removed, making them more apparent.
  7. Ex-yachtie

    Emirates Team New Zealand.

    Yip. Seems like a fair trade.
  8. Ex-yachtie

    Emirates Team New Zealand.

    “Respected America’s Cup analysts @Mozzy Sails in Britain” https://www.stuff.co.nz/sport/americas-cup/124310224/americas-cup-another-genius-team-new-zealand-design-move
  9. Ex-yachtie

    What on earth are these things?

    Draining the sandbags.
  10. Ex-yachtie

    (Lack of) Event Management

    Agree. Just him.
  11. Ex-yachtie

    INEOS Team GB

    With all due respect, what a pile of shit. At least we have a system. We’re having a great time here thanks.
  12. Ex-yachtie

    America's cup YouTube Channels

    @Mozzy Sails is as close as you get to a sailor talking about the sailing, tech etc: https://youtube.com/c/MozzySails He has an impressive array of jerseys, and a new haircut.
  13. Ex-yachtie

    Emirates Team New Zealand.

    This seems to be a significant change for ETNZ given that they have traditionally held more sail than everyone else.