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  1. It's my understanding that a lot of the cars are simply unloaded for 24 hours and put back on the ship to other destinations as a tax dodge.
  2. Westhaven Pile Mooring Development http://www.westhaven.co.nz/westhaven-new/news-events/project-design-preview
  3. How to transform Auckland's CBD for the America’s Cup: Architects weigh in With the champagne no longer flowing and the celebrations winding down, the time has come to seriously consider Auckland’s prospects as the host city of the next America’s Cup. What needs to be done to its design to ensure the CBD is an exciting, innovative space for visitors to flock to from the world over? We reached out to several architecture and design firms to see if they had any ideas up their sleeve. http://idealog.co.nz/design/2017/07/what-needs-change-should-auckland-host-americas-cup-architects-weigh
  4. It looks to me like the 2010 winners used the same sized font as 2007. They've also managed to use as much space for their two races as the seven races three years before...
  5. Auckland lobby group pitches America's Cup 2021 alternatives A harbour lobby group that fought Auckland Council over extending the city's wharf now wants its support over the America's Cup. Simon Maude https://www.stuff.co.nz/sport/other-sports/95314464/auckland-lobby-group-pitches-americas-cup-2021-alternatives
  6. Option A is the one for me. It has half a chance of being a permanent base for future cups and some public space in between.
  7. Planning starts for America's Cup defence in Auckland The America's Cup syndicates could based near the home of the Auld Mug at the New Zealand Yacht Squadron at Westhaven Marina under a plan presented to Auckland councillors. Bernard Orsman http://www.nzherald.co.nz/sport/news/article.cfm?c_id=4&objectid=11897761
  8. That's weirder than I thought it would be.
  9. Where'd you get the photo?
  10. I don't think for a minute that he's going to go anywhere but this is kind of like saying you haven't had an offer that's big ENOUGH yet.
  11. They did. And then they went on to win the America's Cup. Because they had already been eliminated, read the article. Because it's called sportsmanship: the thing that makes the sport worth being a part of. No, just the truth. The inference is (if you read the article), that Oracle (the team the French were supposed to be trying to help beat) got involved. That's a news story.
  12. http://www.noted.co.nz/life/sport/america-s-cup-eight-design-firms-look-at-how-to-revamp-auckland-s-waterfront/
  13. http://www.noted.co.nz/life/sport/america-s-cup-eight-design-firms-look-at-how-to-revamp-auckland-s-waterfront/
  14. http://www.noted.co.nz/life/sport/america-s-cup-eight-design-firms-look-at-how-to-revamp-auckland-s-waterfront/
  15. http://www.noted.co.nz/life/sport/america-s-cup-eight-design-firms-look-at-how-to-revamp-auckland-s-waterfront/