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  1. BlondeWithFreeBoat

    AYC Spring Series 2019

    In, with a J/70. Guessing we'll be getting wet.
  2. BlondeWithFreeBoat

    sailor chick of the decade

    I think you can eliminate most or all of those. Based on the story, it sounds like this person may live in Europe, given the escape through the tunnel to France. In any case, I would encourage everyone not to toss names out here without knowing who it really is - there is one photographer who's a stalker nutcase and many more who have worked their tails off to build a fragile niche business and could lose it all thanks to an erroneous and speculative accusation by the internet court of public opinion. We can hope Lia will eventually name her tormenter but it isn't for us to post names in here and potentially ruin innocent people's businesses.
  3. BlondeWithFreeBoat

    sailor chick of the decade

    It would also allow the rest of us to avoid the F out this person. She said most of us probably follow him - he deserves to lose his following, his credibility and business. I am sure this is a delicate thing for her and she has reasons she didn't say anything, but if she does decide to when she is comfortable, it would be a net positive, I think.
  4. BlondeWithFreeBoat

    sailor chick of the decade

    Terrifying. And yet, not entirely surprising. There are some serious creeps out there. She's amazing for coming through that and accomplishing amazing things in spite of it. RESPECT.
  5. BlondeWithFreeBoat

    SDYC DAGO Hot Rum Series 2018, temps about 80 degrees

    I'll be there for the 3rd installment... woohoo! Enjoying the similarly balmy weather in long beach for now.
  6. BlondeWithFreeBoat

    No more "Members Only" at my Club.

    I got shot at just for showing up in an anarchy shirt!
  7. BlondeWithFreeBoat

    Racy looking sloop with round hatch in foredeck?

    It is my understanding that many were sent out of the factory in various states of unfinished, including possibly missing a stringer up forward. Some were returned to the factory for repair - those are the ones to look for. There are two on Long Island Sound that do quite well, one of which has been well sailed for many years and taken home a slew of trophies. I've sailed on both and I think they're great - comfortable to sail on, ride nicely in chop, and hold their own in both PHRF and IRC. They're also one of the few "racer cruiser" type designs that I think really serves both purposes well.
  8. BlondeWithFreeBoat

    i touch myself

    Not that you'd think to cast aspersions on your bowman for going home with her or anything... *eyeroll* That said, I don't understand the fuss over bowgirl vs bowwoman. Insay bowgirl because saying bowwoman is cumbersome and odd. What's shameful about girls? Meh. Mind you, the problem we are discussing here is not folks who get wrapped up in linguistic choices but folks who think it's ok to treat women a certain way. It isn't the issue at hand, but implying something about a female because she had a consensual encounter with a male (and having nothing to say about that male) really probably falls into that list of things men should stop doing if they want more women to sail.
  9. BlondeWithFreeBoat

    i touch myself

    "How is he, or anyone supposed to know what is right or wrong if there isn't immediate and clear feedback in response to their behavior." You can't be serious, right? No no no, it is not our job to "educate" shitbags that grabbing on us is wrong. By the time a male has reached adulthood, any number of forces from parents to societal norms in general should have imbued that male with a general clue as to right and wrong. We are not talking about toddlers here, these are grown men and by that age, and it's on them to know, not us to touch. "We're all accountable for our own behavior, both guys and gals." Yes, exactly, in direct contradiction to the absurd assertion that women are somehow responsible for educating men about what to grab vs not grab, it's on each of us to arrive at adulthood 1. Knowing what's ok and 2. Having enough situational awareness to figure out when lines are being crossed by our own behaviour.
  10. BlondeWithFreeBoat

    Stupid Crew Tricks...

    This made me snort with laughter. Thank you.
  11. BlondeWithFreeBoat

    Front Page - scotw

    That's a new fact for me, too! I've only ever known it as a one piece with the sides cut out!
  12. BlondeWithFreeBoat

    Annapolis - Powerboat on Sailboat Crime

    Hey, you scratched my anchor!
  13. BlondeWithFreeBoat

    Front Page - scotw

    Oh please. During the summer, I do most of my sailing in a bikini or monokini, especially if there's a likelihood of capsizing. I do that because it's hot and I don't want to be coated in salt-sticky wet clothing if I capsize. Also makes it easier to jump over the side if one needs to "use the ladies room". I realize there is a risk of this sort of thing as a result, but your "she asked for it" line is garbage. I'm quite certain none of her reasons for wearing a bathing suit were: I'd like my crotch on sailing anarchy. Because literally no girl wants that. And that's coming from someone who has appeared in a zillion bikini sailing photos and numerous times on the front page. As I said in another thread elsewhere, as someone who sails in a bikini, this is totally my worst nightmare. We all know it's possible, and we are accepting that risk when we do it, but to suggest that we *want* that to happen or are *requesting* it to happen is bull and you know it. Also, pretty much every teen female junior sailor at my club sails in a bathing suit. Would the suggestion be that these 13 and 14 year olds are also asking for it?
  14. BlondeWithFreeBoat

    Why is a boat still racing after it finishes?

    Does that actually happen? (Genuinely curious - the idea is almost comical to me, as I'm imagining some Rodney Dangerfield-esque character firing up his engine after the finish and ramming the folks still on the course. Has there been some (likely less theatrical) occurrence?)
  15. BlondeWithFreeBoat


    Ray Charles was then reincarnated as a pole-end.