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  1. This is so horrific. I frostbite from this club during the winters and have done a lot of sailing there during the summer as well. The membership there is enthusiastic about sailing and they run wonderful programs. From what I've read, this sounds like a split second thing... we have all been on a RIB or a center console when someone hit the throttle and we felt that momentary need to grab onto something. I'm so sorry for this family, this instructor, the other kids and the rest of the members. I don't know how anyone recovers from this, but I wish that they all find peace and healing in time. I'm so, so sorry for everyone involved. Love you all at CYC!!
  2. Not sure why you are hating, especially if your not an owner or going to be sailing there. I can't comment on the money side with what there is or may be, but there are 80 boats paid and racing; so your math is a little off. Front page of SA has our first marketing piece in a lead up for an event that is still a little less than two weeks away. It will all be getting ramped up soon. Mmm...maybe it's just me but it doesn't seem this guy was hating at all. "No doubt the sailing will be great", "hopefully it's a first class operation"... sounds kinda positive to me. Looking forward to this one - whether it's 74 or 86 or 112 boats that's still a much bigger fleet than most of us get to play with on a regular basis! Really looking forward to playing with lots of other toys. Knowing me I'll totally pass on the Miami nightlife in favor of champagne and hot tub, though. Gotta recharge
  3. Hell just froze over. We agree that World Sailing shouldn't be running or paying for something like this. They should not be in the event management/production business at all. But they should not be an impediment to allowing it to happen. Agree. There are other people/entities out there that would do a much better job.
  4. Two separate championships, so there can be grade 1 events for keelboat sailors as well. I love keelboat match racing and the rules really are meant for that. Not all of us want to race cats either, but we should have access to the same point values.(likewise for the sailing centers whose fleets are monohull not cat and thus practice opportunities are limited for anyone hoping to race in current grade 1 offerings - makes the playing field a bit unfair)
  5. Auckland for sure. Hauraki gulf is gorgeous, and the city isn't filled with intolerable self-important douchebags in khakis and cable knit sweaters.
  6. "Biffy Esposit" does have a pleasantly waspy ring to it, hey?
  7. (Round of applause)
  8. Extreme2 was wailing profanities refusing room as Courageous came down to gybe to safe water and the failed attempt to clear the port tack J88 that ended hanging from the 12M chute and under the bow. With each crunch on the rocks Courageous became less maneuverable until she finally parked on the bottom. If you were to believe Extreme2's version of the afternoon. That would mean a 66 foot 12M with a near 100 foot stick flying a spinnaker snuck up on them like magic carrying 20 big crew out of nowhere. A spinnaker, 40 feet of bow went cone of silence by them unnoticed and the first thing they knew a boom with 1500 square feet of sail slammed them from behind. OK wait....maybe I'm missing something here, but what would *seeing* courageous behind them mean for anyone? If C was clear astern, it could have been a freight train with a calliope and unicorns aboard and it wouldn't matter...the fact of seeing it or not doesn't give it rights. Maybe I'm missing something here, but what is it probative of whether E2 saw C or not? Clear astern = no rights seen or unseen.
  9. Sailed one of these at Charleston Race Week and loved it!
  10. Every time some idiot says "summer is almost over!" I just want to punch them in the dick (or equivalent). I still have at least 2 or 3 match races, Ida Lewis, IRYS classics, regattas every weekend through september (and October for that matter)... tis very much still The Season!
  11. You need to get off of your high horse. I'm not holding up my hand because, unlike you, I don't think volunteering at my club is worthy of praise. I chair Junior Sailing and am a past chair of Adult Sailing. The rule is simple: if any newbie wants to sail anything, ever, you make it happen, whether it's putting them in a boat with a seasoned skipper for race day or helping them rig one of the club's catboats and taking them out for an hour to show them the basics. If a boat gets damaged, fix it. You can get your son's gold medal re-engraved later with "Top Volunteer" and wear it around your club so everyone knows what a winner you are. This. I've done it. My club has several committees of adult sailors, waterfront builders and junior sailing parents all of whom volunteer to the fix the boats. Our Ideals get in the water every year fully prepped by member volunteers. Per my post above, a simple entry in the log and an email to the committee chair will have a volunteer down there within a day to fix anything the member can't do him- or herself. We haven't given the member volunteers any gold medals yet.... But we are lucky to have them!
  12. Oh wow... hilarious!
  13. This attitude is so damaging. If all we do is sit back and say "it was so much better back in the day" and turn our backs now, how does it grow again? I'm all in favor of making as big a deal of each regatta as possible. Publicize it, take great pictures at it, share stories, cover races! Be proud of what we do, and be confident that even participating in small local regattas on aging PHRF boats is a positive and important contribution. There are worthwhile events to cover that don't include Bella Mente and uber-pros...in fact, the local events are probably more colorful, relatable and entertaining!
  14. Whoaaaa a gold medal in the provincial intergalactics! So, what I think is really amazing is that somewhere out there, there exists a yacht club where the kids take perfect care of the club boats and never leave a broken thing behind, but the adults just bust up all the shit and slink away shrugging. It's like the mirror version of the rest of the universe. And man, I bet those poor instructors are just BUSHED after a whole 6 hours of blowing a whistle and sitting on a boat. Sounds exhausting. Those of us working real jobs for 65 to 100 hours a week (yes that happens) just can't imagine how they keep it together! Where do they find the energy to polish their gold medals after work? In any case, my club handles boat damage as follows: if you broke something, when signing the boat back into the log, you make a note of it. Almost all of us also send an email to the committee chair for the relevant program. A volunteer comes down and fixes it within a day or so. The program budgets account for the fact that replacement parts will need to be purchased throughout the season, and the member volunteers do a great job.
  15. Highly recommend the college kids. I have three who are match racing with me now and they're pure genius. My former frostbite partner was a college sailor as well and he taught me tons of things. They also generally have none of the annoying attitude of certain "professional instructors" or whatever those are.