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    Team NZ

    Still wondering why there was no made for TV movie about it like 1995 and 2000 must of been too much of a distraction for them.


    Not Alinghi but another Swiss challenge is being talked about. "while there have been whispers of interest from Norway and Switzerland." France are still trying to get there. "Bolstered by the unfailing support of partners and supporters, Team France will continue to work hard so that France is present at the 36th America's Cup," the statement finished. As for Australia it's so close to home why not?


    IN Team New Zealand Luna Rossa Ineos Team UK American Magic POSSIBLE Sardiana Challenge Team USA-21 Norway Swiss France China Australia

    Race Replays This user has uploaded the ETNZ vs Artemis finals and Race 5,6,7,8,9 of the AC match.
  5. Yes between 1997 and 1999 38 and 32 were fitted out and changed shape for the Auckland training. So not exactly the same but I would like to see 60 in a display too the first successful defender outside America.
  6. Yes I saw her in 2001 and touched the blub keel still in flaming livery back then. Was a surprise when I got off the plane had never been to Auckland at the time.

    AC36 Auckland NZ

    Alinghi sound like Prada when they didn't get what they wanted in Bermuda. Sour grapes moving on...
  8. I always though she was in Queenstown. But it's NZL-14
  9. No other challenge has laid it all on the table like this hope they get to Auckland and are competitive.
  10. RNZYS said it will let the challengers decide when to declear there intention to challenge. They may announce after the entry date has passed.
  11. NZL4EVER


    Second US challenge for America's Cup gathers pace as talk of three other teams emerges - Stuff NZ So there is a possible two more in the running?
  12. NZL4EVER

    AC36 Auckland NZ Link
  13. NZL4EVER

    AC36 Auckland NZ

    NZ government to pay $100 million for America's Cup hosting new budget still rolling out...
  14. NZL4EVER

    Dennis's take on recent developments

    "NZ can build two boats and the challengers one?" Don't think so.