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    Emirates Team New Zealand.

    Used to watch Newshub all the time but as they are now reverting to sensational news storys just so they can make the tv station look good to sell offshore... People I know are being made redundent in there radio sector to pump up the tv channel to sell. Good luck media is dying as much as tourism...

    Corona Virus

    Ngai Tahu shut up shop down here in Hokitika, Franz Josef and Queenstown (Greenstone, Jet boats, Glacier flights, Glacier guides, Hot Pools, Ice Climbing) they knew how it is and have plenty of cash to rely on in the meantime.

    Corona Virus

    Qantas in Aussie are thinking not much will happen with international travel till next year now. I'd say NZ is in the same boat. I voted for the current govt here but the way our leaders are stringing the tourism industry along is quite cruel. They need to cut to the chase now, No amount of domestic travel will fill the gap especially it's now winter. Shutdown time and cut ya losses no one actually knows when the industry will return. Anyone that thinks they know are f**king kidding themselves!

    Corona Virus

    Tourism is dead.

    Corona Virus

    The defence force is now in control of quarantine. (Should of been from the start)

    Corona Virus

    So New Zealand is now working out a travel bubble not just with Australia. Also the pacific islands and Taiwan. Thailand trying to get onboard too.

    INEOS Team GB

    If you want the cup you beat the defender at there own game New Zealand has done this twice now. I'm hoping for the New Zealand America's Cup dynasty that Blake was talking about lasting for decades, shame it only lasted two cycles...

    Luna Rossa Challenge. AC 36

    The ugliest time to sail? I'm starting to wonder if Luna Rossa have forgot what Auckland is like at anytime of the year. Is October too late to get a hang of the Hauraki?

    AC36 - The Venue

    Couldn't think of a better place right now to have it. The teams just want to get out of there cluster fuck home shores bring there families for a Kiwi Covid Free holiday.
  10. NZL4EVER

    Corona Virus

    No active cases in New Zealand. All previous restrictions eased border remains closed.
  11. NZL4EVER

    Team NYYC

  12. NZL4EVER

    Emirates Team New Zealand.

    One Australia should of been black....
  13. NZL4EVER

    Team NYYC

    They haven't even drafted a plan yet Australian states are meeting today to discuss opening state border dates, then maybe New Zealand they gotta sort out there own backyard first.
  14. NZL4EVER


    Getting the popcorn ready for this one...
  15. NZL4EVER

    Corona Virus

    I think she mentioned her sister is an expert though maybe she has been helping her understand.