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  1. newbie bowman tips

    In 30 knots I'd rather have the spinpole hanging free by the topping, then being attached to the spinnaker itself with the chances of knocking you around as the spinnaker rolls around. When nothing is attached to the pole, it'll only go the way you want and you never have any problems with lots of pressure in your pole. And in light airs, keeping the spinnaker pole attached to the old guy, you could disturb the spinnaker. Best for the trimmers to have it release in a gentle motion, so they can be able to have it free flying during the gybe. What I do in light airs, (single sheets), is when the call to gybe is given, I try to release pressure from the inboard end (with or without rolling, usually not a lot in light airs) by pushing the inboard end free of the eye on the mast. I then already detach the inboard end, and when they steer into the gybe I gradually release pressure of the pole (so the trimmers can keep up and keep the spinnaker full), when all pressure is off the pole I trip the outboard end (as the pole has no use anymore), attach the new guy, rotate and push forward without disturbing the free flying of the spinnaker too much (helping the trimmers keeping it full. Tripping the inboard end early (but keeping it at the same place) gives you just that extra second and helps not disturbing the spinnaker. btw, there are hundreds of ways to gybe, this is the one I found works best. I learnt gybing by attaching both spinnakersheets to the pole and then rotating as well, but found this just works better. I even used to tape the middle of the trippline to the middle of the pole, making sure I wouldn't accidently trip the outboard end when putting the pole back in the mast ;-). You learn by doing
  2. newbie bowman tips

  3. newbie bowman tips

    oh and btw Lucas, on what boat did you sail? 44ft so I guess it to be Eclectic? Curious to know who you are!
  4. newbie bowman tips

    I guess you're doing end4end single sheets on a 30 footer (not double)? What I like to do, is stand on the windward side of the boom (of course), trip the pole when it's rolling to windward out of the mast so there's no pressure (kite's rolling to windward), and in the split second after that, you trip the outboard end (no pressure in the pole) and twist the boom 90 degrees sideways to make sure the old guy is released. This way it always trips and you have your pole just hanging on the topping lift afterwards. If you're fast enough (with the kite still rolling to windward), the new guy (remember, I'm talking single sheets), should be within grabs reach, you put the old inboard end in the new guy, and as the main is gybed and the kite rolling to the new windward side, you insert the new inboard end in the mast. What I've always learnt in the heavy wind shit: if you don't get it in 1 rolling move, just wait, you're probably not ever getting it back in, and asking the back for more slack on your new guy will only get the boat rolling even more. So just wait another rolling move and click it in. Best to get it in in one move though. Also in that sort of wind the timings' crucial, your own timing, not when the main is coming across. If you feel the boat steering into the gybe just pick your rolling movement, don't wait for the rest, being faster makes it easier for the guys to get the kite across, don't bother about the main. Of course you could always use double sheeting ;-)
  5. dont kill yourself for me, Im rich im famous and that exist in my mind, little pussy

  6. take a deep breath, welcome to the system of law, noone build in our minds

    love in dune moments of understanding will help me never out

  7. newbie bowman tips

    Ah that helps, thanks
  8. newbie bowman tips

    just a short question, what's the pulpit? I'm not a native english speaker (dutch). Thanks.
  9. newbie bowman tips

    I told you so!
  10. newbie bowman tips

    I just knew bowgirl was quiet as she was preparing yet another sexually perverted story. Please explain your "head out of hatch" and wheelbarreling!
  11. newbie bowman tips

    If it's your only option and you have a reef reef the mainsail and use a spinhalyard, but it's going to look ugly.
  12. newbie bowman tips

    can we get back to making puddles on spinnakers, bowgirl doing bowgirl-on-girl and exchanging owners' daughters? All this halyard stuff is obvious, now get back to the topics that we as a union have to discuss!
  13. newbie bowman tips

    as we're the rockstars of the show I think we can actually do any damn thing we want. ... ;-)
  14. newbie bowman tips

    But in that case you'd be allowed to get laid by a fellow proper bowman, as you're the owners daughter. Buys you time untill you get into the girl-on-girl thing!
  15. newbie bowman tips

    get your dad to buy himself a boat and who knows ... ;-)