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  1. Grainger Raider 302

    Thanks for all the info everyone, definitely leaning towards the Grainger Raider, neither TW or Dragon are demountable so it makes impractical to ship either of those two to N.A. I understand there was a Grainger Raider on US East coast, anyone know what happened to it?
  2. Grainger Raider 302

    Good points SG, the Raider is certainly less complex.
  3. Grainger Raider 302

    Interesting, I have been trying to find the ratings of TW and Dragon but haven't been successful. Do you have a link to the various ratings?
  4. Grainger Raider 302

    What conditions was Dragon faster in?
  5. Grainger Raider 302

    Just heard from the Broker, it has the 14 meter rig, the GP version has a 15 meter rig.
  6. Grainger Raider 302

    Interesting, why do you say it's better than Dragon? At first glance Dragon appears better sorted and refined.
  7. Grainger Raider 302

    Thanks for the response, do you have first hand experience with either if these two?
  8. Grainger Raider 302

    Hey SA'ers - Kicking tires at this point, looking for performance info on the Grainger Raider relative to say a F-31R.http://www.yachtworld.com/boats/2002/Grainger-Raider-302-2789191/Australia#.WUqyUsmDTqA Any info or insight on Dragon http://m.yachthub.com/list/yachts-for-sale/used/sailing-trimaran/custom-10-6-racing-trimaran/202866 Thanks all
  9. 2017 Race to Alaska

    We had sleeping options, down below in light air, trampolines or cockpit floor in breezier conditions. All 3 options are in gore-tex bivvy bags. As for sail area we have a slightly bigger than standard main and jib, our A2 is 600 Sq feet so downwind sail area is almost 1000 Sq feet.
  10. 2017 Race to Alaska

    We each weigh 165 lbs, there were two of us so 330lbs. Food+water+personal gear+safety gear +Repair Kits = 170lbs. So in total 500lbs. The boat felt just fine.
  11. 2017 Race to Alaska

    Yes they gained in those conditions as expected, however we were sailing very conservatively in the lumpy sea state. Upwind in Light/med air it's a different story. Downwind we are generally faster.
  12. 2017 Race to Alaska

    The boat isn't too small for the race, sleeping is an issue for everyone in certain conditions, it was no different for us. You are incorrect that BB and FB are faster, they are in some conditions in others they are not as they will attest to.
  13. 2017 Race to Alaska

    Freeburd a (Melvin 28)was first sail followed by TPSR , the G32 and BK.
  14. Whats your point? Similar systems have been around for a while.
  15. 2017 Race to Alaska

    Any idea how much it weighs?