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  1. Olympic Classes for Paris 2024

    The 470 is looking seriously dated, IMO
  2. Kite boats

    There was a sailor who crossed the Atlantic from France to Guadaloupe in the late 80s in a modified Figaro Solo with a kite for propulsion
  3. Two sailors and dogs rescued after 5 months

    It is pretty clear to me that Appel has a problem with exaggeration. Okay, so they experienced some strong winds leaving Hawaii. I'm sure the wind intimidated the novice crew. The situation is blown up in their mind until it is (psychologically) Force 11. Okay, so they had difficulty making landfall in adverse current and equatorial wind conditions. Yeah, I know -- low sailing skills and questionable understanding of the inner workings of a marine diesel, but I've heard of this before so let’s give them the benefit of the doubt that it happened. Again, in their minds to protect themselves psychologically it must have been at least 10 knots of current. OTOH, I can't really explain Appel's views on sharks and her recent comments that marine biologists' knowledge of shark behaviour is incomplete. This is just batshit delusional.
  4. Doing away with winches

    Actually, I later relocated the fine-tune next to the coarse tune, as seen in his video. My crew adjusts the fine-tune at around 2:14
  5. Doing away with winches

    Schematic of my set-up. Cam cleats not shown in the diagram. Coarse-tune at the forward end of the coaming, fine-tune on the winch pod. Winch removed. The boat had wood coaming that were boxed over to a profile more like the glass coamings.
  6. I remember the quote from an article in Sailing World. I’d pull out my archived copies but I tossed about two decades worth in the recycling bin when downsizing to a condo a few years ago.
  7. Doing away with winches

    Yes. It really is only effectively a 3:1 because you lose a power of 2 in the reverse cascade 1:2 floating turning block
  8. Doing away with winches

    I don't own the boat anymore -- sold it in 2009. Here are some photos from FB.
  9. Doing away with winches

    Cascades need lots of travel distance. On my Shark, I had a non-cascading 6:1. Because non-cascading is so much more compact, it went between the jib lead and the winch pod.
  10. Doing away with winches

    Best thing to do is copy what is working in the fleet. Many boats at the RCYC have gone with a cascading system that goes around the back of the coaming to a knockerhead block on the inside of the coaming at the forward end of the cockpit. Look at Invicta or Eager4More. Eager has retained the winches. Some boats have an extra cleat on the weather edge of the cabin to play the fine-tune from the rail. Torreador for instance.
  11. The late, great Paul Elvstrom was crossing the Baltic, solo in a trimaran (probably a Dragonfly). The boat flipped, and Elvstrom spend many hours on the upturned hulls awaiting rescue. When he got to land, his comment was: "I like ballast."
  12. Spreader thru-bar

    My thinking is that increasing dihedral at a certain point makes it impossible to slide the bar through both slots in the mast. I haven't measured what angle of dihedral I need, but it is fairly radical -- somewhere in the range of 5-10 degrees
  13. Spreader thru-bar

    Is it possible to design a spreader thru-bar that is inserted from one side of the mast to the other, fits snugly through the slots in the extrusion, and has both aft sweep AND up dihedral?