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  1. in_TO

    Can you trim the jib sheets in cocktail dress?

    Looks more like a mu-mu than a cocktail dress
  2. in_TO

    Uglyboat Admiration Society Hang Out

    That Shark is definitely about to round a mark. The driver was in the 2008 Olympics
  3. I remember an owner requesting a Wicked Wanda graphic. He left a copy of Penthouse for research. The loft owner said he would have to pass it by the women who ran the sewing machines. I don’t know if the request was fulfilled.
  4. in_TO

    It Was The Race Committee's Fault

    A downwind start? Gutsy
  5. in_TO

    Northern Ontario Sailing & 2019 R2AK

    E scow racing in northern Ontario? Sweet! Whereabouts? Good luck in your quest to do the R2AK
  6. in_TO

    New Free TOD Calculations App for Android

    +1 for ToT. No one does ToD anymore, to my knowledge
  7. in_TO

    Bolt in carbon mast

    Through bolting is not possible, nor is any sort of backing plate, washer and nut, etc. The location is more than 3m from the butt of the mast.
  8. in_TO

    Bolt in carbon mast

    A bolt securing a spinnaker track to the mast apparently has stripped. Should you fill, redrill and retap? (I am assuming the bolt was tapped into the carbon. ). Insert a threaded sleeve? Tap out to next largest bolt?
  9. in_TO

    Settle a tie

    The final published results are correct. See the attached. I posted here for third-party confirmation of what I already knew, so that if it came to it I could refer the thread to the scorer — who incidentally thought that ties are broken by ‘who-beat-who-more-often’. Thank you, Tax Man; you are a gentleman. Thanks also to JohnMB and TJSocal for the support. No thanks to those with some really bad attitudes. I’m looking at you, Surfer.
  10. in_TO

    Settle a tie

    What is worse is finishing overlapped with the first place boat in the last race. If you do the math, you will see what I mean...
  11. in_TO

    Settle a tie

    It’s not that straightforward. I’m tempted to see how difficult the Appendix A tie-break algorithm would be in Excel, but then I think, nah I got better things to do. For the record, I was on boat A. I wrote to the regatta organizer to have the final published results corrected.
  12. in_TO

    Settle a tie

    You mean, "Boat B", Sisu
  13. in_TO

    Settle a tie

    The regatta organizers were having problems in Sailwave so reverted to Excel.
  14. in_TO

    Settle a tie

    That is the conclusion I have come to. Anyone else concur?
  15. in_TO

    Settle a tie

    A8.1 is the relevant section of Appendix A