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  1. My thinking is that increasing dihedral at a certain point makes it impossible to slide the bar through both slots in the mast. I haven't measured what angle of dihedral I need, but it is fairly radical -- somewhere in the range of 5-10 degrees
  2. Is it possible to design a spreader thru-bar that is inserted from one side of the mast to the other, fits snugly through the slots in the extrusion, and has both aft sweep AND up dihedral?
  3. Very small keelboat. A brass ferrule behind a knot is a very interesting idea. Is there a size limit below which a wire to rope splice is impractical or impossible? Second challenge. How to install a lock inside what is an otherwise sealed masthead. Slot the front of the mast?
  4. Is it possible to make a ramp-style halyard lock work with an all-uhmpe line? Or is the short strop of wire inevitable?
  5. I get that production boats are all a little different, that Rod J didn't get the balance right in his first few designs, etc. but leeward helm? Since when is that desirable in any windspeed?
  6. In case you were wondering what I was talking about:
  7. I really had to scratch my head. Leeward helm?
  8. My fav is the Dragon bowline
  9. My all-time top speed was 21 knots on a Farr 30 in flat water.
  10. Can you name one sport that has two tiers of rules, one for professionals and one for amateurs? I can't. Not golf, tennis, basketball, cricket, cycling, skiing, darts...
  11. +1 BooBoo
  12. Nope, or even a 2.4mR in three pieces. Possibly an Illusion? The nautical kind, not the optical. It's got WL and girth measurement points marked, so at least someone knows what's it rate in mR. Not a Norlin mk III though. You beat me to it. For sure a 2.4 with all those measurement points. The keel looks Sodergren-ish to me