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    Seascape D2 aka 14

    Kristian, What is the design crew weight for the two-up mode? Is it in the 280-320 ibs (127-145kg) range? Similar to a Vanguard 15 in the US (and maybe an RS 200)? Thanks!
  2. flyhigh

    J70, cheating and pros

    Too funny. Today's press release from Melges is almost identical;-)
  3. flyhigh

    All up weight of a Laser?

    In their 3/2015 issue, the German sailing magazine "Yacht" tests the RS Aero and Devoti Zero and compares the all up weight to some other dinghies including the Laser. They list the all up weight of the Laser as 80kg, the Aero as 45kg, the D-Zero as 61kg, the Finn as 140kg.
  4. flyhigh

    Best sailboat to teach a small child to sail

    Our kids seem to have the most fun when they sail with a group of other kids. They love summer sailing camps. That is basically why we ended up getting Optis for them. There are many summer sailing camps for Optis and most of those camp are bring-your-own-boat camps. They learn a lot in camp and after the summer, they are fired up about sailing and enjoy sailing their Optis on their own a couple of times during the fall.
  5. flyhigh

    Kids with helmets...WTF

    At this year's O'Pen Bic North Americans, helmets were required. See page 2 of the NOR:
  6. flyhigh

    Laser 4.7 in North America

    The average wind conditions where you sail make a big difference. Our daughter sailed an Opti until age 12. The spring she turned 13 she had 130 ibs. and we send her to junior camp with a club owned 4.7 rig on an old Laser. Two days in, her coach switched her to a Radial rig and she has been sailing a Radial ever since. We sail on inland lakes with average winds in the 0-12 range. My impression is that the 4.7 rig is popular along the coast where winds are stronger on average. On lakes, kids tend to move from Optis to Radials. And there is a lot of light wind lake sailing in NA.
  7. flyhigh

    New 2 handed boat from Rondar.

    Any news?
  8. flyhigh

    do you think the melges 14 will catch on?

    Here is an observation: Based on reported RS Aero regatta results, all three rig sizes are actually sailed, but the 7 rig draws the majority of sailors and has the deepest fleets. Watching the video from day 2 of the Melges 14 midwinters (, I only spotted one mid-size 7 rig, no 5 rigs, almost all boats used the large 9 rig. So, maybe the Melges rather attracts the larger sailors whereas the RS Aero rather targets the Laser crowd.
  9. flyhigh

    Best Laser Hiking Pants

    +1 on the fit. If you are close to a shop try them on. If not I highly recommend that you pay close attention to the size and measurement charts of the different brands. I was looking for hiking pants and a wetsuit for my 13 year old daughter last week. She grew a lot last year, but she is still not close to the built of an average adult (her hip is a size m, her waist is between sizes xs and s). So, I ended up ordering from Zhik for her for the simple reason that the Zhik stuff is very stretchy. It worked out perfectly and stuff fits her well.
  10. flyhigh

    do you think the melges 14 will catch on?

    I signed up for the Melges 14 newsletter last year. In the email Melges sent out in February, they wrote that "Last year we built over 100 Melges 14s! This year is shaping up to be another great year for the new fleet with lots of 14s already in production. We recently shipped out 3 of these speed machines to Japan, and in the current production line we're building 10 bound for Germany."
  11. flyhigh

    do you think the melges 14 will catch on?

    One big advantage the Melges 14 has over some of the other small single handers is the roomy cockpit that gives plenty of leg room. That is the main reason why I would like to give the Melges a go sometime this summer. I am 6'4 and I do not like yoga. So leg room is high on my list. lonbordin wrote a great review of the Melges 14 and RS Aero a few months back: I hope both boats will be successful in the US.
  12. flyhigh

    do you think the melges 14 will catch on?

    I am not sure whether the weight comparison is correct. The German sailing magazine "YACHT" lists the "all up weight" of the Melges 14 as 54kg and compares it to 80kg for the Laser, 45kg for the RS Aero and 61kg for the Devoti Zero. Yacht issue 8, 2016.
  13. flyhigh

    rs aero

    The RS Aero class rules are available on the rs site: Section C.1.4 is interesting. "A competitor shall always have the right to use a smaller sail during a handicap series without disqualification." That basically gives a reefing option during a multi event series.
  14. flyhigh

    rs aero

    Pete, on the videos you mention a few times that one of the 9 sailors weighs 98kg. Could you comment a bit on the weight of the 5 sailors? Are they in the weight range of Laser 4.7 sailors or below that?