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  1. Just finished watching this video. I highly recommend it to everybody! It is long, but every minute of it is full of detailed information from the sea trials in Valencia to the current FRAND discussion, the termination of LP as a builder, the new Radial bottom section and the development of the C5 rig. The FRAND part starts about 22 minutes in.
  2. flyhigh

    New Olympic Dinghy Selection

    Interesting interview with Kim Anderson: His comments on the importance of FRAND seem to be in line with ILCS's recent decisions.
  3. flyhigh

    New Olympic Dinghy Selection

    I found the report of the evaluation panel a very interesting read. My takeaway from the report is the that the Aero basically beat the Laser on its home turf: (1) Availability of (new) boats and (new) parts around the globe and (2) a production process that ensures that all boats are the same and sailing skills rather than differences in material determine regatta wins. That was a big surprise for me.
  4. flyhigh

    Racing/family dinghy

    OK, here is my recommendation for you: Flying Junior California is the state with a number of very competitive Club FJ regattas, the boat is well within your budget, and you can easily take one or two unexperienced friends for an afternoon sail. The University of Iowa Sailing Club has a fleet of FJs and uses them for learn to sail classes. One instructor sails with two newbies. The big thwart/bench in the middle of the boat can accommodate two big adults and the skipper is in the back. An FJ becomes surprisingly stable with additional crew weight.
  5. flyhigh

    Baggy Sails

    I just assumed the sails are not class legal based on my experience with buying class legal and non-legal Opti sails for the kids. Class legal Opti sails have an official tag attached to them. Just having the right dimensions is not enough. No tag, not class legal. But I might be wrong. The Albacore class rules state that ... G.2.2 CERTIFICATION (a) The official measurer shall certify mainsails and headsails by signing and dating a certification mark located near the tack and writing the sail area of the jib near the tack. Any Albacore sailors who know how this process works? Can you get sails certified after you purchase them?
  6. flyhigh

    Baggy Sails

    If you are sailing in a mixed fleet with Optis you probably do not need class legal sails. Intensity sells Albacore sails for a very reasonable price:
  7. flyhigh

    Need help/advice with Catalina Capri 13

    Sailing a Laser on a lake with light winds, I often leave the boat on the dock for a break. I have a bow line, take out the daggerboard and put it in the cockpit (it is still attached to the hull with a tight bungee) and make sure the mainsheet can run freely (disable the ratchet mechanism of the mainsheet block). That way the boat can float and does not tumble over the board. Oh, and I ensure that the vang is eased. Alternatively, I put the boat back on its dolly, pull it in the wind shadow of a tree and untie the figure eight know which attaches the mainsheet (that basically takes the mainsheet off the boom and lets the boom do whatever it wants). Again, make sure the vang is eased.
  8. flyhigh

    Sailing “bucket list” thread

    Sailing any Laser regatta with my four kids on the starting line. If I ever get there I will know that I successfully got them excite about sailing beyond the Opti years.
  9. flyhigh

    Dehler OD 30

    Well, the German Yacht had it 10 days earlier...
  10. flyhigh


    Link to the rules:
  11. flyhigh

    Seascape D2 aka 14

    Kristian, What is the design crew weight for the two-up mode? Is it in the 280-320 ibs (127-145kg) range? Similar to a Vanguard 15 in the US (and maybe an RS 200)? Thanks!
  12. flyhigh

    J70, cheating and pros

    Too funny. Today's press release from Melges is almost identical;-)
  13. flyhigh

    All up weight of a Laser?

    In their 3/2015 issue, the German sailing magazine "Yacht" tests the RS Aero and Devoti Zero and compares the all up weight to some other dinghies including the Laser. They list the all up weight of the Laser as 80kg, the Aero as 45kg, the D-Zero as 61kg, the Finn as 140kg.
  14. flyhigh

    New 2 handed boat from Rondar.

    Any news?
  15. flyhigh

    do you think the melges 14 will catch on?

    Here is an observation: Based on reported RS Aero regatta results, all three rig sizes are actually sailed, but the 7 rig draws the majority of sailors and has the deepest fleets. Watching the video from day 2 of the Melges 14 midwinters (, I only spotted one mid-size 7 rig, no 5 rigs, almost all boats used the large 9 rig. So, maybe the Melges rather attracts the larger sailors whereas the RS Aero rather targets the Laser crowd.