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  1. jaysper

    Will Any Team Ever Fly A Code Zero?

    Obsession with sail changes is that it's a sailing contest. But once again, this is all personal preference where my opinion counts for no more or less than yours.
  2. jaysper

    Prada Cup

    Why would there be? They are so incredibly complex and the current teams have a huge head start.
  3. jaysper

    Prada Cup

    1992, 1995, 2000, 2003? All had pretty decent participation rates
  4. jaysper

    Top speed in a race

    Yup. You obviously got the analogy with their tanks. 1 forward gear and 5 reverse. LOL!
  5. Poor bastard. Looked close to tears.
  6. jaysper

    Top speed in a race

    The french one will presumably do 120 knots backwards, no? LOL!
  7. jaysper

    Prada Cup

    Correct. With the IACCS you could run a campaign relatively cheaply, albeit with little chance of victory. I doubt that is the case with these boats.
  8. jaysper

    Prada Cup

    Don't want EB back. Of he wins it again, he will surely fuck it like last time. Cunt.
  9. jaysper

    Will Any Team Ever Fly A Code Zero?

    The problem is with this AC is multi faceted and you have addressed only one. From my perspective, the problems are: 1. A tiny lead gives rise to boats being a huge distance apart, so very little close quarter manouvres. 2. A relatively small mistake can cause a boat to drop off their foils and immediately out of contention. Compare this with the IACCs where a team could blow a chute, hoist a new one, lose 3 or 4 lengths and be straight back into it. 3. While we are on the subject, no more sail changes in the race. 4. And finally yes, the races are too short.
  10. jaysper

    Team NYYC

    You utter monster! LOL!
  11. jaysper

    Prada Cup

    Sure but at least the cup match itself was a genuine surprise boat speed wise. Sadly more surprising at the very end.
  12. jaysper

    Will Any Team Ever Fly A Code Zero?

    Alinghi forever perhaps? LOL!
  13. jaysper

    Prada Cup

    Yes and only 3 challengers is a BIG part of the problem and cannot be blamed on the corona virus. ETNZ need to own that.
  14. jaysper

    Prada Cup

    Well, where I was raised turned turtle means upside down. But splitting hairs much?
  15. jaysper

    INEOS Team GB

    I know why. It was an absolute master class done by the team you support which almost without doubt led to them winning the race. What's not to love if you are a pommy sailor? Edit: bonus points for correct use of colour.