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  1. What was your favorite race/moment?

    Not quite right. Burling : got a nice little hook up here boys. Jimmy: fucks sake!
  2. You've started quoting yourself? Like Doug Lord Xenu?
  3. I don't believe etnz violated the spirit of the rule but certainly the AC50s violated the spirit of sailing IMO. Ridiculous oil slaves, peeps dedicated to maintaining ride height, unable to sustain sailing for more than about 30 minutes, banging the boundaries. Yuck! Only problem is that if etnz want a fast boat, they may well end up specifying a class rule that includes many of the same problems including banging.
  4. Oracle Team USA

    Stinger iirc you claimed in the lead up to the AC that Lazza had put a serious cap on the campaign fund. So how the hell can you claim he would drop 300 mill on this folly?
  5. Team NYYC

    And that is why I respect the man, despite thinking that his time was up after 2013.
  6. Team NZ

    LOL! "I'm fantastic in bed. I'm even better when someone's with me." - Alan B'Stard
  7. Team NYYC

    I think some "bloody foreigners" is ok Hoggie - after all we have Ashby. But Orifice, Artemis and Japan were just ridiculous.
  8. Team NYYC

    Oh well, looks like we might be able to completely write NYYC off real soon.
  9. Team NYYC

    Hoggie! Their boats were shit because the tight five fucked off. If they hadn't, they most likely wouldn't have lost the cup and certainly Ernie wouldn't have won it. You need to realise that up until '03, ETNZ boats all had HUGE input from the sailing team (i.e. the tight five). So implying that their shitty boats had nothing to do with losing the tight five is like trying to say that Tiger Wood's decline has nothing to do with his age.
  10. AC36 Auckland NZ

    Great as far as I'm concerned. 3 years in power and Nz First will disappear and maybe the greens too. Sweet!
  11. Team NYYC

    Barker is a world class sailor in the sense that there are probably only a few hundred sailors with more talent than him. But if you are spending $100 Million on a campaign, you are NOT after someone in the top few hundred. You are after someone COMFORTABLY in the top 50. Burling clearly meets that criteria and likewise Outteridge. Jimmy? Probably not and Deano definitely not IMO.
  12. Team NYYC

    It seems to me that Orifice won in AC34 because they had such a massive advantage by challenging using a multi hull with wing in AC33 and even then, they didn't win by much. However, roll around AC35 they were thoroughly out thought by ETNZ and it would appear by Artemis also. So yeah, it seemed that post AC33 that Orifice were on a constant downward trajectory through lack of innovation that only ended up costing them the cup in AC35, but almost cost them it in AC34. If Lazza decided to take the same team into a challenge in AC36, unless some major change of culture took place, I don't think they would have a reasonable chance at winning the cup.
  13. Team NYYC

    I like Barker, I really do. But he is dripping in the pungent aroma of failure and if they were to hire him for the boat, I think you could safely rule them out as a competitive challenger.
  14. Team NYYC

    One thing is for sure. It sure as fuck won't be Barker. Given its a new class of boat, I don't see why they couldn't do what ETNZ did and pick someone young with no previous AC experience.
  15. TWICE! Besides, you are clearly talking to a figment of your imagination because the user called Alinghi4Ever doesn't participate in this forum any more!