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  1. loefbijter

    double down

  2. loefbijter

    Chris White carbon 70ft cat w/ freestanding rig

    I have no idea, but the text excludes his mast foil and planting freestanding masts at centerline is horror in cats so i guess its team phillips style right? but then saying it will be ultra fast.. so hyping it or really innovating, that would be interesting.
  3. carbon 70ft cat with a Freestanding Rig is on his site a while now, no details yet... very fresh idea in the all turbo gunboat HH marketplace Ultra fast and bold rig, anybody got an idea what the plan is for this beast? schionnings style sidebyside or juniper style? From Chris website he all new Atlantic 70F (free-standing rig) is an ultra fast and easy to handle 'couples' cruiser. Her owners are very experienced sailors; they circumnavigated in the early 1980s, recently owned an Atlantic 55, and are competitive racers at their yacht club. The A70F is long, lean and light, built in all pre-preg carbon fiber. With the owners' tremendous sailing experience comes specific requirements, bold ideas for the rig and other aspects of the project, and extensive involvement with the design and construction. This design is a collaboration of many, including Chris White Designs, the owner, the builder Goetz Composites, SDK Structures, Doyle Sails, Southern Spars, and Persak and Wurmfeld. Launch is scheduled for early 2017. carbon 70ft cat with a Freestanding Rig!!?!?
  4. loefbijter

    Proa question

    gaias dream had the cabin put on later, also the (cassette?) balance rudders were extended -> quite the opposite direction of the bieker/brown jester proa design which has a very small rudder area the furlers where later added. to get her going out of a shunt easier i believe <iframe width="560" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/iS270ousYwg"frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
  5. loefbijter

    Proa question

    Thanks for the info ryan, so much to learn about this boat. sven stevens has designed turbo rigs for pacific proas but thats all theory, you are the only one doing it at the moment. thanks for keeping us enthausiast updated on facebook! fingers crossed paul bieker or sven stevens ever builds a racing proa.
  6. loefbijter

    Team NZ

    clips are for sure more powerfull, it gives an edge on the dead angles plus a place to brace and hence stabalize. as for running, watch the belgians do the cyclocross. it can be done
  7. loefbijter

    RORC Caribbean 600

    fujin is reeling in some bigboys, very cool
  8. loefbijter

    Proas by Tink

    Hi tink, respect for trying to innovate in this space. why didnt you go in the jzero direction? from what i've read is was crazy cheap and crazy fast.
  9. loefbijter

    Bucket List

    hi Rob, the new Harrys with the 60 and 40F look great, hats off to Steinar Alvestad. cant wait to see what they are capable of. if it all turns out the way you think it would be a great choice for pragmatic sailors. do you want to share price indication for your boats?
  10. loefbijter

    R2AK 2016

    dehler breaking the log https://youtu.be/rvxhQO4pw2E they dont do this anymore
  11. loefbijter


    @redreuben lets hope a little more vids comes out of the heineken, did see a few blimps of fijun in the latest phaedo vid would be even better if the owner would weigh in
  12. loefbijter


    I second that great red shark, sad story thanks proa"moralhighground"sailor
  13. loefbijter

    Chapter 11 for Gunboat

    aslong as you dont do a roi calc on it
  14. loefbijter


    back sailing in early march says their fb page, so close call for heineken regatta.
  15. loefbijter

    New cruising multis

    hi proa its not a folding tri, my understanding is that its demounteble for transport Well, well. That is new. A 60' folding trimaran! Vessel design: Morrelli & Melvin Displacement (light) 8.9t, Displacement (max load) 10.6t http://www.rapidotrimarans.com/