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  1. burndoc

    IV Home Infusion

    Usually a PICC line is placed. Looks like a normal IV usually place slightly above elbow and the catheter part is long and threaded close to heart. This helps to keep the small vessel from scarring down. Most important is to keep it clean. Don’t want to get infected. Light work and exercise should not be an issue. I let my patients do it. Most important keep clean. Never had an issue with out of pocket expense. MC should cover catheter. Maybe not pump rental good luck
  2. burndoc


    And you have them turn their head to the side so they don't cough in your face
  3. burndoc

    Someone is raiding my crab pots.

    i stand corrected Is that a titlest? A hole in one
  4. burndoc

    Someone is raiding my crab pots.

    Like Ann old man eating soup with a fork
  5. burndoc

    Someone is raiding my crab pots.

    Pardon my ignorance. Any fish and game or coast guard patrols? I know this is a sensitive subject for the crab/lobster fisherman. I saw the Seinfeld episode
  6. burndoc


    I remember as a resident on call trying ice to reduce the blood flow. Even drained a couple on guys with a needle. Glad I don't have do do that in over twenty years
  7. burndoc

    Floriduh Man

    we have a saying, normal people don't get burned
  8. burndoc


    We did go out on Cabo sailing or sail Cabo. Nice day on a 42 footer
  9. https://6abc.com/police-seek-woman-who-urinated-on-potatoes-in-walmart/5429651/
  10. burndoc


    Agree about Zihu. Love going to Cabo though. Maybe because less east coasters like myself. Beaches are beautiful. Maybe it's watching the sunset over the ocean as opposed to it rising over the beach
  11. burndoc


    The good surfing beach is between Lucas and Jose
  12. burndoc


    Bulldogs at Maro's shrimp house definately at least half a day fishing dinner at the Mona Lisa when sun sets. Bonus points In Vida for Italian if can't make Mona Lisa
  13. burndoc


    DDAMM Drunk Drivers against MADD Mothers
  14. burndoc


    Somehow I thought you were going to work in the Eddie Murphy joke from Trading Places look at that escargot