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  1. burndoc


    A company I did a lecture for suited me up and put me in the training building. Dark, disoriented and unfamiliar with surroundings, you guys have my respect. My father in law retired as a captain. One of the reasons I continue doing what I do. Small payback
  2. burndoc

    And The Say The Airlines Don't Have a Heart

    Interesting. Probably was not for transplant but for research. There is usually a team that removes the organs and goes with them
  3. burndoc

    License To Swill

    Let's hear it for the anthracite accent. It was a happy childhood
  4. burndoc

    License To Swill

    Born and bred. West side then Green Ridge. St. Paul's, prep and da U class of 88
  5. burndoc

    License To Swill

    As I am in my fifties much has changed. Granted I live in a big city now and grew up in coal country. I would rIde my bike with friends to the coal fields with 22's on our backs. Imagine that now. Most of the patients I treat are on pain meds. Wasn't like that when I was a resident. People worked instead of being on dIsability for depression. Why are people paid by the government to be health aides for their parents or grandkids. Social fabric has gone to hell. May grandmother lived with us when she had to. Sorry for opening that up but all this touchy feels stuff has only added to the friction in my opinion. I am sure most of us were bullied or got into fights and we learned how to deal with conflict.
  6. link, if interested http://www2.philly.com/arts/penn-schoenberg-theft-middle-ages-20181210.html
  7. University of Penn's museum is returning stolen Italian land deeds from the 800s which were donated to them. Seems stolen in the 1990's and ended up in a collection given to them
  8. burndoc

    License To Swill

    Sorry WW2 generation
  9. burndoc

    License To Swill

    When men were men. Maybe after Daniel Craig he will have a man bun and a goatee. How is the world better now than my grand pops era?
  10. burndoc

    Rudolph is Racist and Santa is a Bigot?

    I like the Jimmy Buffett version when he sings the female lead, turn about is fair play Also a lawyer friend used to say the difference between rape and seduction is the salesmanship Teach your children well, i tried to install a sense of respect in my boys.I hope it took
  11. burndoc

    Air fares make no sense

    Years ago only one airline flew Philadelphia to Boston. $1,200 for an hour flight. When southwest came to town decreased to less than $200 and has stayed there
  12. burndoc

    Annapolis the Christmas Town LOL

    that sounds more like Key West
  13. burndoc

    Fkucing artificial Xmas tree lights

    Just wrap a working strand around the tree.
  14. burndoc

    More Ferries behaving badly

    Ferries must be the most dangerous way to travel
  15. burndoc


    Just makes more money for the lawyers