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  1. Oz Passport Application

    Ha ha> of course it is real. Not to mention every letter that started "Dear Penthouse forum i thought these letters were fake. " I think we all feel that way the writer felt and wished someone would do it. Of course we just vent here
  2. LONQR

    I see it a few times a year
  3. Random PicThread

    Hobot. How many more photos do you go through to get these posts? You must go down some crazy rabbit holes!
  4. Boat rentals in Ithaca NY

    thanks good idea
  5. Boat rentals in Ithaca NY

    My son graduates in May. Would like to get out on the lake with a few people. Anyone have info on rentals?
  6. Art destruction, crime and punishment

    Back in the early 80s my dad went to China on a business trip and sight seeing. He brought back a replica of an archer. He still has it in his foyer. Pretty cool piece. I still enjoy seeing it when I go home. The detail is cool. The facial features and armor represent the different regions the emperor united
  7. Art destruction, crime and punishment

    1) how could there be no alarms 2) thank god he is really from Delaware and just visiting the city
  8. Australia Is Not A Country

    Trick question. I thought it was a continent. And a country. Double dipping
  9. Stupid Airports

    Thy scanned my briefcase with the scanner a while ago, may have even been before 9/11. I asked what were they looking for? Says it is for bomb making material. What is in the CLIF bar?
  10. Stupid Airports

    As long as a bar is easy to find i am happy. Philly to Detroit this month. The Delta terminal is great in Detroit compared to other terminal
  11. Emotional support peacock denied flight by United Airlines

    Do airlines outside the US allow support animals in the passenger cabin?
  12. Most DWI’s annually morning after Super Bowl

    I agree. Figured 95 would not have any pedestrians. Did Betsy Ross Bridge. People all over the place. Stopped drinking at half time. Was the only sober one in room except for my 10 yo niece
  13. Most DWI’s annually morning after Super Bowl

    i was really nervous driving home last night from NE Philly to NJ
  14. US Navy ship stuck in ice until...

    Correction, New Germany
  15. They're here!

    Congrats. Spoil them