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  1. burndoc

    Random PicThread

    thought that was her but wasn't sure. Used to seeing her in a red swim suit
  2. burndoc

    Random PicThread

    . . And my wife complains when she gets Dutch ovened
  3. burndoc

    Expressions and Sayings

    Close to everyone likes a little ass but no one likes a smart ass
  4. burndoc

    The rise of the KAREN

    What did you do to get even? Move the boat? Or I hope it is a work in progress and there will be follow up
  5. burndoc

    Random PicThread

    No one expects the Spanish Inquisition
  6. burndoc

    LONQR 2

    that is why i will always have a job
  7. burndoc

    red light camera violation

    on the inner lanes that go under some intersections where there are not lights is where they are placed. The speed indicators have been in place for a couple of years. It is listed as one of the most dangerous roads in the US. 6 lanes each way divided into outer and inner that goes through residential areas with all access. Should be elevated with ramps
  8. burndoc

    red light camera violation

    Philly just set up speed cameras on Roosevelt Blvd. 45 mph will be a mess
  9. burndoc

    red light camera violation

    Had an issue with a parking violation ticket from North Jersey. Called the courthouse and was told to send in a letter saying wasn't me and didn't match description of my car. That took care of it. Try calling first it does sometimes work.
  10. burndoc


    GMD i am glad i was at work so i could see that on
  11. burndoc

    The rise of the KAREN

    sounds like most state governments. In Michigan do judges face election like in PA? That is where lawyers have an advantage, my dad use to say political donations where a part of business for lawyers when the judges where coming up for reelection.
  12. burndoc

    LONQR 2

    Work computer good. Home stuff not. Must be apple that blocks
  13. burndoc

    LONQR 2

    happens on my phone and iPad with his posts but not at work computer, must not work with safari
  14. burndoc

    Random PicThread

    Cool picture of early arteriovenous fistulas for dialysis. Used to hear a senior partner talk about the extracorporal connections but never saw one. He would say depressed people would open up so they could bleed to death
  15. burndoc

    Got any good drinking stories?

    It's Mrs. Burndoc's favorite. Nice dinner with the boys. Perfect weather last night in Jersey