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  1. burndoc

    Favorite Larson Cartoons

    I like the USS Titanic
  2. burndoc

    Is Ellon Muske attenssion hoarre?

    oops don"t know how Jameson's got erased from from Jamesson's, ginger ale and lime
  3. burndoc

    Is Ellon Muske attenssion hoarre?

    Got an appreciation for 's, ginger ale and lime. Always been a Jack Daniels/scotch guy. It is the only whisky my wife will drink now. It is made in Cork County now but the old distillery tour is a lot of fun. Cheers, will toast you tomorrow as i am in house call tonight
  4. burndoc

    Is Ellon Muske attenssion hoarre?

    Maybe he meant Mars? Happy? Help?
  5. burndoc

    Is Ellon Muske attenssion hoarre?

    i think first man on the moon won
  6. burndoc

    Quitting smoking (almost) 1 year in.

    i remember when you could smoke in hospitals. Mid 80's in Philly. Duke was one of last to go smoke free
  7. burndoc

    “Knot” a cool pun: worst boat names ever

    Had a GYN friend, his partner was going to name the boat after his wife. She did not appreciate the humor. It would have been the "Miss Carrie" There is a motor boat named "Das Boot" on my dock, even has the cartoon fish on the transom like the one in the movie
  8. burndoc

    Plane Missing

    that is why he is melting the ice caps
  9. burndoc

    Jury Duty

    He is retired. Guess they figure maybe a civil trial
  10. burndoc

    Jury Duty

    He and my mom in law both go and are not early disqualified and have to stay all day. Don't think ever picked but can't go home. Philly has been fining people who don't show up
  11. burndoc

    Jury Duty

    The judge knew me since I was a kid. He didn't seem to have a problem. I didn't remember the prosecutor. My father told me later that we were neighbors when I was a kid. Of course she was a few years older and had a different last name. Not sure I would have been thrown off. Judge is more a referee between the lawyers and doesn't have any real sway on the jury. my wife's step dad is an ex Philly cop and gets called in for duty IMHO the court system where I am sucks. I am glad I did not follow my dad's footsteps.
  12. burndoc

    Jury Duty

    Actually sat on a theft trial. My dad is a lawyer so i knew the judge. Ended up knowing the prosecuter when my dad pointed out she was an old neighbor i knew as a kid. My dad was more interested in the deliberation process. It is our chance as citizens to vote and is important
  13. burndoc

    Front Page - Plastic

    Seems like the previous admins failed and now present supposed to clean it up. I recycle and don't throw anything over my boat. The city i work in is full of trash and i see people throwing litter out of their car windows. Personal responsibility. The government can't do everything.
  14. burndoc

    Front Page - Plastic

    Yes but Trump has been around since the 50's when plastic started taking over the world. So it must be his fault
  15. burndoc

    Iconic Movie Moments