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  1. Madmax

    Things To Do In London

    Go to Harrods
  2. Everywhere I go I get called "Boss" WTF???
  3. Madmax

    Spring Break Vancouver

    Blue Water Grill and the Town Lift. Your welcome.
  4. Use Me....Bill Withers
  5. Madmax

    End of road for Philippines' jeepney

    A Jeepney killed my Dad in Manila.
  6. Madmax

    Puerto Vallarta Anarchy

    Eat at La Chata and have the Mole. Pepes Tacos is good as is a Place that has Norte in the name. Cab drivers know it.
  7. Madmax

    Drill baby Drill
  8. Madmax

    Drill baby Drill
  9. Madmax

    Drill baby Drill

    I hate oil rigs offshore as much as anyone and because I live in Santa Barbara where we have had several disasters, I realize we must extract our own oil to limit our dependence on other countries. Additional benefits are defunding rogue countries that abuse their people such as Saudi Arabia and Venezuela. "In 2016, U.S. net imports (imports minus exports) of petroleum from foreign countries were equal to about 25% of U.S. petroleum consumption. This percentage was up slightly from 24% in 2015, which was the lowest level since 1970. Petroleum includes crude oil and petroleum products" Google
  10. Madmax

    Doing turns on a Long Distance Race

    Commanche should have lee bowed Oats...but they were getting owned by them so they hailed.