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  1. Madmax

    White Sea Bass

    Superb WSB fishing going on at the Channel Islands and coastal Santa Barbara!
  2. Scot is going to lose his shit, but unless Joe comes out of his bunker, it's going to be another 4 years of Trump.
  3. Madmax

    Trump 2020

    Biden or Bernie?
  4. Madmax

    The Trump Presidency Is Over

    Dubai rooms on Expedia re $0!!!
  5. Madmax

    Hot Rum 1,2,3

    Sizzle the Hobie 33 owned by Bill Hardesty kicked some ass! Miss my old boat!
  6. Madmax

    Trump 2020

    Is Biden or Warren the one?
  7. Madmax

    Eight Bells Mark Lindsay

    The world has lost a good man.