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    Trump 2020

    Here we go.
  2. Madmax

    Trump 2020

    Biden or Bernie?
  3. Madmax

    The Trump Presidency Is Over

    Dubai rooms on Expedia re $0!!!
  4. Madmax

    Hot Rum 1,2,3

    Sizzle the Hobie 33 owned by Bill Hardesty kicked some ass! Miss my old boat!
  5. Madmax

    ISIS repellent!

    The reason ISIS is running for cover.
  6. Madmax

    Trump 2020

    Is Biden or Warren the one?
  7. Madmax

    Eight Bells Mark Lindsay

    The world has lost a good man.
  8. Madmax

    Trump 2020

    Or shitting in the streets of San Franshitco
  9. Madmax

    Trump 2020

    Biden? Really?
  10. Madmax

    Kentucky Derby, correct call or robbery?

  11. Madmax

    Trump 2020

    The Dems better get their shit together or this is going to be a landslide. Market is up, unemployment down, tariffs in place.
  12. Madmax

    Trump 2020

    Here comes creepy Joe!
  13. Madmax

    Random PicThread

    Unique angle of B-29
  14. Madmax

    Random PicThread

  15. Madmax

    Random PicThread

  16. Madmax

    Slow Boat To CABO-WxRouting thread

    That looked brutal