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  1. I'm doing my first ASW this year. Can't wait. The forecast keeps changing but it looks like a lot of rain from Thursday onwards. We get enough of that in Ireland.
  2. With the strong breeze in Rio I'm off to the bookies to put €20 on Annalise Murphy in the Laser Radial. She loves big breeze as she's a big girl. Paddy Power are offering 50:1 on winning Gold but she could be a good each way bet.
  3. I would drop the IMX40 off that list. As far as I remember it doesn't have an anchor locker in the bow. The First 40.7 is a nice quick boat but I would only cruise one with the smaller rig. Bluewater cruisers are often long keel configuration with a skeg hung rudder and a fairly conservative sailplan. A lot of those boats mentioned are fairly deep draft so you may need to consider where you want to cruise. I also think the Elan 410 and maybe the 380 is nice but might be a bit racy and it has a big open transom. Not ideal for tradewind sailing.
  4. Thanks for the comments folks. Things are moving pretty quickly now so I could be off sailing sometime next year. I've read a lot of good things about the Trident Warrior 38/40. They are a very nice layout with a good sized aft cockpit, shallow draft and a decent cruisy rig. The flush deck is nice and I like the idea of being able to pull a small rib up on the foredeck. There are a few nice Wauquiez 38/40's around too. Sorry I can't post links here as I'm on the phone. I think a good starting point would be to cruise the Coast of Spain and Portugal over June & July and head to the Canary Islands in September and spend a few months there cruising before doing the ARC. I can make the rest up as I go along.
  5. Thanks for all the advice folks. Can anyone recommend a good timeline for getting through the Carribean. I think I would plan to arrive in St Lucia in December and I understand i need to get north of Cape Hatteras by hurricane season or go through the Panama Canal and head east. Is that enough time to see a decent amount of the Caribbean? I guess January to late May will get a good bit in but there are some good distances to cover. Also, what are the must see locations in the Caribbean?
  6. The Wauqiez boats from the 80's catch my eye also. http://www.yachtworld.com/boats/1987/Wauquiez-Centurion-40-2629036/Cogolin/France#.VySY-bzquK3 And this Contest 41 is top of the budget but it's a fine boat, http://www.theyachtmarket.com/boats/sailing-boats/contest/41/
  7. I've heard a lot of good things about earlier Jeanneaus alright. A lot of the Jeanneaus were derived from the old One Tonner breed like Justine 3. As a result they perform very well so would be great for covering distance quickly. They are also very good value but I'm sure it will be important to get a good one as old boats can have their issues. Pom, I think I've seen your boat in Yachting World doing the ARC. The Oyster Heritage is a very nice design, love the deep cockpit.
  8. A few boats that have caught my eye are... Oyster 39 Ketch - not quick but very seaworthy, loads of space below and nice big flush deck. Trident Warrior 38/40 - well regarded offshore cruiser, big deep cockpit and nice big deck to work on. Shallow draft to get into lots of places. Waiquiez 37,40,43 - probably the quickest, nice size aft cockpit, seaworthy. Good layout, pretty boats. Dehler 37-41 - good short handed layout, should be quick.
  9. A good autopilot and windvane are high on the wish-list. I would plan on installing a new heavy duty autopilot and an up-to-date plotter/ais/radar system. Also interested in bring a few toys like scuba gear but not sure if I'd be able to bring a dive compressor small enough, small rib and outboard, a bike or two, paddleboard and definitely some good fishing kit to feed myself along the way.
  10. Mr Ed, you were spot on with the Big C. My wife was diagnosed with primary breast cancer 5 years ago. Went through the full chemo, radiation, surgery, etc. Then 3 years ago it came back and she's gradually going downhill. I'm fully aware of what's coming towards me. I've had a very limited few years with her being sick so I think I need to go away and enjoy myself for a while. We are both only 40 and we have no kids so very few ties except a job and some property. I have a smaller mobo that I'll be selling to help fund the new boat. I would like to buy the boat at least 6 months in advance to do a shakedown cruise or two and refit as required. I will have some rental income to live off while away and I will have to negotiate a career break from my job. This is my escapism during the last few years as things are fairly mundane and dark at home.
  11. Hi, In the next year to 18 months my situation is likely to change considerably and I am considering heading off cruising. Initially I am interested in doing an Atlantic Circuit - Ireland/UK to Northern Spain - Portugal - Canary Islands and the ARC to St Lucia in November. After that I'd like to spend 6 months cruising the Caribbean. Then I'll either head up the east coast of the US and back across the Atlantic or I might head for the pacific. After the Caribbean the plan is very loose and flexible. I am thinking of taking 12 to 24 months of a sabbatical from work and I will have enough cash to keep myself and run the boat as long as I don't party or live in marinas too much. I have fairly extensive boat experience as I have spent all my life sailing & boating and working on boats. I have a lot of racing experience both inshore and offshore but all as crew. I have fairly limited cruising experience apart from delivery trips and a few weeks cruising. I've done a lot of internet searching looking at boats and I reckon I would need a boat around 40ft. Being a racer I'd like something with a bit of performance but that may not be wise in a bluewater boat. A fair bit of the trip will be singlehanded but I intend to bring crew for the transat and some other long legs. I will have €50,000 to €80,000 to spend on a boat and there are two standout boats that interest me at the moment. The Oyster 39 and the Trident Warrior 40. Also, some of the early Jeanneaus and Elans look okay. One issue I find with a lot of cruising boats is that the cockpit is small and shallow and I think that a good long distance cruiser should have a good sized cockpit as a lot of time will be spent there. I've followed a lot of the YouTubers like La Vagabonde and Chase the Story but I'd like more information on the planning, boat selection, route planning, what to bring, what equipment I need, etc, etc. Has anyone come across any good blogs or website with info like this? Has anyone done a similar trip for a similar duration?
  12. Looks like an IRC leadmine design with the cockpit seating and high coaming. Doubt too many designers would put that on a sportsboat. Keep the washboards in with that low companionway.
  13. Imp is currently based in Charleston in the US. She is still Irish owned but they did the ARC transatlantic race last year. They also did the pineapple Cup and the Charleston Regatta this year. Apparently they are still planning on bringing her to Sydney to do the hobart.