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  1. RogerWilco

    truth to power?

  2. RogerWilco

    truth to power?

    Put on your helmet, this is Special Ed's short bus attempt at Russian bot propaganda. This claim is not likely or even plausible. They would need a small nuclear reactor to create enough power to skull that boat. That "fuel cell" is a battery and passed inspection. Canting the keel takes 22 seconds round trip and uses a ton of power. That is too slow to create forward momentum and it would drain the battery in minutes.
  3. RogerWilco

    RAN TAN II activates EPIRB

    Great news from this book of faces you mentioned: The fellows are safe and have been picked up by a commercial fishing vessel.
  4. RogerWilco

    RAN TAN II activates EPIRB

    You forgot about the two jacuzzis full of fuel. At 1400 miles to the nearest continent, they are about as far from land as we can get.
  5. RogerWilco

    Saved the Rudder?

    A bunch of abandoned boats are anchored there. You can see a few dozen of them on the bottom when you fly over.
  6. RogerWilco

    Need Help

    +1 on the J109
  7. RogerWilco

    Favourite Boat pic?

    The thread reminded me of this pic. That had to be a hard drop.
  8. RogerWilco

    Do Mount Gay Rum Hats Stink?

  9. RogerWilco

    Two sailors and dogs rescued after 5 months

    Tricky pig missed the point. This isn't two dumb women who went out to sea and got lost. This is one well known scam artist who attempted the ultimate scam and got caught. Her house of cards is falling.
  10. RogerWilco

    Two sailors and dogs rescued after 5 months

    They knew they had and EPIRB and knew how to use it. The story changed from: We were making distress calls for 92 days and thought we had 24 hours to live. To: We were making pan pan calls not mayday calls, because the vessel had issues but they were not immediately life-threatening. Now she is claiming the back stay was blown. go back and look at the videos and pictures. Whacko Jen has so many lies going, she can't keep them straight.
  11. RogerWilco

    Two sailors and dogs rescued after 5 months

    Funny, that's my to do list today.
  12. RogerWilco

    Two sailors and dogs rescued after 5 months

    Nope, sorry NOAA confirmed they were never near, or in a storm. Now show us your wife's tits.
  13. RogerWilco


    I tried a bunch of different boots and like the ZHIK. They are light, dry, and warm. For shoes, the Sperry GripX3 are great. They are light and designed well. The Sperry Seahiker Booties are a total POS. The zippers are weak ass junk and the soles delaminate from the uppers in about 4 months. I've had two pairs, same exact issues.
  14. RogerWilco

    Best Sailing Knife

    You can't be much of a swashbuckler with those little things. You need a decent Cutlass and a pair of blunderbusses.