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  1. Retired BN

    Which is the J boat that few like?

    It happens.
  2. Retired BN

    ID this PHRF low budget ride

    I always figured it was from all the Flak he got from the local handicappers and competitors in Montreal when he built his second Rabble the N/M 30. Flak was the next custom boat he built.
  3. Retired BN

    ID this PHRF low budget ride

    Brian moved to the BVI's in the late 90's and now back in Chatham Ontario. Miss sailing on all his boats, always well prepared and great programs.
  4. Retired BN

    ID this PHRF low budget ride

    Did CORK offshore with Insatiable years ago after Brian Rikley got it from Rip in the deal for Flak. Wish I had the money to buy the boat back then. It was a great boat to sail and would have made a great PHRF club racer on lake Ontario.
  5. Retired BN

    ID this PHRF low budget ride

    I'm thinking Kirby 30. Double spreader rig, Kirby 25 only has on set of spreaders.
  6. Retired BN

    Can you make a "PHRF cheater"?

    Read the Shark class rules. The rudder must measure in based on the formula. There is a minimum weight and a number of measurement points it needs to adhere to. I'm guessing PHRF-LO is aware of these requirements. 6.5 Rudder a) The Rudder shall be constructed of solid hardwood or alternately of fibre reinforced plastic over an optional core. The core must be suitable for the applied loads. b) The minimum weight including pintles or pins but less tiller and extension shall be 7.7 kg. (17 lbs.). A maximum of 0.9 kg of corrector weights may be added. c) The blade thickness shall be 40 mm 5 mm (1-9/16” 3/16”). This thickness is to comply for a minimum distance of 711 mm (2’4”) below the transom. d) The depth of rudder below the lowest point of the transom shall be a minimum of 813 mm (2’8”). e) The rudder width between the bottom of the transom and (2’4”) below the transom, shall not be more than 432 mm (17”) and not less than 178 mm (7”). Also it must at some point be 279 mm (11”) wide. The width below the 711 mm (2’4”) point is unrestricted. f) Rudder blades shall be fixed relative to the pintles. Neither rudder depth nor rudder profile shall be adjustable. The line of the gudgeons may be set at the vertical. g) The rudder or transom shall be fitted with a suitable means of preventing the rudder from becoming detached from the hull. h) No other foils are allowed above or below the waterline, i.e. endplates, winglets.
  7. Retired BN

    Can you make a "PHRF cheater"?

    We were racing in Kingston where it blows hard pretty much every day.
  8. Retired BN

    Can you make a "PHRF cheater"?

    I had a Tripp 33 and was never out of the top 3 in any Regatta we did on lake Ontario for 8 years. Great boat but a very fine groove.
  9. Retired BN

    Personal Pics Thread?

    Late 80's delivery of a C&C 41 back from the BVI. Driving the Tripp 33 a few years ago in the second picture.
  10. Retired BN

    Tripp 33 polars

    My old boat is apparently for sale again in Michigan.
  11. Retired BN

    Farr 30 "Moxie" in SA Classifieds

    It's in Whitby Ontario now. Boat looks pretty good for what it went for.
  12. Retired BN

    2019 52 SUPER SERIES

    Quantum just got another bullet.
  13. Retired BN

    The Great Lakes System

    Not so Shark free in Kingston last August.
  14. Retired BN

    Thoughts on Novasail VS Prostart

    Thanks, I'm thinking it's the best bang for the buck at this point. I can see the value in the newer units if I was sailing a much faster boat but rather put the saved dollars into sails.
  15. Retired BN

    Thoughts on Novasail VS Prostart

    Shark, Slow but still get 30-40 boat one design regattas every couple weeks. Need the distance to line function as all the other boats have it. I like that the Novasail shows lift and knock graphically.