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  1. arneelof

    The new sailing twin skin setup

    The code 0 รถ generate a lot of drag.
  2. arneelof

    Sun and wind powered cars

    That is why you need a combination with solar power.
  3. arneelof

    Sun and wind powered cars

    I read this and it got me thinking. If we can do 50 knots on the water with wind, it should not be too hard to go faster than that on land, i.e. given that we can sail in the right direction we should be able to keep up with traffic flow easily with a wind powered car. I guess the main problem is the limits in true wind directions.
  4. arneelof

    Boats and foils comparison

    good point
  5. arneelof

    Boats and foils comparison

    The arms are one-design I think,
  6. arneelof

    Boats and foils comparison

    The boatless sail?
  7. arneelof

    Luna Rossa Challenge. AC 36

    Exactly, I think it is 20% of the weight and AM+LR have all the weight in the bulb, so they can basically change the rest as much as they want.
  8. arneelof

    Luna Rossa Challenge. AC 36

    I would find it even more interesting to see them sail against each others.
  9. arneelof


    Or just a covered catana
  10. arneelof

    Larry's AC50 Circus

    Agree, but it was far better in the last two ACs then before. Technology helped. Now you actually know who is leading a race in the middle of a leg.
  11. arneelof

    How many challengers will there be?

    I've been trying to watch broadcasts of AC since the 70s and from a pure spectator viewing point AC34 was far better than anything else, followed by AC33. Sailing in Valencia was sort of viewable but most races were over in 1 minute and then the rest was just waiting for the finish line and the animated graphics was more exciting than the TV pictures actually. So for AC35 to be exuding they need to spend money on good TV production and hope the races are sort of even.
  12. arneelof

    Larry's AC50 Circus

    In Sweden you can actually watch it on viaplay if you subscribe to it. It is sent live at 5am on Friday and Saturday
  13. arneelof

    The new sailing twin skin setup

    Thanks for posting - very nice concept..
  14. arneelof

    Larry's AC50 Circus

    Sailing season in Sweden is may to September. Sure you can stay in the shed, but I'm quite sure most ETNZ sailor actually hit the water in something during the shed time.
  15. arneelof


    I am completely convinced that you could have changed the sailors from one boat to another and (given sufficient training) the same boat would still have won. I.e. it was a design contest. I can not remember any Americas Cup match that was not won by the faster boat. Possible Shamrock IV - but that was before my time.