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  1. rigging help

    Not sure if these help but some links to conversions from rod to wire https://www.roguerigging.com/single-post/2015/04/01/CC-35-RodWire-Conversion https://svviolethour.com/2016/12/12/how-to-rerig-a-cc-with-rod-rigging-part-1/
  2. Timing the line

    What you want to know is how long it will take to get to the spot where you're going to set up for your start. It helps to know how fast you are getting up and down the line to know how long it will take to get to a spot but the actual time end to end is not what you probably need. For example, you may want to approach on port but start nearer to the boat end. What you probably want to know is how long it will take you to get to the hole that you want in the fleet that is approaching on starboard.
  3. Well Armed Yachtsman Arrested

    Maybe, I get the mistake in missing your exit but the notion that you're passing under the Whitestone bridge and don't know you're in NYC? This was not something that the skipper didn't know that he was doing. Also, do you really think that a guy carrying a handgun, a rifle, and 2 shotguns doesn't have a pretty sophisticated idea about guns and the fact that some places aren't all that permissive. I'm sure the NRA gets money from him every year by telling him how they waterboard you if you own a gun in New York.
  4. Wite like Snaggletooth day is coming!

    I'd prefer to see the Espo-Snaggletooth right off!
  5. fist of god?

    The thread is in response to a feature on the front page of the same title. There was a previous thread in this forum about the same set of features on the front page. I get your sentiment if it was a random political opinion but not quite so sure why the anger in this case
  6. fist of god?

    This kind of conflation of religion, politics, and ethnic identity is one of the reasons that Israel has so many problems with so many people. It suggests that the actions of the state of Israel are the overt manifestations of the will of God, right? The original front page piece suggested that Jews were being discriminated against when the ban was on Israeli sailors or displaying the flag of the state of Israel. It did not document any ban on Jewish sailors from other countries competing in the event. This kind of sanctioning of the athletes of a country may not be wise or fair but politics is not new to the Olympics. More importantly, conflating criticism of Israel with antisemitism suggests that the motivation of the criticism is not grounded in complaints about the actions of a state and it prevents people from looking at the wisdom. lawfulness, and fairness of the policies of Israel. Most of us recognize that this conflation of religion and politics is creating a great deal of misery in the Middle-East, let's not forget that it is equally insidious in the non-Muslim world
  7. Going up the Mast

    I've certainly gone up to the spreaders with a keelboat on a trailer. I wouldn't haul myself out to the spreaders, do it on a windy day, etc. Why not block the keel with wedges to keep it from shifting sideways and strap the boat down.