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  1. Kia Ora

    All footage from AC35 Bermuda

    Tried to download as well but too many pop ups.
  2. Kia Ora


    Not sure why Ratt-shit-ue has an axe to grind over Dalts, but he does seem to have it in for any Kiwi sports people. He does get down and out personal. Guessing he has an ego problem as he always rights like that.
  3. Kia Ora

    Oracle Team USA

    Not really sure what the problem is. He has owned the cup, that's all he was interested in. it wasn't about the sailiing, it was the ego trip to say he has won the most prestigious and most expensive sailing race in the world. I always figured that as soon as Larry had lost the cup, he would withdraw anyway. There he is. Gone. Next?
  4. Kia Ora

    Team NZ

    Ref: Wussels wee tissie fit. What an immature we tissie he turned out to be. He is no longer in cuntrol and is unable to cope. He keeps getting lower and lower and lower in my esteem. Gad I say, gad. How much lower can the chappie go I ask myself. He is most unsporting.
  5. Kia Ora

    Team NZ

    It's the dead cat principle. Throw a dead cat on the table and try to distract ETNZ. It has worked before, but I believe the current helm is a pretty chilled it character. OR have sod all left but to try and distract the kiwis. wont happen. Finally have wifi and pretty chuffed to see the final races and closing it all down this weekend. yep feeling quietly confidant.
  6. Kia Ora

    Team NZ

    It's a Kiwi 'erbie mate aka Kiw'erbie
  7. Kia Ora

    Team NZ

    It's a Kiwi 'erbie mate aka Kiw'erbie
  8. Kia Ora

    Team NZ

    Agree 100 percent. Just loved the first race too. Really showed BA and OR our pace. Me thinks our chances are looking a tad better than even. Hope like hell they have wifi where we are headed to.
  9. Kia Ora

    Team NZ

    Bloody well right mate. Let's go home. Where does a guy like that find his brain? Oh yeah, he's a septic. Good place to keep it. Winchfodder, there is a huge difference between Kiwis and Septics. You would cash it in and bugger off to the pub. Kiwis? Nah, we just pull an all nighter and get it sorted. The boat will be just as fast. No worries.
  10. Kia Ora

    Team NZ

    Wish the bloody sailors would stop gabbing. Blues (not one of the good teams in NZ) just gave the silver to the Lions. Jolly good show. (for the non sports freeks, there is a rugby team from GB (where BA is from) playing rugby against the All Blacks)
  11. Kia Ora

    Team NZ

    Score? What time did the game start? Where can I see streaming? Questions are just like women ... So many questions, so little time.
  12. Kia Ora

    Team NZ

    There are a few tossers calling "crying Kiwis" regarding the winds. Seriously, 22 knots of breeze and you can't even put in a reef??? That is pretty scary stuff. Just done a wee 6 hour passage in Fiji with steady 20- 25 knots and quite a bit of 25 - 30 steady squalls. We have a no foiler cat, but it's 24' wide and does enjoy a breeze. I would not like to be in that sort of breeze without the ability to pop in a couple of reefs. Second point that many have not spotted. OR are rubbing their wee hands with these breezes. They see complete carnage and boats that have been pretty beaten up and RACED HARD. With these breezes, they are getting close to their used by date and that plays RIGHT INTO ORACLES GAME. Even better, they have a second boat that they can bring in "if the first one is munted". Interestingly, challengers do not have that option. Biased cup??? Nah, course not. It's part of the "agreement" that Jap and Art and Frog and BAT signed up for. Bright boys that lot. Looking forward to watching the next one in Jafa land in what ... three years time?
  13. Kia Ora

    How to watch live races?

    Bloody bad luck. Problems in BAR