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  1. SpongeDeckSquareFoil

    Craigslist - Not mocking

    At $3000 I have to give credit to the Chaser 33 seller. He seems to be realistic regarding the market for a not well known 40 yr old boat.
  2. SpongeDeckSquareFoil

    Crazy furling jib cover idea - work with me here

    Interesting. Years ago I read or heard that for UV protection black is preferred. Lighter colors provided considerably less protection almost to the point of being worthless. Maybe I was misled?
  3. SpongeDeckSquareFoil

    what's in a name?

    ENMITY, in large lettering on the stern of a local powerboat. I always wonder what the fuck is behind that one.
  4. SpongeDeckSquareFoil

    Adding roller furling - any recommended online guide, etc.?

    I'm guessing your boat is in the 30ft range? Like others have said, install should be fairly straight forward probably no matter which brand you buy. Just take good measurements on the forestay and double check any cuts you need to make on the tubes. In my case I had the mast down for the winter and during the off season did multiple measurements on the halyard and did some mock setups to get familiar with all the pieces. Install was uneventful. When defective knees pushed me into getting a furler I went with a Profurl system. I just liked their method of not needing to install extra bits on the mast to ensure a proper halyard angle, and the model I bought had some post-install adjustment capability that others didn't all have. Their prices were notably lower than other brands, which didn't hurt. This was about a decade ago, so things may have changed. I'd guess that most of the popular brands will suit your purpose well. Not sure if you are converting existing sails or getting new sails. Just have to keep in mind that the cost of converting (cut to shape, luff tape and leach/foot cover) can be surprisingly hefty.
  5. SpongeDeckSquareFoil

    Stratocaster Build Anarchy

    Nice looking build. Early on I was thinking it would have been better with a rear route so the wood pattern wouldn't be hidden by the guard. But the guard you are using works really well with that wood. Very nice end result. Got a finished weight? And nice of you to give kudus to Mr. Kirn. He has put together a lot of build and setup info that is useful to anyone who enjoys messing with guitars. He used to post over on TGP quite a bit and I always appreciated his debunking of commonly held truisms.
  6. SpongeDeckSquareFoil

    Show your boat sailing thread

    boat has been hauled for the winter. Have this shot from happier times.
  7. SpongeDeckSquareFoil

    Flying your ensign while racing

    Agree that it is not flown while racing. Only exception I recall was on a Wednesday nite beercan shortly after 9-11 when the race committee suggested that participants fly the flag for that one day. I don't always have the flag on during my normal sailing, but I do try to show it if I know there is a regatta nearby and a chance that I may be in the vicinity of racers, to signal them that they don't need to consider me in their tactical decisions.
  8. SpongeDeckSquareFoil

    Shit I Didn't Know

    I think you mean Merry Clayton on Gimme Shelter.
  9. SpongeDeckSquareFoil

    Enkes AR8 Winch Tear Down

    Maybe, maybe not. Can't see the setup so can't say for sure. Ask around the marina, some goofball sailor has a belt sander he is dying to use for something nautical.
  10. SpongeDeckSquareFoil

    Enkes AR8 Winch Tear Down

    You can find finer grits of sandpaper at typical auto parts stores in their paint area. Alternate sources are hobby shops or automotive paint suppliers. Judicious use of a belt sander can angle the winch pads.
  11. SpongeDeckSquareFoil

    Yankee 30 - Current/Prior Owners and sailors?

    How long are these rails, 10 or 12 ft? I can see why they would recommend fewer standoffs, and filling the unused holes is a good option as long as you are comfortable doing it. I wonder if they could tweak their layout to use half or even fewer of the existing holes so you would have less cleanup work. Equal spacing might be a problem, though. I'm guessing these are through-bolted so the bolt heads are visible from the inside? Pics would help. $2500 seems high. I had a set made for my Ranger 26 probably ten or so years ago. The rails were about 8 ft long, with a curve and 6 or 7 attachment points. I gave them the hole pattern on some strips of mylar and they made me a set of rails for less than $500 for the pair. I was expecting to have to enlarge or fiddle with the holes a bit but the new rails were an exact fit. White Water Marine is local to me, but might be worth a call if you are going SS. https://www.whitewatermarineinc.com/ https://imgur.com/j17shbF
  12. SpongeDeckSquareFoil

    Yankee 30 - Current/Prior Owners and sailors?

    Not going to find that off the shelf, but a competent wood worker or wood shop could make a replacement set for you. That's a lot of attachment points, taping those off for finishing is going to be a pain for years to come. Going with SS rails that match the existing hole pattern will cost a bit more now but will be less headache later. If you go SS you'd want to remove the existing rails and make a pattern of the attachment holes so the new ones can follow the arc and use the same hardware. Make a pattern for each side, the chances of them being exact mirror images is low.
  13. SpongeDeckSquareFoil

    Ranger 23, LA -> HI solo

    Fry pan and a properly sized winch handle. Don't leave home without them.
  14. SpongeDeckSquareFoil

    Decisions, Decisions. Opinions Requested.

    These guys might be able to help; http://www.rigrite.com/Hardware/Winches/BZ_winch_stands.php. Or a fabricator shop could make you something out of SS if you can sketch it up with the required angles, mounting holes, etc. Nothing a proper sized checkbook can't handle. Alternately, depending on the existing mounting hole pattern and the new winch pattern, you could make a thick enough plate that would first attach to the coaming with c'sunk bolts, then the new winch bolts would screw into the plate. Or just use proper sized winches for the boat. Do you really need 2 speed winches on a 1980s 26 foot day cruiser?
  15. SpongeDeckSquareFoil

    Zebra Mussel antifoulant advice

    VC17 has worked well in my area (lake st. clair in MI). Water temps are lower, probably high 60s or low 70s at the most. As far as the VC, not sure if it's the slickness or the copper content that keeps them off. From a casual look-see it appears that most other antifouling has also worked just as well to keep the mussels from attaching. But then most of our boats are hauled in the fall and repainted in the spring. So maybe the freshness of "any" antifouling is a factor here. As would be expected, most cases of heavy mussel buildup I've seen has been on untreated surfaces, especially untreated swing keels or outboard lower units left in the water.