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  1. An unusual hitchhiker...

    Not my boat, but a couple of shots that appeared in SA probably 10 years ago or so. I think it was during a Mac race. Slow, foggy night. Birds just needed a rest.
  2. Two sailors and dogs rescued after 5 months

    50 foot length was stated by Blondie. Same length as the shark that was teaching its young how to hunt.
  3. My newest project

    Nice lookin boat. What's up with all the luff wrinkles? If I, or anyone else, posted that sail pic in "my boat sailing" thread we'd never hear the end of it.?
  4. Looking forward to the banning of slot head screws in Canada

    Somewhere in the corners of my brain I seem to recall someone orienting the slots by first torquing them in place, noting their orientation, then withdrawing them and removing material from the contact face of the screws so they would all orient as desired. Can't recall who it was, probably some nutter like Pardey or something. .
  5. My newest project

    I love it when trade-specific terms, abbreviations, acronyms, etc., are tossed out like we are all expected to know what the fuck they mean. What is ATB and ITB?
  6. Show your boat sailing thread

    I think it's a Buccaneer. Used to have one years ago, memory might be a bit foggy. Would need to see better pics of GF to know for sure.
  7. Coolboats to admire

    Looks like there is some shape to the aft cabin end, but the open doors make it appear to be straight. Have them close the doors for the next pic.
  8. Tom Scott?

    Maybe he's busy buying a gimbal mount for the camera??
  9. Mocking Ads on Craigslist

    Or not. The images on street view can be years old.

    Is that traffic traffic or pornhub site traffic? And since when does pornhub offer statistical data? Guess I haven't been looking in the right places.
  11. Mocking Ads on Craigslist

    Probably along the lines of not giving out any info that you don't need to. Some people, with the right connections and access, can track the plate to get the owner's name, address, etc. and go deeper from there. I think it's a bit paranoid, but it is what it is. I notice that google maps street view typically fog out license plates too. Seems odd since they have the street address posted. They probably do it just so people don't bitch. On the street view of my house they fogged out the plate as well as my phone number on a For Sale sign I had on the vehicle. Fuckers probably cost me a sale.
  12. My newest project

    Got it, thanks.
  13. My newest project

    What's going on here? I'm thinking that's either the inlet or outlet of the seachest. Pressure check?
  14. Musical Anarchists Thread?

    CL, either pics and text don't seem to match too well?? Just curious, it seemed that only a few years ago on CA you posted something about a receiving a strat as a gift and looking for amps. I got the impression that that was your initial intro to guitars. If true you've acquired a nice collection since then. I consider myself a hack hobbyist. Like to fiddle with the guitars but don't foresee playing out anytime soon. Currently have several PRS SE models (singlecut, semihollow, and 24 fret), strat, Eastman hollow. Fun to mess with these things.
  15. CATARI comes along at Pacific Seacraft

    I feel confident in saying that it will be sometime this century.