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  1. About 20 or 25 years ago I bought a sheet of plastic material from a local supplier. Not sure what it is, but they said it was used as those divider panels on golf driving ranges so my errant shots don't hit the next guy. Anyway it is similar to starboard, but seems a bit lighter and stiffer. The stuff was easy to cut and shape, low maintenance (just clean occasionally), and has not shown any degradation from UV. I did add some horizontal braces on the upper panels to stiffen them up a bit. It's an option. Doesn't look as sweet as varnished wood, but as a daysailer, the boards are the first thing removed and the last thing replaced so their aesthetic appeal is not a big concern to me, YMMV.
  2. Forum drift? Never heard of it.
  3. The boat actually appears to be in sailable condition. The interior crud, old cushions, table, etc can be addressed on an as needed basis. All boats are projects, you just have to prioritize functionality and aesthetics. Dirt and wear can be bargaining point where you could really lowball it. I'd still keep looking though and keep this one in mind if others don't pan out. Likely there are plenty of others that will be in better shape.
  4. Why didn't I think of that.
  5. I see that dual parallel tape thing again. Ever get an answer to why two lines are needed?
  6. The fitting on the back, I think it is called a tang, sees much lower force and stress than the chainplates on the sides. The chainplates are thicker (stronger) metal and less easily formed than the tang, which is much thinner. Probably why the builder made them internal and through the deck where a single minor bend was the only forming needed. Don't over think it or worry too much, just seal the current gap and get some sailing time in. You'll have a slew of questions and issues before the cplates need to be addressed again.
  7. Thanks. Since the owner is also distant from the boat maybe he would consider a lower offer due to transit costs? Might be worth a shot. Something about Lake Mead (why don't they call it a reservoir?) makes me think a boat this size would be better than a smaller boat.
  8. Wonder if the gap was caused by a sloppy mast raising experience. Looks like there is a hinged maststep, a bad twist while raising or lowering could have pulled the wrong way on the chainplates. Maybe check the mast step area for damage before you step it. Other than that just rig it up and seal it and go sailing. I wouldn't do any major reconstruction at this time. Do you plan on trailering often or will you be keeping the mast raised for extended periods? Interesting looking boat, bless its heart.
  9. Whatever happened to the Islander 32 you were posting about last week? Can't recall if you contacted the owner or what?
  10. Keep in mind that small stuff like handrails can be added without extensive surgery. And you already stated that this boat will be an interim purchase that you expect to lose money on. So you can get as creative as you want with add-ons.
  11. Your overall plan sounds solid. Only issue might be getting the wife comfortable with sailing motion. Some folks just never get comfortable with heeling and repeated exposure doesn't help. Go easy on her if she doesn't adapt quickly. Don't go there, fucker.
  12. Based on where you'd be putzing around, go with the "that'll do" option.
  13. The hulls all seem to have dual parallel taped lines. I'm guessing one is a waterline mark, and maybe used to set level? Not sure of the need for the other, or why two are needed? Just curious.
  14. Edward Whittemore has an interesting quartet series dealing with the history of Jerusalem and the middle east. Mixes historical facts with some bizarre twists. One of the characters for instance is seemingly based on Sir Richard Burton, the 19th century explorer; and the true bible is the writings of on an imbecile translating a blind beggars tales. Strange books but very interesting. The first two books, Sinai Tapestry and Jerusalem Poker are the preferred of the 4. The Stepford trilogy by Robertson Davies is another series to consider. They can get complex at times, but never drag.