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  1. NoStrings

    What if there is no vaccine?

    There is no vaccine for the most common coronavirus, the common cold. You get the sniffles. There is no vaccine for either pay for treatment or die a lingering miserable death from AIDS. Somewhere in between is going to be Covid. You might only get the sniffles. Or you might die. Or, you might suffer lingering cardiovascular or neurological issues. could wear a mask and stay the hell away from people that you don't live with...which is kind of what we told the gay community about HIV until we had a treatment.
  2. NoStrings

    Most egregious cheats?

    Race committee chair. Long family history with race. Short family history with propellers. Couldn't keep the damn things attached.
  3. 33% of Amerikans are dumber than a box of fucking hammers...and most of them are white. Go figure.
  4. The owner of Quantum sails is the major funding source behind the anti government protests in Michigan and Wisconsin. His interests are clearly political. Do his choices impact how you decide to spend your cash? And I’m talking sails, I doubt that many of you are on the Amway guest list.
  5. I'd take Abby Sunderland's Open 40. It kept her alive, and that's all that counts.
  6. NoStrings

    Help in Honolulu

    They need to check in with the Hawaii customs and department of health. No question about it, they will have to quarantine for 14 days, regardless of the length of their passage. I've been following your friends and pretty much everyone else that has been trapped at sea by the Covid quarantines. Hawaii won't turn Americans away, but they will have to follow the local quarantine laws.
  7. NoStrings

    More than 30 killed off santa cruz island

    How did the crew get off, but not a single passenger? That doesn't pass the sniff test. These boats are required to have obnoxiously loud CO and smoke can't sleep through them.
  8. NoStrings

    Transpac 2019

    Kinda funny...the SF Bay community are nearly unanimous in our disdain for the use of NRT tracker data.
  9. NoStrings

    Transpac 2019

    Pablo, the cost to see the "at sea" AIS data is beyond the reach of most of us. It's like $275/mo. IMHO, access to YB tracking data, and satellite AIS data should be prohibited: 1) because it's counter to the spirit of the sport and receipt of outside assistance. Sail your own race. and 2) because the RC has NO control over the YB trackers, which do fail occasionally (and too conveniently for some crews), access to the same quality YB data is not and cannot be guaranteed to be equal amongst competitors. If boat A's YB tracker is dead (for whatever reason), and they still have access to boat B's YB tracking data, boat A is materially ADVANTAGED. This creates an unfair situation on the course that is wholly the fault of the RC for permitting access in the first place. Finally, having witnessed YB cheating first hand, I suggest a fairly quick and draconian remedy...Rule 69 and a 4 yr (two cycles of the ocean race in which the offender cheated) suspension...for everyone on the offending boat.
  10. NoStrings

    Transpac 2019

    Roy Pat didn't even hesitate. His competitors were more important than the race. That's the kind of selfless act that makes me proud to be a sailor. I'm guessing that dinners are free for Pyewacket for the foreseeable future.
  11. NoStrings

    anyone know of any peterson 34's floating around?

    TIn Man, Richmond, CA
  12. NoStrings

    Sailing around the world in a San Juan 24

    A few hundred dollars? Nay my friend. My 40 year old FG sailboat came with a pressurized alcohol system and I considered switching to propane but am still sticking with alcohol because of conversion costs.New stove, a good one with an oven. $1000 to $2000. Glassing in a structural isolated airtight tank storage bay that's deck locker accessible, with an overboard drain hole in the bottom. Quoted $1500, do it yourself looked like a big hassle, Installing a solenoid shutoff valve at the tank, ($100-$200) with the control wires accessing the main power distribution panel, panel switch and armed light near the stove. It draws roughly 1.25amps (12v) so if you don't turn it off after dinner it'll suck up 12 amps overnight. (Wiring, control panel, another $200-$300). The hose must be continuous from the locker to the stove, high quality, and supported properly, with chafe protection at bulkhead penetrations. ($200-$500 mostly labor). That's $4,500 brother. Approaching 10% of my boat's value. Alcohol is OK for me; it'll slowly cook a pizza or a 3 pound Stouffer's macaroni and cheese dinner for the crew (their 7 serving meatloaf is also good), but not a chuck roast or whole chicken. The stovetop 3 burners boil water fairly fast and you can simmer stuff. But I mostly use a microwave when at dock with electrical power. Other than that, there's lots of good food that doesn't require refrigeration or heating. Pressurized stored gases are dangerous yes, but even alcohol can become dangerous. I had the hose from the tank fail and I forgot to close the tank valve, then left for a few hours (time with my girlfriend at the Jacuzzi). Returned the boat to see the cabin sole awash in alcohol, shut off the electrics and sopped it up with sponges then squeezed them overboard. Not too dangerous compared to an invisible gas slowly filling up your hull. So Rimas's loose cannon propane tank in the forepeak is negligible; if the tank valve is firmly closed the tank can survive automobile wrecks. His operational tank is above deck, safe, but the delivery hoses in his scenario could kill him. We shall see. Solenoid at the tank? Electric stuff sparking in the new,glassed in box where the propane tank lives? Seems explosive. You sure you don't want to just go out there, lift the lid, and turn off the tank by hand? You know what's really fun? If you put propane sniffer/sensors where they belong, i.e. low in the bilge where propane settles, you'll discover that water also happens, by virtue of gravity, to inhabit the same space. Guess what? Salt water will trigger the sensor to shut of your solenoid pretty much PERMANENTLY. Even if you disconnect the sensors from the propane panel, there is some kind of malicious memory hell bent on preventing you from a) blowing yourself up, and eating hot food. If you don't have a young starving person on board, you'll likely just live on beef jerky. If you're lucky though, you will have a young starving guy on board who will figure out a way to circumvent the solenoid, allowing the stove to function...though you will want to be kind of careful with open flames.
  13. NoStrings

    Sailing around the world in a San Juan 24

    As the former racing buoy manager for the SF Bay YRA, I spent 7 years chasing wayward buoys. I've had them turn up on Stinson beach 50 miles north, and Pacifica, 15 miles south. ALL of these buoys demonstrated better sailing abilities than Rimas. 28 days and he's under 300 miles away...f me blind.
  14. NoStrings

    Sailing around the world in a San Juan 24

    He is most definitely not aground north of Monterey. You can see virtually 100% of it from the highway. Besides, it's upwind from Monterey, and even if he had managed, he'd already have washed ashore at the foot of Funston or Sloat Avenues. I suspect that one of my friends will come upon a drifting, stalwart Rawson 30 this summer while on the way to HI during the Pac Cup; and it will fuck up their race..or at least their minds.
  15. NoStrings

    Sailing around the world in a San Juan 24

    Except that Garmin has NMEA output as an option. I'm using it as we speak.