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  1. NoStrings

    anyone know of any peterson 34's floating around?

    TIn Man, Richmond, CA
  2. You don't have to dip the pole. Disconnect it at the mast, pull aft, push it out to the new gybe, reconnect before you load it up with the new guy. Also, if you connect everything to a peace ring, it makes moving the lines much simpler.
  3. NoStrings

    shit show (front page)

    I'd love to see the load cell data from that crash. It looked pretty violent.
  4. NoStrings

    Asymmetrical spin (only) takedown

    The real question is, "Why do you hate your mainsail"?
  5. NoStrings

    Asymmetrical spin (only) takedown

    A friend of mine bought top down furlers for his 37 footer. What a righteous pain in the ass. To begin with, they make the kite 3X larger to stow, which on a boat under 50' sucks. If you have one, it's like having a dead NBA center stuffed in a bag down below. Secondly, they're slower than f-k all to furl unless you have someone spinning a pedestal. You have to get the torsion line loaded up in order for the thing to begin twisting/furling. It sucks. Just hoist the bloody main and letterbox the damn thing and save yourself a shit ton of $$ and aggravation.
  6. NoStrings

    VOR Leg 7 Auckland to Itajai

    I've been watching this all day with my heart in my throat. I can only hope that Fish knows that he didn't perish alone, and that he had the love, hopes ,and prayers of his peers with him. Condolences to all of his friends and family, and I truly pray for peace for the crew of Scallywag. I can't imagine the pain that they are in.
  7. NoStrings

    Why don't more people race?

    I quit racing on other people's boats after a long weekend of verbal abuse from one of the local North Sails pros...we took second and would have won had the St. Frantic not fucked up the Sunday race. I decided that at my age, life is too short to put up with that bullshit. I now limit my racing to a friend's K6 in too much breeze and too much bay chop.
  8. NoStrings

    Rolex Big Boat Series - San Francisco

    Every boat pays $20/ft for the privilege of carrying the sponsor logo in every pic, but only half a dozen classes receive watches. IOW over half of the regatta is subsidizing the costs of the watches. That's why the Express fleet got pissed and awards a Perpetual Timex.
  9. You might not know this, but SF makes billionaire sports team owners pay their own bills. These are guys that play from 12-81 games a year. The AC cost SF $11M, never lived up to it's participation numbers, then fucked us and ran to Bermuda who just took another Ellison-Coutts meat rocket in the arse. We run over 5-7 pedestrians/day in SF. How we never ran over that fucking Coutts boggles the imagination.
  10. NoStrings

    Hanks vs Luff Tape

    Jesus, the abrasion on those lightweight aluminum 'biners must be incredible. OTOH, an expensive biner is about $10.00, which is throw away $ on almost any boat, especially when compared to bronze hanks.
  11. NoStrings

    what is it?

    +1 on the saildrone
  12. NoStrings

    North Atlantic probable record

    Dude hits a deli for a baguette and some roast beef then takes off for France. F-ing hell, that's crazy.
  13. NoStrings

    Transpac 2017

    Does the fuel that Medusa took from Azure count as outside assistance? It doesn't matter for the results, I'm just curious.
  14. NoStrings

    Bermuda 1-2 2017

    Just wondering...if Roleur wasn't going to attempt a recovery, why didn't he scuttle Spadefoot, like Skip did Wildflower when he stepped off? Someone is going to hit it, or someone ELSE is going to have to clean up the mess once Spadefoot goes ashore and breaks up.
  15. NoStrings

    More United Dumbphuckery

    Here's a good read for PB: