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  1. AKL wino

    America One Website Time Capsule

    Nice! and you didn't even have to use The Wayback Machine...
  2. AKL wino

    Team UK

    The Algarve? Ok maybe Cascais for Big Ben?
  3. AKL wino

    dutch ac entry

    I disagree....stand by caller. In the meantime:
  4. AKL wino

    Second US Team

    Looking good. Things are moving along....
  5. AKL wino

    Team NZ

    Lennie on fire once again at the A Class Worlds. Tukie doing really well for third with Pistol 7th. https://www.catsailingnews.com/2018/11/a-class-worlds-2018-hervey-bay-day-1.html https://www.mysailingclub.com.au/DisplayResults/DisplayPublicSeriesResults?Id=337&Id2=2018 A-Cat Worlds
  6. AKL wino

    Team UK

    Any dock talk on where Ineos are heading to continue testing over the UK winter?
  7. AKL wino

    Team NZ

    Get yourselves a (chunky) piece of history Anarchists! Might be difficult freighting it to Seppoville but whack a bid in anyway. https://www.thorntons.net.nz/online-bidding-thornton.html#!/auctionDetails/382
  8. AKL wino

    Second US Team

    I know...I know....said it a while ago, but....softly softly catchee monkey. Things should be happening soon.
  9. AKL wino

    Second US Team

    things are progressing fellas. Gonna be a USA-all-the-way team. Probably good news for the Viaduct cougars....
  10. AKL wino

    Second US Team

    Word on the docks is a (very positive) announcement will be made shortly.
  11. AKL wino

    Larry's AC50 Circus

    Can confirm that will be the first regatta. At least 5 teams. Nice one Wussell....
  12. AKL wino

    Team NZ

    (can't be buggered googling it right now but...) wasn't there a real hoo-ha after they made it back to land over whether or not they were actually lost at sea for that length? The old man (gone now but had sailed many many ocean miles) expressed major doubts that they were being completely up front. Thoughts?
  13. AKL wino

    The 2018 Golden Globe Race

    Natural Navigator - good book. One they should have on board for when they're down in our neck of the woods (or anywhere) is David Lewis's We, the Navigators. Seminal book that resurrected Polynesian traditional nav.
  14. AKL wino

    Larry's AC50 Circus

    Don't know if this has been mentioned prev but goss at the squadron last night is that work is well underway up at Warkworth fitting out 40' containers as workshops etc for Ellison's folly (aka AC50 regatta). No word on Core suddenly ramping up AC50 hull production though...