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  1. Background of a behind the scenes video at Team Japan you can see a pretty nice spy pic of TNZ. Anyone notice anything interesting here? Guessing this image was taken the day ETNZ sailed with one light air board and one heavy air board. Really good shot of the two! End of the video the shore crew state that "they are making the decision as to which boards for the day" and preparing to install them (but that's TJ).
  2. Fuck off Doug, this threads not the place. You're on ignore because your being an annoying piece of shit, yet unfortunately you get quoted so I still have to read your bullshit. This is a thread for discussing different boards and their crossover point, you are being a real piece of shit by joining into it and saying shit that has no relevance, every single user on here wished SA would put you on a time out. How would you feel if I jumped onto boatdesign and posted over and over in your models thread about Etchells sailing? You'd be pissed off right? Yeah, you would be because it's not relevant, this is a thread for discussing the crossover points between different foils, joining in and saying "the teams will only have 1 long uptip all purpose foil" is really annoying to those discussing it because having 1 foil means there is no crossover point, making it not relevant. See where I'm coming from? Please leave us the fuck alone. You are literally on ignore to most people and they still can't avoid you. You should be more ashamed of yourself.
  3. Hook me up to guys! I can't do 1-5am every day! (I will do that before giving money to the foxtel pieces of shit).
  4. I can't view the replays... I live in the 3rd world nation of Australia. We have it so tough, we exported all our sailors for money.
  5. "You left school, but you still got a lotta learning to do." - Rick Sanchez (the smartest known being in every conceivable universe).
  6. The backwards people upstairs with all the $$$ think the only sailing is lead-mines, and would rather race club races on Eggshells than join the rest of the world in it's biggest events. Our biggest sailing spectacle doesn't even allow multihulls (which the multihullers are okay with because the B2G is a way better race).
  7. I made the mistake of paying last time, only to be informed that after I had bought the rights to view them, that I could not, and they were only view-able in 2 cut down 30 minute episodes on foxtel, which is fucking 100$ a month. Little bit shocked to read it's even worse now. I think these guys running the show/licensing/online content/viewing rights should be ashamed of themselves. You'd kind of hope they could at least have a decent App. Is the defender not funded by a tech giant? Oh wait Oracle (the tech company) are fucking pathetic. I think we're about to see the Average Jasons beat the Gloracle Purple Cobras! Seriously they're the Fyre Festival of the tech world. Biggups Jason, the man with a camera and a laptop who's brought me more content than a company with a revenue of US$37.04 billion (2016)
  8. I guess this was a day where the forecast was right on the crossover points of the foils for the teams, and as they all have come up with their own plans, they will have different points, and they aren't all going to be right. Hence seeing Artemis suddenly losing pace. They all seemed to have the same idea in mind, 9-15 knots... And by my guess the crossover from light to med/heavy foils is 10-14 knots... Also, in regards to "Ask knot whome trolls U - but howe can you troll "them!"" Hehehehe (sorry for the off topic guys).
  9. What if they're a middle of the road set? They did appear to be the more curvy less cross sectional area set. They certainly weren't slow (I feel like they might have had the top speed that I noticed maybe 44 knots?).
  10. I think I might have to send the bloke another $50, I think I underappreciated what he did for us originally. Couldn't care if he bought a new camera with it, or bought a slab of beers to sit and watch the racing with, or took some girly who's in town out for the event out to dinner.
  11. Sadly my knowledge is limited to about the last 26 years, and I've only been a die-hard for the last 10 years, so my AC knowledge has been local knowledge of the 87 cup and from 2010 on, and being son of a multihull sailor I have only really had much knowledge in the multihull world. So that's pretty interesting to hear!
  12. Absolutely! I can't imagine how helpful it is to start trying everything out, and tuning things against the boats for an extra few weeks before the final, compared to normal AC's where they literally can't until race 1.
  13. Time will tell there, they definitely are now on pace with AR, OR, TNZ and TJ, boat handling is pretty solid too. I do think OR AR and TNZ have another gear, but I think BAR's performance puts them half way there... Although I really rate as match racing starters, Dean, Nathan and Spithill as top match racing starters, and Burling as just possibly the best sailor... (but he hasn't done nearly the starting of Dean or Jimmy before... I haven't been as impressed with Ben's match racing starting... But that's just me. I thought I would be great at it, and in my first event went 1-7 (which is literally my worst result in all events I have been in, ever) and that really showed me how much of an art it is. So I'm most worried about BAR in that sense now, I do think they might have the speed. This is personal opinions here though in regards to the level of starting.
  14. I wonder which teams hiding the fact they have employed him as their lead foil design consultant. I can't imagine their faces when he showed them photos of the Quant 23 and a photo of the uptip foils in his tri and said we need something that combines both of these. They must have been shocked at his brilliance. Really can't tell which team though because they're all sailing on "L" boards at the moment, to this date, no up-tip boards used in an AC race (2 hours so far and no tip breaches to aid with stability, they're all using really active rake control for lift control), and no outward facing boards (because obviously they are against the rules). Oh and the only time anyone saw the boards canted to any position other than max beam? The windward board, when the windward board is up to keep the tip above the water.
  15. I swear I was seeing a lot of 26+/- knots upwind by Oracle, but at a quite deep angle, and ETNZ sailing at 24+/- upwind but at a higher angle, and then downwind Oracle sailing 2 knots faster as well but higher, both appearing similar VMG's, maybe the edge to Oracle downwind, and the edge to ETNZ upwind. Could be wrong, only 1 race in! Of course all the boats will have a high mode, VMG mode and a low mode. Making it even harder to tell, cause they'll choose say high mode even if it's slower if they see a big puff ahead and pinching will get them to it or Vise versa. Need a wider spread of data here... more racing I guess