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  1. Brisbane to Gladstone 2018

    Fantastic race though.
  2. Nacra F18 infusion MK3

    Yes, there is an exception for timber laminates in the rule.
  3. Nacra F18 infusion MK3

    That's interesting, for the last boat I built, and the difference between using Epoxy and Vinyl-ester was less than 5% of the total cost, it is definitely a much better product and not much more of a cost saving.
  4. Nacra F18 infusion MK3

    It would make them not class legal by that rule than... Bahahaha yeah, sailed on the infusion, edge, c2, sadly not the scorpion, but IMO Edge is number 1, easily the stiffest, Infusion comfortably the worst, the scorpion looks great, but I think the edge has a speed edge, hopefully a few of the boys who are really cranking on the Edges can get up to a few worlds. Anyone recall the results from the last F18 nationals in Australia? The boys who won, didn't just win on the Edge, they were so far in front every race it was almost a joke. The boys sailed it incredibly well, but they were also just straight up faster all around the track, 5 of the top 6 were Edges from memory. I don't even know where the top infusion placed.
  5. Nacra F18 infusion MK3

    Too bad the boat wont be class legal. D.3 HULL SHELLS D.3.1 MATERIALS (a) The hull shells shall be built from polyester or vinylester resin, glass fibres, polyester gel coat, the combination of wood-epoxy or injected plastic with a core of PVC or balsa or felt. The hull shells shall not be altered, other than locally for fittings and passage of equipment and normal reinforcement. Epoxy glue is permitted for joining components. Every material that is not expressly permitted is prohibited. (b). Vinyl or similar adhesive film may be added as limited by C.7.2.(f).
  6. SuperFoiler Grand Prix 2018

    Its why they host GBRW down there at this time of year, it's nothing like the Freo Doctor from Nov-Feb, it just gives up, and can be a limp 4-8 knots with the odd thumper of... 15. Needs to be pushed forward a bit. As the best sailing here is Nov-Feb, With Oct and March being alright, but a little less consistent.
  7. trickle down

    Hahahahaha I keep all my old ski's and board when I replace them, so you can fuck your old gear up and keep the new shit new! Should see some of the core-shots on my park board >.<
  8. Fujin Capsized? What happened?

    High performance catamaran pushed a little too hard in big breeze and waves. At least one of the guys onboard is on here quite a bit. It's sad to hear, but when you push the limits, the limits push back. Everyone's fine from what I've seen and the boat will be recovered. Someones hip pocket will be a bit sore though.
  9. SuperFoiler Grand Prix 2018

    I said worldwide mate not in just the USA, there's a shitload more countries with a lot more skiing than the USA in the world. As someone who's skied and boarded in many many countries, I can tell you that one country I have been to had well over 100 per year alone, also note that there are quite a few countries in the world with ski resorts, Add up the totals from the USA, Canada, Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Australia, New Zealand, China, South Korea, North Korea, Japan, India, Iran, Israel, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Lebanon, Pakistan, Russia, Turkey, Albania, Andorra, Austria, Belgium, Bosnia, Bulgaria, Croatia, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Georgia, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Kosovo, Latvia, Lithuania, Macedonia, Montenegro, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Ukraine and the UK, are just all the major countries with multiple ski resorts, the USA of all having probably the best safety record of them all and therefor the lowest mortality rate. Adds up to a couple thousand pretty quick, hell we get a few dozen here in Australia, and we have like 6 SHITHOUSE tiny resorts. Has it never occurred to you that travel insurance for a worldwide holiday will cover everything from international flights to skydiving, but explicit states that it doesn't include snow-sports, and that it's $100 for 3 months of travel insurance and $200 just for snow sports cover? I lived in ski resorts for 6 seasons all around the world (Yeah I stopped sailing for a few years some years back now and solely focused on boarding). Try looking it up? Oh wait, the only one who publishes their deaths is the USA, because everyone sue's the f*** out of each other so it becomes public knowledge, but I can tell you around the world ski resorts do everything they can to sweep deaths under the rug as the bad publicity would seriously hurt business.
  10. SuperFoiler Grand Prix 2018

    They have something called insurance with liability. If you are too scared to sail a superfoiler then don't do it yourself. TBH I didn't see a death in the Americas Cup affect the event. Everything went on as planned, even the team with the death, just launched their new boat and sailed on.
  11. SuperFoiler Grand Prix 2018

    THANK YOU. It is perfectly adaquete, it's a great boat, and those sailing it know the risks, and are well prepared for it! So far the even looks like it will be amazing once the kinks are ironed out!
  12. SuperFoiler Grand Prix 2018

    Yes, it hit's a sore spot, because the things I like doing keep being made harder and more inconvenient to do with arbitrary rules. You would be shocked how many people die in ski resorts per year, it is all swept under the rug (seriously it's like a couple hundred per year in Japan alone). Driving is statistically the most dangerous thing anyone does on a daily basis, also the worst are not the ones I mentioned but are - Scuba Diving (I free-dive), Mountain Climbing, Motorcycle riding, Civilian Piloting, Sky diving, Base jumping and Hang Gliding per participant, along with... Recreational Boating (not sailing) where the risk factor is ALCOHOL. I can't remember this from off heart but it was something off the charts like 90%+ of recreational boating deaths, the person/skipper or both were drunk. If civilised society is doing everything everything they can to protect individuals from them selves, then WHY IS 70% OF MY COUNTRY OVERWEIGHT OR OBESE? The LEADING cause of death in the country. Why do we waste so much effort on saving what would be a couple of individuals per year, when: A minimum 140 Australians die prematurely every day from obesity-related disease. Source: Obesity Prevention Australia. Seriously, how is it even a discussion to stop someone doing something they love when a couple of people per year die of it, when we have figures like that. I am sick to fucking death of watching people around me die prematurely, but why make the lives of so many worse, to save so few, but do absolutely nothing to stop something which kills over 50 000 people per year, in a country with only 20 million. Seriously, all this talk might save 1 person in a year, but In the time I wrote this post, at least 3 people died from obesity related disease in Australia.
  13. SuperFoiler Grand Prix 2018

    So all the increasing safety measures, all the extra laws, extra inconveniences, more fines, lowered speed limits etc and... What do you know, deaths are increasing. 2014 1,150 2015 1,209 2016 1,293 That's 4.91 to 5.08 to 5.34 people per 100 000 drivers. So it's not where my logic falls down, it's where mandating "greater safety parameters" falls down. What you think will "save lives because it's enforced", when translated into those affected, they are more dangerous because they're forced to do something because it'll make it safer for them. It's like the helmet paradox, where a few ski resorts introduced mandatory helmets to help prevent head injuries, well head injuries increased. People skied/boarded more dangerously, because they "felt safer". Which is the reason no resorts enforce mandatory helmets even though they were introduced decades ago. I agreed that the WW board being down would improve safety, but I disagreed that the boats were too fast, or too dangerous, and that anyone saying that is a pussy and should get fucked.
  14. SuperFoiler Grand Prix 2018

    What I'm saying, is that maybe they shouldn't be mandatory, and we just let the people not smart enough to wear them die. Heres an example, a person runs a snorkelling with sea lions business, a person pays to go snorkelling with sea lions, doesn't inform them that they have NEVER been swimming before. They proceed to drown, do we ban commercial snorkelling tours, or do we accept this person is a moron and caused their own death? FYI in the case mentioned the company in charge was found to not be at fault, as the person lied to them about having experience, and the company already has quite strict safety measure in place. The leading cause of accidents is actually distracted driving. More than fatigue, speed AND drugs (including alcohol), a sad but true fact. Yet we do absolutely nothing about it, I saw more drivers this morning on their phones than not, this morning I drove in peak-hour, on a freeway to near the city centre. Oh wait, apologies it's a little fine. Good to see that law helping so well there. Also, you are correct in that, yes the only solution to accidents on the roads is to replace the driver. 100%. Even with early test failures, and our early knowledge of driver-less cars, they are still many many times safer per kilometre driven than the best people and they will only get better. The safety factors which saved be like seat belts and air bags were commercial successes in the automotive industry before they were law. People were mostly smart enough to buy them and use them before they were law. Int he 4 accidents I was in, 1 was a distracted mother with her kids, T-boned me at 80, 1 was a teenage girl on her phone who rear-ended me at 80, 1 was a middle aged woman who changed lanes on the freeway whilst on her phone pushing me into the concrete barrier at 110 and the 4th was a meth-head in a stolen commodore who ran a stop then sign t-boned me and pushed my car half over a cliff, both doing 60. This guy gets it. Let the people do what they want, but god help putting a 6 foot tall knife directly in-front of them. There's a change i'll get behind. They really need to do it like the ski resorts do, and sweep that shit under the rug.
  15. SuperFoiler Grand Prix 2018

    "own stupidity not for their own sake", my opinion is that it's still their choice, you should assess your own risk, and your own situation. Why should I be limited in what I do, because I have no one except my old man (which he is now, who understands what I do and why I do it, because he did the same), but I can't do something because it would effect him? I mean I subscribe to the voluntary euthanasia school of thought. It shouldn't matter what other people want, it should be your choice as it's your life, and no one should expect anything of anyone else. You should be left to live your own life. In the case of Bruce Mclaren, it's HIS OWN FAULT he left his daughter to grow up without a father, not anyone else's, not the system, not lacking rule's, law's or restrictions that cause it, but his decision to participate in something incredibly dangerous. All points aside, should we make being overweight or obese illegal? I mean if we are going to do everything else that we can to "save lives", then why not make it illegal to be out of shape? More people die from obesity related causes in the world than any other single cause. Why not ban driving? That's the leading cause of people under 30. Hell, of my closest 6 friends, 4 have lost parents (all under 50) to, Diabetes, a heart attack, Cancer, and a Car Crash. Sailing also has barely any deaths worldwide, why has a sport like snowboarding/skiing kept going for so long when there are thousands of deaths a year of people in ski resorts? Hell, I was at a resort called Hakuba in Japans south and 8 people had died in one day, should we just ban all snow sports? If it's an extreme sport, then it should be treated as such, if someone chooses to do something high-risk, then there should be no qualms when something happens. I've nearly died in 4 major car accidents, that daily activity is much more dangerous than the cliffs/planes I've jumped off, the mountains i've skiied down, the oceans I've sailed across and the sharks I've dived with.