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  1. darth reapius

    How to get your company to sponsor your passion?

    I thought I did everything right... I approached pornhub, asked them for a big black kite and offered to let them film a video on my boat, but they never got back to me, I'll call up perthnow and get them to do an article on our next regatta whilst growing my onlyfans user base. Thanks for the tip
  2. darth reapius

    31 does not go into 13

    This is straight up exactly it. I highly doubt this guy walked around telling people he liked little kiddies, because guess what, none of them do. We had a teacher get caught, but more than 10 years after I left school, and he had been a teacher there for 20 years when I started. He didn't even get caught interacting with the kids and no one spoke up, he just got spotted taking a "suspect photo" and when reported his house was raided, and he had a lot more pictures of kids. There is just a couple of a percent of people who are fucked in the head. I would say most of them hide it so well no one ever knows, and some get found out. #epsteindidntkillhimself
  3. darth reapius

    what is it?

    Man, I cannot believe people think this thing is ugly. WTF, great proportions, great lines, looks like it would perform fantastically. I love it!
  4. darth reapius

    Marina Karen

  5. darth reapius

    Marina Karen

  6. darth reapius

    Novak Djokovic

    Nicola Jokic the best Serbian basketballer also tested positive for Covid.
  7. darth reapius

    Marina Karen

    Was wondering if anyone else noticed the guy dropping his glasses into the water. Clearly people in society have become so far removed from everything they are forgetting how to act in real-life social situations.
  8. darth reapius

    Are the riots a precursor to a new wave of Covid?

    Gotta see them stats boi. Lot more NSW and QLD in this map than Victoria. They basically ripped up their Native Protection acts, but this isn't Covid and should be in PA, the other is mostly Covid related.
  9. darth reapius

    Are the riots a precursor to a new wave of Covid?

    I would suggest, just assuming the media is always lying to us, and to guess how much is true. A dozen of the hundred new cases I thought were family transmission, and tonnes were "under investigation", with at least a dozen from the protests testing positive so far, assuming more will probably be found from there. The family ones aren't so bad, one tests positive, they check the whole family and they all test positive, that's much easier to get on top of. The issue is the dozen who are known to be from the protests actually turning out to be just the 25% showing symptoms who since went and got tested and that there is now say 50 people walking around Melbourne who think they haven't got it, spreading it. Hell one of them already tested positive upon his arrival in Sydney. Say those 50 people give it to just 5 people each, then you have 250 next week, then 1250 the next, and back to lock-down Victoria goes. I will say a HUGE fuck you to Gladys Berejiklian (NSW Premier, the one responsible for the greatest land clearing in Australian history, bigger than that of 3rd world countries, the death of almost all of the countries Koala population, the person who took away funding from the Fire Department only months before our bush fires which were caused by the massive reduction in Parks management funding reducing the ability to conduct back-burning prior to the fires, the person who allowed foreign owned farms to drain the Murray Darling resulting in one of the countries worst fish deaths in history, the same person who literally killed Sydney's night life by bringing in lock-out laws for everyone.... except the Casino). Holy shit what a pathetic cunt of a human being. She has been ragging on to the states who all have zero cases to "just open their borders to allow travel between states to help their economy" but immediately when Victoria has issues retracts on their open Victorian border and are looking to close it again. Can't have your cake and eat it to Gladys you cunt.
  10. darth reapius

    Are the riots a precursor to a new wave of Covid?

    LoL. Called it a week ago. Fucking liberal idiots. We virtually eradicated this shit, just a few cases left in NSW and Victoria. But noooooooooo those couple of people with covid had to attend protests. Now we've literally had more cases in 2 cities in a week than in the last 2 months.
  11. darth reapius

    Girl with patreon account goes sailing in hot place

    My issue is this stuff is below waterline, and in the event of any sort of collision with ANYTHING, be in debris, a branch, their anchor, whatever, in that area will bust the glass at the butt joint and leave a thin crack for a small leak to form, which will be into the bilge, so they wouldn't see it until the hulls were full of water above the floor.
  12. darth reapius

    Girl with patreon account goes sailing in hot place

    That's a single layer of ply. No backing, being painted. I've built a ply boat, I know what I would and wouldn't do, I wouldn't do this.
  13. darth reapius

    Girl with patreon account goes sailing in hot place

    The ply in all the repaired areas is only butt-joined, no backing pieces, and a single layer of glass externally. You can literally see the gaps between the sheets on the inside, so they are hardly even butt-joined. It's not a sea-worthy boat. I think they are careless, and have been lucky so far. I'd say this is just another one of those "it's only a matter of time". They kind of remind me of a young, bogan Australian HOT ROD, who instead of starting with nothing, started with a rotten timber boat, has a hot Mrs and probably some DMT...
  14. darth reapius

    Girl with patreon account goes sailing in hot place

    Would absolutely not trust the boat repairs they have done either.