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  1. darth reapius

    Larry's AC50 Circus

    amateur "a person who engages in a pursuit, especially a sport, on an unpaid basis." You do realise most Olympians are not paid, I know many, and not a single one actually makes money, the Olympic cycle will end and they will have less money than they started with. I don't just mean sailing, I mean literally all the Olympians from swimmers to track to rowing to sailing. There are some garbage sailors out there competing at the Olympics when you compare them with HEAPS of recreational sailors who are also successful business people. Oh and like multi time world/national champions in non-Olympic classes, which coincidentally are FAR better boats, FAR more fun boats to sail, Far nicer boats to own, FAR faster boats, and boats which actually have nice fleets in local or world stages outside of Olympic Events. You say that like non-Olympians don't sail extremely regularly. I have been out very "casually" lately and have sailed a MINIMUM of 3 times a week this season. Not saying I'm better than any Olympic Champion though, just an example of how much some people sail, as there are folks I see out literally every time I am out, one for example has like 5 world titles to his name and would be a better sailor than any Olympian I have ever met. Hell, I crewed for a bloke on his lightweight sharpie once, and this dude would easily smoke half the 420 fleet, and he was a self funded, nice AF dude sailing down at his local club. How about people I don't know, I didn't know of Mishea Heemskerk sailing at any Olympics, but doesn't he have like A-class and F-18 world Champs on his belt? But then fuck all this, what about the folks who are insanely good sailors, but aren't physically up to the challenge of the Olympics? Those guys who are paid serious $$$ on keelboats who whoop the pants off other professional PAID full time sailing teams consistently? All this aside, the common theme is that Olympic boats are shit, and loads of great sailors CHOOSE not to sail them, and CHOOSE to make money instead.
  2. darth reapius

    Anyone sailed a Hobie and a Corsair?

    Hi Defy, Have owned both for extended periods of time, and have also sailed with other folks on theirs while I have owned different boats. 1 - Mast up storage for my F24mk2 was 10 minutes to sailing from dry. Boom bag for the main, roller furling jib, beam bolts and handle in a pocket inside the cabin door reachable from inside. For Trailer launching was 5 minutes extra then the Air-dock we stored ours on. Mast down was an extra 15 minutes. 2 - Sorry we don't still have our setup lists around, it has been a few years. For mast-up setup for us was - open Air-dock valves, check motor, prep tiller and main-sheet (used main-sheet to hold tiller in position), open hatch, raise pop-top (I'm 6'1" tall and it really helps getting in/out), take out folding arm bolts and handle, take out winch handle and put in pocket, prep jib sheets, unzip boom bag, undo forward mooring lines, back into cockpit, engine on, undo rear mooring lines, by this time air-dock was fully lowered, reverse out, put engine into minimum forward thrust, unfold port amas and put in rear bolt, unfold starboard amas and put in rear bolt, then motor off, and on the fly run forward and put in each of the forward bolts (obviously it doesn't matter which amas you do first), raise main once head to wind, turn off motor, raise it out of the water and bear away and cruise out under main, unfurl jib at the starting sequence, this is single handing I mean, about 10 minutes from Valves open to sailing under main. 3 - To be honest, I would get rid of other boats and keep the tri, but that's your money. Of course I also don't know what you want with the other boat, class racing, single handing... IDK. For me, the only boat I truely regret selling, is the F24mk2. Best boat ever, could single hand it in 30 knots of wind, could sail it surprisingly fast, good racing, good to take kids out, good to sleep on, good to take girls out, it was the greatest boat ever (before the F22 came out, now I think that is king). This is a tough question, I can't answer 100% as I have never been on a 27, but... I feel like the space gained is minimal, the design of the 27 is older, the 27 is heavier, and will be more work. As I am coming back to the market at some point, I would be going a 22/24 or a 31/9r, as the 27 sits in a middle ground and misses a lot of things like the headroom of the 30 footer. I would go the smaller if I was day sailing more as it's just a slightly smaller boat and will be nicer to handle, or the 31 to spend serious time on-board long-term cruising, as it has living space not camping, and has headroom.
  3. darth reapius

    Larry's AC50 Circus

    Hahahahahahahahahaha Somewhat the AU?! You do realise in Australia we rank like 50th in the world for internet speeds, whilst the USA sits at 10th... Average speed here is like 11mb/s, while the USA is a healthy 19mb/s. Our communications network was owned by one company, which refused to do anything to update speeds or improve the infrastructure because that would lower their profits. Only recently has the government taken over and bought the network back, and has done a not even half assed upgrade to it, which will take 10 years, and get us to a national average of like 15mb/s.
  4. darth reapius


    This is the same line that had me posting this, I hoped someone out here had raced against the boat at some point. Because it could be a great 900kg build, or a nice 1100kg build, or it could be 1500kgs and really only be appropriate for cruising as it'd be a real dog at that weight. Yeah, I'm super familiar with these designs in particular, just brilliant boats, but yeah It looks to be heavy, and my mate wouldn't be interested in blowing $50k on a cruising dog. I'm hoping some folks on here from the East Coast of Australia have raced against it.
  5. darth reapius

    Trapeze Harness's

    I think I'm just all balls and no padding >.< haha Unfortunately I think the back support is pretty necessary, you are far more horizontal on a boat than on a board
  6. darth reapius

    Trapeze Harness's

    It felt like the right size... I was wearing a wetsuit, so everything was held in place and wasn't flailing around in the wind behind me. It would be comfortable at times, but then throw in a tack and nope. Couldn't fuck the Mrs after that day. Never worn a nappy style that was "wearable". I chopped up my Ronstan and made the leg straps like the image below, in the front part, where they don't attach to the centre of the bar, but each side attaches to each end of the harness bar. Can spend 8 hours in it and forget I'm wearing it now.
  7. darth reapius


    A friend of mine contacted me with a whole bunch of questions about a boat for sale, link attached below. Is anyone on here familiar with this particular boat? Or raced against the boat? To my eye, it looks to be a heavy build, and the anti-fouling has me thinking it's been left in the water long term... https://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/maroochydore/sail-boats/farrier-trimaran-f25-trailerable/1194990691
  8. darth reapius

    Trapeze Harness's

    The Zhik T2 comfortable in the crotch? What are you packing dude?! I borrowed one to go out for a burn last season and it was easily the sorest my balls have ever been in a harness, and its almost $400 AUD!!!
  9. darth reapius

    Trapeze Harness's

    Really comfortable?! Mate the thing wrecked my dong when I wore it. Least comfortable harness I have ever worn. I wear a modified Ronstan harness with back support and the cock strap replaced with twin leg straps like a climbing harness.
  10. darth reapius

    shit show (front page)

    Someone who watched it must have at least saved the video... -.-
  11. darth reapius

    Nacra F18 infusion MK3

    It's really the same as the old boat. Not worth it. There's a few Edge's being sent over for the Worlds, I'd have an eye on them.
  12. darth reapius

    Farrier bought by Daedalus

    At least in this case, there is only currently one boat in full swing production, and it's already in full swing, where-as Stiletto lost all it's money in the building of a production line for an un-proven cat which had no real buyers lined up. Gunboat sadly had a few things happen whilst gambling too much money on concepts, if PJ had of taken his time he'd still be running gunboat like nothing happened, but instead had what like 3 major failures in a couple of months? I certainly won't be ordering one till a few dozen come out since the hand over, and I have seen at least one of them. Though I still might stick to smaller boats while the body still can. I wonder what you put in it... I priced up what I would buy and it was sub $80k, of course it may be a little more, and I like a very bare-bones boat, and don't need that R height carbon rig here in Perth.
  13. darth reapius

    Floating Dock for Trimaran

    From memory (and this is from like 2000-2004) 5 minutes down, 10 minutes up. With roller furling jib, boom bagged main and well setup control lines, we could have the boat rigged/de-rigged in that time (which is what we'd do), and within a minute on either side have it folded/unfolded (It did have shore power connected to the pump, but it was a 15 year old setup so I'm sure there is better setups now, or equal but battery powered). It was a setup with zero maintenance and was faster than a laser to launch and retrieve. Sadly we only have images of the boat sailing and not on the dock
  14. darth reapius

    AC Team Threads

    It's more like, when you have a nice dinner party, the dog will always drag it's anus across the carpet.
  15. darth reapius

    TF10 foiler... what could possibly go wrong!?.....

    I heard one of these puppies is heading down under?!