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  1. darth reapius

    shit show (front page)

    Someone who watched it must have at least saved the video... -.-
  2. darth reapius

    Nacra F18 infusion MK3

    It's really the same as the old boat. Not worth it. There's a few Edge's being sent over for the Worlds, I'd have an eye on them.
  3. darth reapius

    Farrier bought by Daedalus

    At least in this case, there is only currently one boat in full swing production, and it's already in full swing, where-as Stiletto lost all it's money in the building of a production line for an un-proven cat which had no real buyers lined up. Gunboat sadly had a few things happen whilst gambling too much money on concepts, if PJ had of taken his time he'd still be running gunboat like nothing happened, but instead had what like 3 major failures in a couple of months? I certainly won't be ordering one till a few dozen come out since the hand over, and I have seen at least one of them. Though I still might stick to smaller boats while the body still can. I wonder what you put in it... I priced up what I would buy and it was sub $80k, of course it may be a little more, and I like a very bare-bones boat, and don't need that R height carbon rig here in Perth.
  4. darth reapius

    Floating Dock for Trimaran

    From memory (and this is from like 2000-2004) 5 minutes down, 10 minutes up. With roller furling jib, boom bagged main and well setup control lines, we could have the boat rigged/de-rigged in that time (which is what we'd do), and within a minute on either side have it folded/unfolded (It did have shore power connected to the pump, but it was a 15 year old setup so I'm sure there is better setups now, or equal but battery powered). It was a setup with zero maintenance and was faster than a laser to launch and retrieve. Sadly we only have images of the boat sailing and not on the dock
  5. darth reapius

    AC Team Threads

    It's more like, when you have a nice dinner party, the dog will always drag it's anus across the carpet.
  6. darth reapius

    TF10 foiler... what could possibly go wrong!?.....

    I heard one of these puppies is heading down under?!
  7. darth reapius

    Farrier bought by Daedalus

    It's not good or bad. Or it's both. The bad is that we lost the best boat producer, probably ever. I highly doubt he will ever be matched/bested. It's good in that it's an opportunity for good, 10 years time will tell. Any long term Daedalus Owners out there?
  8. darth reapius

    trickle down

    This is a good point. I must say though, most clubs here, just outright banned multihulls. Only in the last couple of years some of them have started to allow multi-hulls to race. When those cats and bigger cats started becoming the rage, all the big clubs here like SOPYC, RFBYC, RPYC banned them and didn't allow them to come race. Clubs like NYC and JBYC became the only places multihulls were sailed until the last 10 years, and even then, there is less than 2/3 at each of those 3 clubs before which sail, compared to the hundreds on monos, as they have only started to allow them in the last year or two. The reason, the 80 year olds in charge who were beaten in the 70's have all started dying off, and the people in charge now are those folk who are 65 and grew up thinking multis are cool, so in 30 years time I have no doubt we'll see the multi market grow massively compared to the mono market. That said, the foiling market will always be a niche, a very small portion of the market as you have said, but instead of being 0.1% of boat sails, maybe it'll grow to 1%? Who knows, time will tell! It won't make much difference, but It'll make a small difference. Mono's simplicity will keep them at the top for a while, Multi's will grow more than in the past, and foilers will have a little boost, still being the absolute minority for a long time to come (I'd say sailing will die before foiling or multihulls take over, as you are right, pretty much every teenager gives up now-a-days). Oh no it won't have a bigger influence, it will be smaller, but if in the 50's it was 99% mono, 1% multi, in the 2000's its 90%, 9.9% and 0.1%, maybe in the 2050's it will be 60%, 38%, 2%... But in my opinion, that would be a "different ball game". Lots more foilers around, lots to try, multihulls everywhere, and mono's as the "cheap way into sailing".
  9. darth reapius

    trickle down

    The masses? They do not give a shit. They only care about instagram, twitter, food and Netflix, and more specifically on netflix, they want easy watching, short on story, drama-comedies. Sailing wise though, yes there are a couple of wingsailed foiling cats sailing around the world at the moment. But yes, in all fairness it's a obvious minority. The people with the money, are the old white guys who still like big old leadmines, which were the rage when they were kids. 30 years time, different ball game, the people with the money to play with this stuff will have grown up with foiling boats.
  10. darth reapius

    trickle down

    Yeah, I never understood that adage either, when people would talk about the Americas Cup as the "upper echelon" of sailing boats, but they did 9 knots upwind and 14 downwind, and my dads 30' sub-100k trailer boat could do 16 knots upwind with ease and 24 downwind, crewed by a 50 year old with a bad back, a 14 year old, a 17 year old and a 25 year old chick who'd taken up sailing 2 seasons prior and sailed with us each Sunday. It is what it is. This is a battle of wallets, wits and lawers, and $100 million is the entry fee.
  11. darth reapius

    Team UK

  12. darth reapius

    what is it?

    How the fuck do you dock it?! #byebyefoils
  13. darth reapius

    Team UK

    I'd say they've gone without, it's not really going to make the biggest of difference to the boats when foiling, as the centre of gravity when sailing isn't going to be that different. It's really would only on a boat this size move a few feet to windward, on the big boats it still won't be that much, I guess the only real point (IMO) is the ability to self right the big boats. Self-righting this little boat with a small rib will be east as hell, and of course won't disqualify them from the race for using outside assistance
  14. darth reapius

    The new sailing twin skin setup

    The mythical "hummingbird" effect you are talking about is visible, it's nothing as crazy as you are expecting to see. It's just that Ashby who was playing the twist is like playing the sheet on a main, it makes noticeable kicks in and out at the top of the wing, it's not fluttering about, it's just popping in and out, while the remainder of the wing remains as is, making it look a little more noticeable, like how a soft leech looks in a breeze and you drop some sheet or crank it back in quickly. The other teams were just playing the wing sheet, which is like setting the mainsail, and then playing the traveller. which... WTF?! If someone did that on a beach cat they would be laughed at. They were just keeping the majority of the wing set, and de-powering the head, where it matters most, and where it will least effect the drive through the rest of the rig. The new boats having conventional main sheets will do this as all other boats do, by sheeting on and off.
  15. darth reapius

    Floating Dock for Trimaran

    We had an F24m2 on one of these style Air docks. It was absolutely 10/10. When I move back into that style of boat I wouldn't keep one any other way. Stored with both sides folded, it was stable as hell. 100 knot storm comes through, and our boat wasn't the only one in the marine getting fucked up.