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  1. capt.carlos

    C&C 39 Rudder lost at sea...

    Hahaha. According to the delivery skipper it happened at 4am. Don't it always happen in the dark of night. He initially thought the cables or other steering components must have failed. He set the sails to harden up and achieve some offing giving him some time for inspection. The access to the stern area in this design is very tight but he could see the wheel was turning the quadrant. And the emergency tiller wasn't helping the steering... QED, there was no rudder blade! Bugger!! The Jefa company sure have their Sh.. stuff together. I have retrofitted there self aligning rudder bearings to another C&C to great effect... The plain bush type bearings original to this '39 have a great KISS factor but have a lot of friction causing loss of 'feel' in my opinion. I noticed two old fashioned screw down grease pots into the rudder tube, almost dissolved to original minerals, obviously not attended to as per the design which wouldn't have been helping with the friction. If it were my boat I would fit roller bearings with a solid SS shaft and Mr Perry's rudder. Working in this boats stern would be... ahhh, awkward in the extream!
  2. capt.carlos

    C&C 39 Rudder lost at sea...

    Ok, I found it, thanks.
  3. capt.carlos

    C&C 39 Rudder lost at sea...

    I'm not getting any joy from their search engine. You wouldn't happen to have a link to the C&C 39 rudder? Thanks..
  4. capt.carlos

    C&C 39 Rudder lost at sea...

    If I was truely a newby, having been on Anarchy for well over a decade, or if I had a photogenic muse, or any muse for that matter, I would surely follow this custom... Thanks for the encouragement though! Hahaha... I was hoping Bob Perry might jump in. His name was connected to C&C somewhere I recall, old timers may be setting in though....
  5. capt.carlos

    C&C 39 Rudder lost at sea...

    I have been asked to look at and quote on the replacement of a rudder of a C&C 39. This boat lost its rudder between Port Macquarrie and Coffs Harbour on the east coast of Australia. That the delivery skipper managed to sail from the position of the loss to the outside of Coffs, with an onshore easterly breeze, by balancing the sails alone says a lot about the skipper and the yacht design. There was no container, whale or sunfish damaged in this incident. The SS tube rudder stock shows evedence of rust on the shear face which would lead me to think that over time it stress fractured leaving less and less hanging on until the last 12mm gave up. Being that C&C Yachts, or rather the last company that owned the name, folded last year, there isn't much to go on! An original brochure with a lines plan drawing and a couple of vague photos are the best I can find at this moment. I have found 'South Shore Yachts' in Ontario Canada have listed a replacement rudder for the C&C 39 ( and many other of the C&C boats!) on there web site. A lead time of 3-5 weeks plus delivery time is estimated by them. It does give me a 'Things that make me go, Hmmm..' moment that there Is a company with all these rudders for C&C yachts available to order.. Perhaps the rudder stock was a little under built. But it is 45 years in service if still the original, one never knows what incidents it has suffered and the failure at the hull skin caused no damage to the hull and therefore was a 'safe' fuse point allowing the boat to sail on. Can anybody point me in the direction of the plans and scantlings for this Whale Tail rudder? Thanking all, Capt.Carlos from Coffs...
  6. capt.carlos

    Annapolis - Powerboat on Sailboat Crime

    "What damage, that little scratch'll buff right out" It would be remarkable if no one got hurt in this cunning stunt. And they all look sooo casual. Surreal.
  7. capt.carlos

    Syd-Hobart Yachts, Where are they Now?

    The link to the report of the Flinders Is Race inquiry:
  8. capt.carlos

    Syd-Hobart Yachts, Where are they Now?

    The yacht hit the rocks off Flinders Is. In the 2009 Flinders Is. Race. Destroyed her and we lost Andrew and Sally Gordon, the navigator. Something weird was going on with the GPS system that night. The accuracy was way down. I know, I was on a boat behind them in that race.. Some how they found themselves to the east of the island, which was the turning mark (Mark to port), and while reaching back at pace failed to miss the outlying rocks. Huge outpouring of grief over the tragedy as both were well liked Sydney sailing personalities. The CYC did a big inquiry, changes were instigated, recommendations etc. Is a lightweight newspaper account.
  9. capt.carlos

    Syd-Hobart Yachts, Where are they Now?

    The plan I was told by the new owner was to convert to a cruising boat Remove water tanks Add powered winches New extended cabin top out to the gunwales (the new owner is 6'4") Reduced cockpit area Was one of the team that converted her from the open 60, 'City of Prague'.And I have a bazillion photos of that job. Pre-digital, so I do mean photos... That is one tough hull, ice breaker. Low on the freeboard though...