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  1. jeff carver

    Annapolis vs. Newport Boat Shows

    coming up, in NC now
  2. jeff carver

    Annapolis vs. Newport Boat Shows

    have an extra bike?
  3. jeff carver

    Port Huron - Mackinac 2019

    no shit, smh
  4. jeff carver

    Port Huron - Mackinac 2019

  5. jeff carver

    Chicago Mackinac Race drowning

  6. jeff carver

    Fair winds Chief

    Later that night I overheard Sabres coach Ted Nolan remarking how that may have been the best speech he had ever heard
  7. jeff carver

    Fair winds Chief

    "It's about the places you go, and the people you meet" always stands out to me. Carv
  8. jeff carver

    J22 Worlds

    Always fun to watch the Doyles race within the race
  9. jeff carver


    I bought when sailing was fun a few or so years back. Passed it on to many friends i sailed with back in those days and it brought back great memories and laughs for all of us. Now i loan it to newer sailors and they think it's all BS.
  10. jeff carver

    Abnormal Psychology of Sailing

    It's a sleep issue to me, and how the lack of it messes with ya Racing - go fast, eat, sleep, repeat watches- no problem Delivering or passages - stand watch, eat, repeat - don't sleep well - too much time to wonder what is happening at home , etc. 90% of this type sailing to me is mental
  11. jeff carver

    Chicken Chute

    2.2 oz Hood flankers were the nuts
  12. jeff carver

    Eight Bells - Brian Chapman

    Fair wind Brian, condolences to those close
  13. jeff carver

    "National Cleavage Day"

    Sol's last few posts - when sailing was fun
  14. jeff carver

    Lake Ontario Anarchy

    LYRA 2015 had good breeze in Sodus next year LYRA is at RYC