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  1. Wanted to let you know I have a main and jib/genoa sail storage bags (not on board canvas covers) that I am selling. Their size is for sails for a 20-26' boat. They are listed in Sails category. If you don't need em, please move on to a pleasant endeavor. Thanks!
  2. Oh right! It's the other 5 boats that crushed you. I forgot. Sorry. You're not helping. Your posts are a distraction. Go away. U r not wanted or needed.
  3. Out of a hundred boats that participated. W/rotating crew made up of pals & drinking buds & no bowman. Because we consistently crushed you on weeked races w/our A or B crew, you don't even come out anymore. We don't take a beer can race seriously...it's for fun & practice & sharing company & a brew but for you it's your very own little Americas Cup. Sad but true. BTW, that boat that finished first in class in the beer cans? We beat them on weekends more than they get us. And before you manipulated the class splits, they beat crap outta your little 5 knot shitbox. Enough. Please go away, mind your own shit, not mine. Maybe 11 steps off a 10' dock? Perhaps for the off season, u can take up chutless skydiving. Have a nice day.
  4. Erroneous comment Alert: We finished 2nd in Class for the Wed night Series despite musical chairs for bowmen. Another Asshole comment from Timo the asshole. Notice he ain't talking bout weekends when we crush the scurvy bastard into a pasty goo. Can we just focus on experienced bow people in LA?
  5. Replacemnt bow guys just announced "back to school" and "Hey! gotta job! Cant make wednesday eve anymore." SOOOoo, spot open again. Wed and Weekends. Just crushed, first to finish latest MDR pursuit race. Won our class in Pac Cup. Join a winning boat, well pimped/maintained. Text me.
  6. Viper 830 for sale

    What did you ever do with it? Still avail?
  7. Yeah. In just lookin for a crewman for the pointy end and all the drunks/twits/twats wanna chime in w/unrelated crap so they can proudly see their name in lights. I can't even delete the post now. Maybe if they got a job... How bout we help them with a new thread: Min wage jobs for twits & twats. Just think, they could become marginally productive and be busy enough to stay off crew wanted postings!
  8. If you're not signin up as crew, why are you on here? We're all impressed that you have two non-spinnaker novice class wins. Well done.
  9. Thank you doctor. Your compensation for services rendered Will be equal to the value of your diagnosis. Interestingly, one of the qualified respondents opined how odd it was that respondents who were not potential crew would waste time doing so.
  10. Oh, Jesus!! Thank you so very very much for that edification. Next time I'm outta Cali or away from Fantasyland, I'll say "as sym." Mo one here says as-sym, were all ASSO, here due moderate temps, no snow & a 350 day a year sailing season. isnt it wonderful you can contribute to society and still have time to correct minor spelling/pronunciation in SA postings in the manner of picking fleas off the ass of a stranger. We all are better off because of your dedication to the process. Huzzah!
  11. OK, Lets get back on track. No Drunks, please. And, BTW, you do need to know what an Asso is. Hint: It not in your pants. Thank you. Nothing here for either of you, move along, move along. PM or call me if sincere.
  12. Yeah...not enough room to carry more than 7 cases of brew. Bummer.
  13. We have a need for a Bowman w/Asso experience for our highly competitive, Trophy winning Henderson Spritboat. Experience and confidence in helpful but we will train for this boat. Wednesday eve beercan races and several weekend Regattas and Local RLC races throughout the season. Good racing, friendly loyal crew and killer sammies. Adult beverages available in limted supplies while racing. The former guy had a change of work situation and is mostly unavailable . Step up your program and help us continue with podium finishes. Please PM me your brief resume, location and availability...or call 310 895 8317.