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  1. jekyll

    we want susie, but...

    The problem here is the rather confused thinking that says you must have a 50 year old boat and equipment but you can carry EPERB and satphone just in case - and according to today's report the organisers are now giving outside assistance. 'We have just advised Istvan to head south as fast as possible," said Race Chairman Don McIntyre. "We hope he can make at least 180 miles, which is the lower marker on the distance track. We then have to hope the forecast track of this storm will be correct. "Going south has risks because it takes him closer to the center of the storm and sudden wind shift zone? But if he gets south he may miss the worst of it. "Yesterday we alerted Istvan to run east as fast as possible to try and outrun the worst of the weather, but since then the storm has intensified and changed direction. It is for Istvan to decide what to do. GGR can only offer advice and we are updating him every 12 hours.”' I cannot see the point of handicapping the competitors in this way. It does not really achieve anything. Surely the goal should always be to improve safety and performance which is what has been going on since the original GGR. Sailing around the world alone in a safer faster more modern yacht is still a major achievement for any sailor. I accept that going the full Vendée package makes it too expensive for many who would aspire but there is no logic in restricting to >50year old technology - especially as even that restriction is incomplete.
  2. jekyll

    J70, cheating and pros

    YCCS did the brave thing which was to exclude the boats for the regatta at the time. Now many months later there is this lily-livered response from the Class Association which will have minimal effect on the cheating culture all too prevalent it seems - especially in Italy. Another example was the laughably late and ineffective response to the blatant cheating of the winner of the 2016 ORC Europeans where hidden ballast tanks were built in secretly and then only used when the boat was being measured. It then took more than a year to disqualify them from their win with no other action being taken. Why this was sucha difficult decision when the cheating was so blatant is hard to understand The Jury decision found that Scugnizza’s Italian team deliberately broke RRS 2, RRS 78.1, and ORC Rating System Rule 304.3a and was thus in breach of rule 69.1(a) and disqualified from all races of the championship regatta held in Porto Carras, Greece on July 3-10, 2016. “This decision was difficult and long in coming, as it involved complex issues related to sailing trim, yet we applaud the Jury for upholding the integrity and principles of both our rules and the rules of the sport." In all these cases there needs to be much harsher action from classes, ORC and World Sailing or this will just go on escalating. At a time when the whole sport is in trouble WS should be seen to be taking action rather than worrying about logos and sustainability. A 4 month ban involving the off season (other than the Monaco YC winter series) looks especially weak. Sadly it will have no effect on the pros and others who are intenet on winning at all costs in what used to be a self-policing sport.
  3. jekyll

    Two sailors and dogs rescued after 5 months

    Although doubt was cast as she took a long time to provide factual verification data to the WSSRC her record was acknowledged - though later the Australian Kay Cottee was recognised retrospectively as the first female solo circumnavigator (Sydney to Sydney)
  4. jekyll

    Dick Carter design boats

    I sailed on a green one called 'Hylas'