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  1. Dixie

    FTFP : love/hate

    From the front page
  2. Dixie

    Oracle Team USA

    Hey y'all! I was worried about PB not covering earlier in the series and was glad to see him more conservative in the last few races in terms of covering the field. IMO, by far, the two winning moves of the series were that major prestart turn and hook and the early gybe. And Damn! He won well and simply out drove our beloved Jimmy. And while Jimmy complained about the software affecting his start line estimates, PB was busy winning it on the water. Really skilled driving of a machine whose forces throw men off the boat regularly. I tried to to stay away from the Cup this time but today, I think the good guys won and I wanted to savor it a little longer. I have missed the intelligent (mostly) snarky back and forth here. Dixie
  3. Dixie

    Oracle Team USA

    The Parker guys interviewed are all in SoCal - Irvine. I believe Pier 80 was given back to the Port of SF a while ago. And I'm sure SWS will correct me if I'm mistaken.
  4. I am in the pool at the Atlantis. Are you in country?

  5. hey girl, how ya doin' have not heard from you in a while and was wondering how you were. Do tell..