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  1. Dixie

    FTFP : love/hate

    From the front page
  2. Dixie

    Shed a tear for GGYC

    And may he Rest In Peace out of the Bay Area. (Had I known I might have come back sooner!)
  3. Dixie

    Shed a tear for GGYC

    Regarding GGYC, it has both thrived and stymied as the holder of the Cup. In their best moments they had a gorgeous club full of people and the hottest tickets in town. In their lesser moments, they are held hostage by the strength of the voting members from OTUSA (or threat of vote) which keeps the same leadership in place, and as a result, their growth as a yacht club has lagged behind their peers. As a member bonus, they screened the AC on tv and charged their own members $50 to swing by and watch racing. While the rest of the clubs in the area showed it for free. Hope this AC change of hands brings the ggyc back to Yachting. I think the RNZYS knows well how to handle it.
  4. Dixie

    Oracle Team USA

    Hey y'all! I was worried about PB not covering earlier in the series and was glad to see him more conservative in the last few races in terms of covering the field. IMO, by far, the two winning moves of the series were that major prestart turn and hook and the early gybe. And Damn! He won well and simply out drove our beloved Jimmy. And while Jimmy complained about the software affecting his start line estimates, PB was busy winning it on the water. Really skilled driving of a machine whose forces throw men off the boat regularly. I tried to to stay away from the Cup this time but today, I think the good guys won and I wanted to savor it a little longer. I have missed the intelligent (mostly) snarky back and forth here. Dixie
  5. Dixie

    Oracle Team USA

    The Parker guys interviewed are all in SoCal - Irvine. I believe Pier 80 was given back to the Port of SF a while ago. And I'm sure SWS will correct me if I'm mistaken.
  6. Dixie

    AC Youth Cup

    Ian, I am truly impressed with your team. You do indeed exhibit a strong sense of team in that you all could so quickly move together from watching this unfold to taking action. An incredible and heroic feat, in extremely cold water at a moments notice.
  7. Dixie


    Whether or not they wanted the press to know is one thing, but there are a lot of us in the sailing community who want to pay our respects too on the water. Iain and John Craig came to our LSC memorial last year and I for one would like to pay the same respect to them in the loss of their friend. Had the sailing community been invited, however, there is little doubt the press would have been far behind. Helicopters really hinder the solemn experience. So I was disappointed to hear this news. I do hope we, at least locally, have that sort of chance in the near future. If you folks at Artemis are reading this, most of us will be on the water this weekend sailing either Elite Keel or Aldo. That said, had any one of the family members last year asked us to stop organizing, or stop publicizing we would have stopped it in a heart beat. It could be that the family wanted a private affair and the compromise was teams only, private.
  8. Dixie


    Live stream of the press conference here: http://www.nbcbayarea.com/news/local/BAY-Training-Canceled-Artemis-Team-Mourns-After-Death-of-Olympic-Sailor-206916441.html
  9. Dixie


    I couldn't help but think of Bart's wife as she woke up alone this morning faced with her husband's tragic death. They all go sailing on these incredible, envelope-pushing boats over frigid water. It is perilous. It's an inherent risk in a sport we love. We do all we can to stay safe, and the teams have gone to great lengths to keep their crews safe. But he is gone and it is devastating to the entire sailing community. Artemis will surely rebuild and the wind beneath their sails will be fueled by Bart's spirit. RIP Bart Simpson and heartfelt condolences to his wife and children.
  10. Dixie


    That's a lot of hate. Remember it's just a sailboat race.
  11. Dixie


    Does anyone know if they sailed or if this was a tow test?
  12. Dixie


    From what SW S is saying, my guess is next Monday or Tuesday.
  13. Dixie


    ^There is a TK thread...posted the same there, so it's bumped up again. And since I'm off topic anyway: Maxmini your avatar keeps reminding me of the Portland Eagle.
  14. Dixie


    Indeed there is: www.sailinganarchy.com
  15. Dixie


    Remember Artemis has two 45s racing. I'd wager TH is still on board one of the boat. Regarding the wing, I'm whimsically looking forward to the logo on it. I'm guessing a large huntress.