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  1. Shed a tear for GGYC

    And may he Rest In Peace out of the Bay Area. (Had I known I might have come back sooner!)
  2. Shed a tear for GGYC

    Regarding GGYC, it has both thrived and stymied as the holder of the Cup. In their best moments they had a gorgeous club full of people and the hottest tickets in town. In their lesser moments, they are held hostage by the strength of the voting members from OTUSA (or threat of vote) which keeps the same leadership in place, and as a result, their growth as a yacht club has lagged behind their peers. As a member bonus, they screened the AC on tv and charged their own members $50 to swing by and watch racing. While the rest of the clubs in the area showed it for free. Hope this AC change of hands brings the ggyc back to Yachting. I think the RNZYS knows well how to handle it.
  3. Oracle Team USA

    Hey y'all! I was worried about PB not covering earlier in the series and was glad to see him more conservative in the last few races in terms of covering the field. IMO, by far, the two winning moves of the series were that major prestart turn and hook and the early gybe. And Damn! He won well and simply out drove our beloved Jimmy. And while Jimmy complained about the software affecting his start line estimates, PB was busy winning it on the water. Really skilled driving of a machine whose forces throw men off the boat regularly. I tried to to stay away from the Cup this time but today, I think the good guys won and I wanted to savor it a little longer. I have missed the intelligent (mostly) snarky back and forth here. Dixie
  4. Actually there were four total people. Three for the first boat and one new guy (?) for the second boat. It's amazing how much time elapsed and not a soul noticed. I suppose the car owner's associates could say that they thought they were his boats. I hope they get caught and the motors returned, but given the passage of time between motor 1 theft, and motors 2 and 3 theft, I expect Motor 1 was sold, and now 2 and 3 have also. What a darned shame. Two shifts of a foot patrol or a Marina proprietor who actually walked the grounds, would have stopped that.
  5. Pacific Cup 2016

    yep...and Mirthmaker turned back too (for health reasons). From the Pac Cup Website: Overnight we learned that the double handed Santa Cruz 27, Alternate Reality, had dismasted, and is heading toward Santa Barbara. Their communication was calm and professional, and there were no reports of any injuries. Skipper Darrel Jensen, sailing with his brother Doug, is a veteran of four Pac Cups, one Transpac, a Vic Maui and many other offshore races. Experience will certainly pay off as they make their way back to shore, safe, but undoubtedly disappointed. The Cal 40 Psyche has also turned back and is nearing Monterey Bay after dismasting. Psyche and her crew aren't new to ocean racing having previously sailed two Transpacs. Read the story on their blog. The Nelson Marek 36 Alegria was forced to turn back due to a fuel leak, and is now safely in Half Moon Bay. Looks like the following have had to turn back thus far (and thankfully, safely) Psyche Alternate Reality Mirthmaker Alegria Velocity
  6. Pacific Cup 2016

    I cannot fathom the feeling on the way home under slow motor and blue hills, awaiting that mast to come down. https://billyspaccup.files.wordpress.com/2016/07/disabledmast.jpeg?w=381&h=286
  7. Pacific Cup 2016

    Oh that's super sad. Were all ok? edit: never mind, found this: https://billyspaccup.com/ they seem to be fine, albeit disheartened.
  8. Wade Edwards. R.I.P

    Wade was generous in friendship, making you feel like family, and a sailor to be reckoned with. Still can't believe he's gone. Sail on, Wade.
  9. Oracle Team USA

    The Parker guys interviewed are all in SoCal - Irvine. I believe Pier 80 was given back to the Port of SF a while ago. And I'm sure SWS will correct me if I'm mistaken.
  10. News from SF Embarcadero...

    After the Presidio commission said no, the city offered sea wall lot 330 ( recall that rather controversial lot from AC34 negotiations) and Lucas declined. That's the very very short version. And there are differences but the take away is that the chance to have a home grown billionaire build a dream on our ports was once again rejected by the city's wacky vision.
  11. News from SF Embarcadero...

    LE trusts RC quite a bit LE is not interested in bleeding money for the AC. The fat lady still hasn't sung for San Francisco. The spotlight is just no longer on her, allowing for talks behind the scenes. There are people quietly continuing the campaign to support SF as a host city for the AC35. I think that campaign should be louder. In that Willie Brown interview, he said he tried to find an entertainment opp for the city once a month that would drum up revenue. If the city looked at the AC differently, as one of several entertainment opps, perhaps a shortfall with the AC would be offset by other events that had more upside.
  12. News from SF Embarcadero...

    You know what really bugs me about this decision was the lack of public information early on about SF being at all on the rocks. Woulda coulda shoulda I guess. But I'd have been glad to ramp up the old grass roots campaign several months ago if I thought it'd make a difference. Seems just one day of it got people rumbling. Oh well. New headaches, controversy, and financial analysis ad nauseam for another fair city. Until the Cup comes and then it's really a lot of fun.
  13. News from SF Embarcadero...

    I am with you Kadyca. I think it's down to BER, SD and SFO. The universal reaction to CHI is (no matter the legal-ness of it) something along the lines of: Fresh Water - what? The venue just has to make basic sense in order to sell the concept. SF and OR just have to make some sort of deal the elected officials can sell to the voters in the November election. I really don't think BER makes sense on a number of levels, though they do have those nice pink beaches. SD, in my opinion has a fighting chance.
  14. News from SF Embarcadero...

    In Bernie's recent article, he did not confirm that Chicago was actually in play. He indicated that Bermuda and SD were. But he did say in the headline, Three Venues. Reading between the lines, I can only think that SF is still a part of this puzzle, and like last time around, SF is working on competitive bids for the Cup. Maybe it won't be in SF, but I don't think the fat lady has sung yet. Especially when this message from Peter Stoneberg is going up on FB support pages, Ehman's FB page, and other local rags. "Recent press reports have said that San Francisco may be out of the running to host the 35th America's Cup. If true, after such a great event last summer, the loss would be profound for San Francisco, for sailing and particularly for the America's Cup. San Francisco and the Bay present the finest venue in the world for the America's Cup. As a sailor, I feel that SF is the best a venue can offer: consistent strong winds, flat water needed for foiling cats, breath-taking scenery for TV backdrops, a world-class metropolitan area, plentiful free public access to watch the regattas, and a City that got behind the racing and wants the America's Cup back. As a businessman, I saw the 34th America's Cup generate hundreds of millions of dollars in economic activity for San Francisco, create thousands of jobs for the region and showcase our spectacular waterfront to visitors from around the globe. As a Californian, I saw our state demonstrate how the oldest trophy in international sport could be open to all citizens to view for free, to promote an environmentally connected sport, to use engineering and information technologies to do things that were thought impossible even just two years ago. Thanks to Larry Ellison's and Russell Coutts' vision and resources in conjunction with the ACEA and in cooperation with the City, the Cup was revolutionized last summer and brought the sport of sailing to millions of spectators in person, on TV and over the web. Thanks to Jimmy Spithill's leadership on the water, the OTUSA victory has been widely characterized as the greatest, most thrilling comeback in the history of sport. As Former Secretary George Schultz recently said "God created San Francisco Bay for the America's Cup". I am only one of many that agree. As a sailor, citizen and America's Cup fan, I hope that ACEA and GGYC continue the great momentum created last summer and the Cup can return to the Defender's home waters. If you enjoyed watching the Cup, got a job because of the Cup, enjoyed the economic benefit from the Cup and/or would just like to see the Cup come back to San Francisco, please take a moment to make a comment here, write a letter to the City and ACEA and let your voice be heard. Let's not let silence or the vocal minority take our Cup away."
  15. News from SF Embarcadero...

    It's leased through June 30, according to Ed Lee. Www.tinyurl.com/oraclejune30