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  1. What a world-class fool.
  2. +1 I much prefer most animals to most people, but that could just be me.
  3. I'm guessing the folks who did those sails had a pretty good reason for doing that. This isn't their first rodeo. It looks to me like it will keep the boom level to slightly raised when the reef is in.
  4. I think you're correct on that. Our marina would lose their "Clean Marina" status if they get caught letting people put non-accepted paint on their boat. https://georgiastrait.org/work/cleanmarinebc/marinas/
  5. That's who his handlers supplied?
  6. Whatever the newest stuff is (Biolux?), it's still not legal here.
  7. I had worse fouling this year than any other year I can remember. I have used Micron CSC for a long time, but this year's growth makes me think of trying something else. I put a fresh coat on last month so we'll see how it does. We are limited here in Canada, not only are a lot of paints not available here (like Trinidad and Micron 66 and anything else with Irgarol), our marina will not allow non-Canadian-approved paint to be applied.
  8. The beatings will continue until morale improves...
  9. That was ruled out months ago, as was Curly, Larry, Moe and Shemp. I would go with Vivaldi, myself. Today. Tomorrow it might be The Supremes.
  10. "It's a good thing I'm wearing Depends."
  11. This crowd couldn't run a brothel in a mining town. What a buncha useless dorks.
  12. We were anchored in Melanie Cove (Prideaux Haven) when a flotilla of cruise'nlearners came in with five or six identical Beneteaux and proceeded to anchor in a circle, with much crew consternation and well-honed incompetence. They all dropped about 100 feet of chain on top of their anchors in 20 feet of water and didn't back up to set worth shit. I know exactly how much experience those folks had. You have mad skillz.
  13. The bastards went and made them deliberately smaller so LP's wouldn't fit.
  14. Interesting that the RNC is paying the legal bills for Trump Jr. That seems a real stretch.