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  1. Ishmael


    Is this the part where he comes out as a drag queen to accept the crown? Ru Paul II? All hail!
  2. Ishmael

    Gardening Question? Parsley Worms?

    If it's an ungulate I'm going to eat, I'm all for it. Bring on the Kobe beef!
  3. Ishmael

    Prayers and thoughts for the Carolinas.

    That's good protein on the hoof right there. No way you're going to take your best cow into the liferaft.
  4. Ishmael

    Drip Drip Drip

    If the lazy fuckers would just build a bridge to the mainland, it would make life so much easier.
  5. Ishmael

    Question's surround Kavanaugh's accuser

    I'm not sleeping in a hooker-drenched bed.
  6. Ishmael

    Trump should fire entire FBI.

    Maybe he's dreaming of converting to Sikhism. I don't think the evilangelicals would give him a mulligan for that.
  7. Ishmael


    Nice. Canada goes legal next month, it will be interesting to see how badly they fuck it up.
  8. Ishmael

    Prayers and thoughts for the Carolinas.

    Does Jack actually sail?
  9. Ishmael

    General fucking recall

    Some more pix of the pink boat...sure looks like that keel is off-center.
  10. Ishmael

    Dehumidifier Anarchy

    By the time it hits Amazon Canada, that dehumidifier has doubled in price. Suddenly it's a $500 dehumidifier.
  11. Ishmael

    Gardening Question? Parsley Worms?

    I wasn't proposing eating that, just for the record. I'm sure they would be delicious pan-fried in butter with a bit of garlic and parsley.
  12. I found this picture of a good bull rail installation, new in Silva Bay in 2006. What is there not to like about a nice clean splinter-free bull rail?
  13. No substitute for going to the Right Schools.
  14. Ishmael


    We really have to sit down with a couple of Firesign Theater records and a pound of good black hash.
  15. Ishmael

    Republican Humor

    The audience is deplorable.