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  1. Ishmael

    2020 Election Fuckery

    Imagine the shit and corruption that will surface in the next two weeks before the impeachment trial starts. How many R's will break ranks after finding out Trump sold Alaska back to Russia for the purchase price less depreciation?
  2. Ishmael

    The Senate Impeachment Trial of DJT

    It won't matter to the faithful. Turnip could have fed Melania's head into the rotor blades on the chopper and they would cheer.
  3. Ishmael

    Are Illegal Immigrants Also The People?

    And the Geeks too, wherever the fuck they come from. Send them all back.
  4. Ishmael

    A Picture is Worth 1,000 Words

    Judging by their expressions, Obama still thinks he's relevant. The other two not so much. Obama is processing last night's bean with bacon soup, Bush is trying to remember where the hell he is going, and Bill is talking about poontang.
  5. Ishmael

    The Senate Impeachment Trial of DJT

    With the added benefit that Cruz and that other idiot (Hawley) get into cage fighting for the absolute bottom of the barrel that are too crazed for Trump. Edit: remembered idiot's name.
  6. Good rant, agree 100%. Total backfire on the OP, just like the America #1 Health thread. Maybe the joke can set up a few more howlers like this, I need a good laugh.
  7. Ishmael

    Shumer's faux pas

    The Donald Trump of mushrooms, the Deathcap. Unsurprisingly, it's fatal.
  8. Ishmael

    The Senate Impeachment Trial of DJT

    Also giving Biden more time to get things rolling, vs dealing with the last deranged motherfucker. I think it may benefit the Dems to drag this out as long as possible, keep the Donald creature front and center while he caroms into a sewer of his own making. He is not going to get any saner.
  9. Ishmael

    Local Asshole

    Oh, that asshole. Fuck him. I hope he shoots his dick off.
  10. Ishmael

    Local Asshole

    If he had managed to evade security somehow and got into the chamber with a gun, he should be tossed. He didn't succeed, so I doubt there's anything they can do short of censure.
  11. Ishmael

    The Senate Impeachment Trial of DJT

    No, but the 2 seats that were won by the Dems were given to them partly because of Turnip's antics.
  12. Ishmael

    The Patriot Party

    It might work, her father is a specialist in Misgoverning.
  13. Some people made money at this...