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  1. Origami Boat Thread

    GRS, You are so right, Brent has no F**king clue at all he is just making up shit to allow himself feel better about his suckfest of a life. I love being on my boat but I don't want to live on it full time even in our beautiful marina is sunny Newport Beach California.
  2. Origami Boat Thread

    Is there a sail boat faster than a BS boat? I was under the impression I could wakeboard behind a BS boat no problems, based on his performance reports LOL.
  3. Origami Boat Thread

    Brent, you just pull this stuff out of your ass, don't you? From what I can tell you have imaginary friends, clients and stories, nothing more.
  4. Origami Boat Thread

    ^ 100% agree with you Bob, I like simple but I am not fond of ugly and BS boats do not have much going on in the looks department!
  5. Origami Boat Thread

    Sleeping on a naked foam block, shitting in a bucket, and living without lights. No wonder he seems to have sworn off women. They've been avoiding his lifestyle in droves. BJ you have hit the nail on the head, my lovely wife is happy to sail with me as long as we have reasonable comfort. I'm talking a real bed, head, stove and power for her to charge her phone, after that I can take here pretty much anywhere. I do not know many folks that are happy with crapping in a bucket and living like Brent does. He bad mouths people that work for a living and yet cheerfully collects from the CPP which has to be funded somehow. my guess is that would be hard working Canadian folks that would not be all that happy they are supporting a chronic freeloader.
  6. Brigadoon's PT Haulout

    Congratulations, Blackjenner it is fantastic that you are on your way!
  7. Origami Boat Thread

    Brent Swain has friends??? WTF, I think not, unless you count imaginary ones. Bent seems to be the king of using strawman.
  8. Connect your boat to The Cloud?

    100% correct large NAS is the ticket.
  9. Girl with patreon account goes sailing in hot place

    Never said she wasn't a cutie. But if you are attracted to both of them, well TINWWT, The joke is not on them it is on the morons that give them money. And as you have admitted, it costs you nothing to freeze frame and bop your baloney. In fact you get twice the opportunity that most wankers people do. You did call her a mono brow which is decidedly unflattering. In addition, I don't believe that I admitted anything or stating I was attracted to them, simply that good looks are valuable in a brand marketing. So nice fabrication keyboard warrior.
  10. Girl with patreon account goes sailing in hot place

    I wonder why there are so many haters for the people that have figured out a way to have their vacations / life adventures paid for in part by other dreamers. It is amusing that their skills and what they produce as entertainment media is mocked yet they are out there getting paid to have an adventure while several of the mockers live their lives dispensing their version of the truth on the internet and talking about their unverifiable glory days of the past. To state that the La Vega crew are physically unattractive is delusional and the fact that they use their good looks to assist their brand makes it like so many other entertainment media sources TV, movies and advertising. The fact that some of these folks are getting sponsored by legitimate companies only goes to show the growing viability of personally produced media, mass marketed on the internet. The very success of some of these crews is what gets others believing that they could also do it. Inevitably some efforts will be reasonable some will be trash just like TV shows. If the larger sponsors don’t get some return on their investment they will very shortly pull the support that is how the marketing industry works. If you don’t like this type of entertainment media then simply don’t watch it, problem solved.
  11. Self-tailing winches vs. non-self-tailing

    I very much like my self tailers on our Tartan 3500, the electric self tailer on the cabin is even better, my wife loves it as she can hoist the main by herself with no fuss at all.
  12. Bob thank you so much for posting Jeff’s adventure here, it has been spellbinding and inspirational, there is no denying this guy is a total stud. Thanks also to Jeff for taking time to provide us with the details of his efforts, that could not be an easy thing to do. It feels like he invited us to join him on him travel odyssey and I am grateful for that.
  13. Gonna get a few of these for my boat

    Great more stuff to break at exactly the wrong time, not to mention how fugly they are!
  14. Dream to sail around the Greek Islands...

    I spent two weeks sailing the Cyclades islands this last summer with the family, some chaos in a few marinas but nothing all that difficult to deal with. We had heard stories of people offering to handle lines and then demanding money but did not encounter anything remotely like the stories we had heard. In fact, very much the opposite, mostly friendly helpful people happy to see us there despite all the economic turmoil news that was going on. The worst we encountered were strong winds and heavy seas for two days but that can happen anywhere and it was still great fun. We have been bareboat chartering sailboats all over the world for several years and I’m a careful about what I believe without verification when I hear vague stories. My experiences have lead me to believe that stories start with isolated gain of truth and grow to legend when repeated over time. That said, bad things can and do happen anywhere even in sunny southern California where we keep our boat. IMHO you just have to keep your eyes open and make decisions that work for you but in general, for us the most difficult part of sailing in Greece was the grueling flights to get there from where we are.
  15. Fastbottoms Diving Service

    Armido sure is one angry troll. I think he needs to take his bad self and get some help, very sad person indeed.