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  1. My best guess after what Dalton said at the presser yesterday, and the rumours running around after Luna Rossa became CoR: Grant Dalton wanted to unite the yachting (He mentioned ISAF, now World Sailing). My guess is that this will be central in their choice of design. On crew; make it easier for pro sailors to compete in different venues. The foiling cats are so far away from any other sailing circuits that there is hard for the sailors to compete in several of the big races. On seaworthiness; As discussed in this thread, there would be a good thing that the new AC-class would't cost a fortune pr hour of sailing, and possible have a second hand value (Like old VO70 design). On event; He praised the event at Bermuda, and said that they was not against all of it. I think the compact format and the boundary might survive. On hydraulics; "Pumping oil is not sailing". This would hopefully mean that stored energy is gone. I wonder if they can reduce the amount of computer power on board (maybe make On-design computers which gives maximum CPU and RAM available?). This would require more sailing skills rather than computergame-skills. Personally I would love the next AC to be raced in monohulls. This is because it would give more depth to the racing, and give the audience time to observe and reflect on what happening on the water. In this AC i feel like everything happens so fast that you miss many of the important situation because they are over before you realise that they changed the game. I also think that with modern computer power in the design phase, the chances that also a new class will continue to give more lead changes and exciting racing. Because more computer hours can compensate for lack of engineers, more teams can come up with a optimised design (This AC is a good example, where there was 4 new teams which all contributed to close racing). My (wild) guess is therefor that we will see a design similar to TP52, with a racecourse similar to AC35, length of approx 45min. But ETNZ might want to keep the wingsail which would give them an edge. How ISAF (World Sailing) could be more involved, I don't know, but it might be that the rules will be closer to the existing racing rules of sailing. Maybe the boats must comply to an ISAF offshore category?
  2. here: http://www.rnzys.org.nz/2017/06/26/americas-cup-xxxvi-challenger-of-record/
  3. Question to ALC: He said after finish, that when the J1 hook broke, he could almost overlap it by using the Code Zero and J2 more active. In the last race Francois Gabart seemed very pleased with the choice of trading the code zero for the southern ocean sail with the high clew that he "inherited" from Mic Desj. Does Armel not believe this was a good trade off, or is the sail design still a secret for anyone not working with mer agitee? Question for AT: When his foil broke, he suddenly lost a lot of miles to Armel. But when he was overtaken, he almost managed to hang on until the finish line. Can he try to explained how that was possible, and if he figured out how to nautralize the advantage on Port tack, why didn't he manage to show a clear advantage when he could use the foil on Starboard tack?