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  1. Lake Erie Anarchy Part 2

    You know, Curtis, I suspect whatever level of support you may have once realized at your home club has seriously eroded, perhaps even evaporated by virtue of the approach you have chosen. You have repeatedly made your point re your boat and the decisions of those in charge have not gone in your favor. That's the way it goes in life, sometimes you win a battle, sometimes you lose. In this case you have lost and it's well past time for you to move on. Perhaps one reason participation could be down because some have chosen not to play in your pool.
  2. Lake Erie Anarchy Part 2

    Haven't seen any skeeters yet this year but that doesn't mean they can't show up at any moment. We get tons of green bugs/mayflies but once again, not yet making an appearance. Generally don't see them until the Mills and sometimes later. Oh, and welcome to North Cape! You are sticking around for the Mills, aren't you?
  3. Detroit Lion Anarchy

    Yeah, about twenty years :-) Right you were barley. This year the Lions are also losing games that in the past they would have lost. Mediocrity has raised it's ugly head again.
  4. Detroit Lion Anarchy

    As I mentioned to a friend, this year the Lions are winning games that in the past they would have lost. Is it too soon to believe?
  5. Chicago Area III

    Well the most we saw on the water was 45 but fortunately we didn't have our sails up yet at that point. It was strange to see the Chicago skyline completely disappear though. It got intense for a while.
  6. Lake Erie Anarchy Part 2

    See exhibit 2, page 53. It would take about an hour to make the boat legal with a multimaster (or other tool of your choice). However, plaintiff's concern is most likely (see page 66): That's an interesting assertion but if unattached would that make it any different than any of the other T10s sailing?
  7. West Michigan Thread

    And Quick Silver too. We were very excited to bring home a first in Section 5 for our skipper.
  8. Lake Erie Anarchy Part 2

    Great response. You spend time on here complaining that your boat can't compete with sportboats. When was the last time your bottom was templated, or even cleaned. How about new sails, halyards, ect. Or why bother with all that, Just tell another boat that races in every other part of the country and is a club member that he can not sail because he does not have a bow pulpit. Even when last year PHRF gave an older boat an unrestrecte certificate without a bow pulpit. Your right, that is alot easier. Have fun in your dwindling fleet. Brutus, you are talking out of your ass. Try reading the thread, I've been supportive of airacer's (and other sport boats) efforts to be included. Try assimulating the available information before the next time your mouth spills out shit it doesn't have any idea about. See y'all. I'm outa here. Off to Chicago to sail the Mac race.
  9. Lake Erie Anarchy Part 2

    Life and summer is too short to be angry.
  10. Lake Erie Anarchy Part 2

    airacer, As you will remember because you were there at the meeting (in fact I think it was probably essentially asked for by you or on your behalf), the NCYC racing fleet met this Spring to address the eligibility issue of M24s and other boats in similar circumstances when it became apparent that PHRF-LE was reconsidering its policy of allowing such boats on even a "Restricted" basis. When the NCYC racing fleet met it was entirely within the range of possibilities that PHRF-LE was not going to sanction any M24s orsimilar boats by issuing a rating certificate at all. NCYC took a stand to allow boats such as yours to compete in our club events, possibly in contravention of PHRF-LE rules. The NCYC racing fleet made a decision that extended as far as we felt was possible at the time to ensure that yours and similar boats could participate at least to some extent while not knowing what ultimately would be decided by PHRF-LE. Subsequently PHRF-LE has made a decision to broaden the scope of what races a Restricted rating can be used at by incorporating more events into a "club race" definition. If I were you I would be asking NCYC to reconsider its NOR eligibility to incorporate the new broader definition of what NCYC races that your M24 and other similar boats can compete in rather than crap all over NCYC now that you have seen the final language that PHRF-LE came up with. But then that's me, and I guess not you.
  11. West Michigan Thread

    Just watch your email and we'll tell you what's happening on the island.
  12. Lake Erie Anarchy Part 2

    Love to hear your "obvious reasons". We'd much rather run point-to-point than do laps all fuckin' day. And your argument that displacement boats can't compete on handicap is fucked too. There are long-lived distance races run all over the country that have solid turnout year over year where displacement boats are extremly competative. Look up the results for the Down the Bay race this year, for an example. DWB, I think you've gotten some answers relevant to the decrease in participation in racing overall but you seemed to be asking Joli about why he thinks that sporties aren't distance racing. Let me throw in two centavos from my perspective. First, a little background on my perspective. I bought my first boat at the age of 28 in 1978, competed in my first race in 1979 and have raced every year since (except last year when we were doing non-boat things). I've owned traditional displacement boats: a Hunter 25, Catalina 27, J30, Soverel 33 (our one try in the near sportie world) and now an S2 10.3 which will probably be our last boat. We had each of those approximately seven or eight years. I've raced on Lake Erie in Grosse Isle, North Cape, the Maumee River, Port Clinton, Sandusky, Huron, Vermilion, Cleveland (CRW a few times), Cedar Island Yacht Club and probably other places I'm not thinking of, raced nationals in the Catalina, the J and the Soverel and done four Bayview Macs including one on my boat and this year will be my fifth Chicago Mac on a Schock 41. I personally enjoy long distance racing and love sailing on the Schock 41. It's pretty quick (rates 63, LM-PHRF)) but it is and feels like a traditional boat and I'm not concerned of going offshore in it. It's got the substance to do a long distance race. I'm not the world's best sailor but my crew and I have been competitive and the basement has a large stack of blue, red and yellow flags. We may not have raced the most races of people that have been around as long as we have but we're probably in the running for the top quarter or third. People similar to me are generally not likely to buy a typical sportie (Melges 24, J/70, that kind of boat) for campaigning away from our home club, i.e. a distance race. We're used to having a boat that we can relax on when we get to the finish line port and can sleep on overnight at an away regatta. Most sporties fail that test. Also, a distance race incorporates the potential for being out in less than ideal conditions (night time, poor visibility, big winds, etc.) some distance from port. In our traditional boats, we have some place to get below, have navigation lights others may lack, have sails that we can put up that are designed for more marginal conditions, probably have more nearly complete instrumentation and navigation gear than most sporties, and heck, even have chart books that they might not want to carry in order to keep down the weight. I don't know you and whether you're the owner or a crew person on the Farr 400 but it sounds like you probably aren't in that camp that lacks the needed equipment or experience etc. to deal with those eventualities. I congratulate you for bringing a "grand prix" boat to the mix on Lake Erie (although I noticed the "for sale" ad a few posts above, hope that doesn't mean the program is over). But I'd guess that there is a significant percentage of typical sport boat owners/crews who don't have the background for long distance racing or the want/need to enter those events. If they're older and have the experience, they've already been there, done that, and got the teeshirt, and don't need to do another 45-miler. The dresser drawer only has so much room in it. If they're younger they may not be used to going offshore and might be initimidated to some degree by the reasons outlined above. In either case, they bought their sporties to go screaming around the buoys, and more power to them. Fast is fun. But I suspect that as the horses are changing the courses will have to also to reflect that change. Small sporties aren't likely to be the boats that perpetuate the tradition of long distance racing. And, by and large, owners of traditional lead mines are getting older and fewer of them want to do the long races every year unless there is a great reason like Mills parties or Mackinac Island at the finish line. The days of doing just another "run of the mill" race from North Cape to Sandusky or CYC to Mentor Harbor or whatever are pretty much gone for the masses.
  13. West Michigan Thread

    I booked a room at Sunset Condominiums just last week. You might try them.
  14. Lake Erie Anarchy Part 2

    I'm almost certain that they have indicated in the past they they don't post the minutes until after they have been approved at the following meeting. So chances are we'll be well into the racing season before we know what they are doing/have done. EDIT: The most recently posted minutes are from February, 2013 and according to the Minutes page of the site the PHRF Committee's schedule shows no meetings in June, July or August, so it could be September before we find out what happened. So I guess we'll know for the 2014 racing season.
  15. 65- by 32-foot catamaran 3200sqft of living space

    But if she's cute and you meet in the middle you can have more fun.