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  1. Too true. We had new sails once on a 22' daysailer. Beautiful.
  2. New sails are nice if you have plenty $$$ to burn. However we have not had a new sail on either of our cruising boats. My wife does know how to fix sails courtesy of training at a Port Townsend sailmaking loft. I remember a boat we met in Jamaica a few years ago, a Morgan 48 if memory serves me correct. It had a a thin blown out main that had been almost torn in half between the Bahamas and Jamaica. They were broke so my wife stitched it up for them and off they went... to Alaska. Thebusted-ass sail got them from Jamaica to Alaska via Hawaii, much further than most online dreamers will ever go. If they had insisted on a new main to continue their boat would just be another neglected hulk in Jamaica. We would love to have new sails but cruising is a long term play that involves careful management of income and investments. So we are cruising with old sails in our forties rather than new sails in our seventies. We obsessively study pilot charts and plan our trips carefully so we are going off the wind whenever possible. When we have any suspicion the wind is going to pipe up we reef quickly or just pull everything down and throw up a storm sail rather than sacrifice our busted-ass, cheap, old, blown out, second hand main. If the wind is on the nose, and the destination in range, we turn on "trusty". Brent has got some good points, too bad they get lost in the delivery.
  3. Thanks Smackdaddy for having the balls to scrutinize Jeremy Siegel on this and other forums. I've got no skin in this fight, but I think it's one worth having. Steelies on the other hand...
  4. Could he have deserved to have Smackdaddy "jumping all over him the second he pops up"? Perhaps he avoided this forum because Active Captain's hype was vulnerable to scrutiny? Is is possible we are not going to hear from Jeremy Siegel again because he did not give one iota about anything except for the might dollar? "Booyah!".
  5. It is not just the coastal stuff. NOAA is not as good predicting lows in the Tasman Sea. I don't use Meteye much, but I do use these: http://www.bom.gov.au/australia/charts/viewer/index.shtml
  6. In the tech industry we have been lucky enough to have the choice to rationally maximize profits or make fair profits while contributing to the public domain. JS has taken the former path and left himself open to criticism by members of the community his product "served".
  7. There is a brand new one started by a nice young couple cruising the east coast of Australia. Zuluwaterways.com. The couple are real, modest, long term cruising sailors. Their intentions seem genuinely community orientated.
  8. Yeah it's the same in the States. The sites aggregating weather are worthless because you don't always know where they are getting their information from. I think some of the "Australian" weather sites appear to use NOAA GRIBs. hat is probably because any full stack web developer worth their salt can develop a web site and/or app aggregating the NOAA grib information. But in places where the weather moves fast, like the Great Lakes or Tasman Sea a bit of human intervention is probably needed for the best forecast. Better to get the forecast straight from the horse's mouth, think about it a bit, ask questions of people who have a lot of experience sailing the area in question, think some more, then form your own conclusions. BOM's MetEye is great but they also have a lot of other good stuff on their web site (like overview/forecast of pressure systems).
  9. Foreign sailors may want to be aware BOM is best weather source around here. Preparing for this current cruise I studied the NOAA GRIBs that worked well in the Americas. However once on the water noticed discrepancies and turned to BOM. Been much happier with BOM forecasts. BOM three day forecasts are pretty good and NOAA GRIBs are pretty average (for coastal conditions at least). (BJ - did you just add GRIBs to the spellchecker??? No more "gribs" for me...)
  10. Download is no worries but their reliability is questionable. The NOAA gribs sometimes forecast light and variable when BOM is forecasting a gale. BOM tends to be right more often than not. Probably doesn't matter because you could make Brisbane in a a few days in a pinch. A lot of "yachties" in Pittwater have done the Sydney to Southport race so I am sure you have heard plenty of opinions.
  11. BJ, I don't know whether you have been to Coffs already. But the anchorage is crap. Poor holding in hard sand and anything southerly keeps you side on to the swell/surge. And it is totally open to anything from the east. The marina is the cheapest on the east coast so you might consider it. First time we have been in a marina in a year. Not much protection from northerly weather from Port Stephens to Coffs Harbour for deep draft boats. Lots of protection from southerly weather (Point Perpendicular, Hat Head, Trial Bay). On the way up watch for the lows that develop quickly off the northern NSW coast, they might bring you hard times. The NOAA gribs that were pretty reliable from Canada to Panama but are not so good here. BOM marine weather is pretty good for a three days. Inreach marine forecasts do not seem to cover a lot of this coast. Tells us we are not on a big body of water.
  12. Totally doable on almost any size boat. On smaller boats your cuddling just needs to be braced with a lee cloth and pillows etc. But to sleep well you will need a third person to maintain watch while you are cuddling.
  13. Yes! We graduated from cruising on a sweet little double ender (Crealock 34) to a 43' steelie recently. The longer we cruise on the steelie the more I appreciate the original builder/designer/owner and the more I resent the crap added by the last two owners. Wifey and I have resolved to rip off the ridiculous power of tower, davits and scuttle the humongous RIB the at the next opportunity (Brisbane, Australia). The contraption makes us nervous at sea and is nerveracking to navigate at close quarter. Maybe cruising on a small boat first makes this process a little easier for us. But we are going to lose our power independence and going to have to run the generator every few days until we find some sweet ways to replace 500W of solar. I would love to see more pictures of "cunning solutuons" for power generation.
  14. Sucks to be waiting around for stuff. Good luck.
  15. BJ, why Pittwater? It's crowded and expensive. Only really makes sense for Sydneysiders who work too hard to be able to get further away. We spent one night in Pittwater, a week in Newcastle and two weeks in Port Stephens because my wife had a few appointments in Sydney. We like Newcastle but it is an acquired taste (great holding in the Stockton channel). Port Stephens is an obviously pretty place with a lot to offer. We spent most of our time anchored off Shoal Bay. A bit rolly but a pretty and well serviced spot. There are regularly scheduled buses to Sydney from Nelson Bay and Shoal Bay. And tourist buses (my wife paid $30 for a luxury coach). We are currently in Camden Haven. A good stop but might be a tight anchorage for your boat. The anchorage has been crowded out with courtesy moorings. Silly because holding is apparently excellent. Lowest depths we saw were 3m over the bar and 2.1m in the channel. We are heading up to the Clarence River in a few days.