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  1. rainbowrunner

    Vesper Cortex

    BAM!!! This is exactly what my "new" boat needs.The boat currently only has the original VHF and no AIS. The simplicity of the install, maintenance and troubleshooting of a combined unit are impossible to ignore.
  2. rainbowrunner

    Girl with patreon account goes sailing in hot place

    Thanks. I'll give it a go.
  3. rainbowrunner

    Girl with patreon account goes sailing in hot place

    Too right. Our "new" fibreglass boat left a so-called reputable Sydney Harbour boatyard recently bound for Cairns covered in orange speckles. Two months later we are still trying to rid of them. (Ideas?) As ex-steelie owners we knew instantly what had happened... but by then the boat had been delivered to Cairns.
  4. rainbowrunner

    Catamaran Capsize Kills 3 off Newcastle

    Spirited 380 also my guess. If so, it's not the first one to end up like this.
  5. rainbowrunner

    The Zombie Fleet

    Trinity Inlet, Far North Queensland - a couple of zombies were pulled from the depths recently to spook the resident fleet of rusting hulks ...
  6. rainbowrunner

    Junk on the trunk

    Yes! We graduated from cruising on a sweet little double ender (Crealock 34) to a 43' steelie recently. The longer we cruise on the steelie the more I appreciate the original builder/designer/owner and the more I resent the crap added by the last two owners. Wifey and I have resolved to rip off the ridiculous power of tower, davits and scuttle the humongous RIB the at the next opportunity (Brisbane, Australia). The contraption makes us nervous at sea and is nerveracking to navigate at close quarter. Maybe cruising on a small boat first makes this process a little easier for us. But we are going to lose our power independence and going to have to run the generator every few days until we find some sweet ways to replace 500W of solar. I would love to see more pictures of "cunning solutuons" for power generation.
  7. rainbowrunner

    Escape summer heat

    If you want to go somewhere cooler and inexpensive, consider a charter out of the Apostle Islands, Lake Superior. There is something really cool about sailing on crystal clear fresh water (June - August). For somewhere cooler and expensive come down here to Australia and charter in the Whitsunday Islands. (July-October).
  8. rainbowrunner

    Show your boat sailing thread

    I love this thread. Better than tits.
  9. Selling a lot of stuff on craiglist and ebay, buying a lot of charts.