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  1. Team NZ

    My bet is, he's Martin and Petes cameraman.
  2. Team NZ

    14 x 29ers training 4 times a week and all of them heading off to the world champs at Longbeach in July tell me that MB and Kohi are in good shape...
  3. Team NZ

    Nothing more than a wild ass guess, but perhaps that down turned trailing edge isn't carbon, but perhaps a very stiff rubber that flattens out with speed. Sort of like a plane wing using flaps for low speed, but optimized aero for high speed. That's a plausible theory, Monkey. But don't tell, Doug. It might give his one-foil-fits-all-conditions idea some credence. And the supposed broken foils from February were just the trailing edge coming unstuck. Easily removed at sea before return to dock which is why no one ever saw any broken carbon.
  4. Team NZ

    Glossy insert in the NZ Herald this morning with competition http://www.waitoafreerange.co.nz/etnz
  5. Team NZ

    ETNZ doors still firmly shut on the port cam just now
  6. Bermuda?

    Thanks for organising the camera Soho. Corner of the Cross Island base now in shot. Just a wee bit more and we'll see when the ETNZ wing is going up
  7. Artemis?

    Scoop transoms + yellow rudders = broken boat is fixed
  8. Bermuda?

    Looks to me like the Port Bermuda can only needs to pan 10 degrees right, and the bases would all be right there.
  9. Team NZ

    Don't let him get to you Weta. All the ETNZ foiling secrets leading to the Tractor stayed well hidden for a long long time down on the Waikato and out the back of Waiheke
  10. Team NZ

    It had a quick trip from Sydney, only 2:19 https://flightaware.com/live/flight/UAE9245
  11. Team NZ

    Well done TRG......analyzed......
  12. Team NZ

    Just saw them sail through the middle of the Murrays Bay club champs. Opti fleet on one side and Starlings on the other. Would have been jaw dropping for the dinghy sailors.