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  1. i550

    Hi all- It is with regret that I am putting Alchemy (#129) up for sale. Too many competing priorities and a growing family do not give me enough time to sail her. See my SA ad here: http://sailinganarchy.com/classifieds/show-ad/?id=286/ Time to let someone else enjoy this great boat! Thanks, Jeff
  2. i550

    The i550 Class Association has officially been incorporated and our Vison Statement, Constiution, and Class Rules can be viewed at i550class.org. We began as a dozen i550 builders committed to racing i550s in the spirit we believed the boat was originally intended. Please visit the website and review the class documents. Register and browse our forum where we are already exchanging valuable information on builds, ratings, and boat/sail handling techniques. The Class is proud to be hosting the second annual Epoxy Cup in Madison, WI on August 19-21 on Lake Mendota. Stay tuned to i550class.org for more details on the regatta. Kevin (kmac17), Tim F. ( TimFordi550#87), and I are acting as custodians of the class until the first annual General Meeting which will coincide with the Epoxy Cup. At that time, the class will elect its first slate of officers. Thanks, Jeff Dalsin Alchemy, i550 #129
  3. i550

    Way to go Ben!!!
  4. i550

    FYi, it was in the high 40s when we were rigging the boats on Sept. 25 and 26. Warmed up nicely throughout the day up to about 60. Naturally, this week has been in the 70s consistently.
  5. i550

    Here's some video from last weekend. Certainly not the most exciting due to the light condiditons, but this was the first opportunity to us the GoPro camera. everyone should get one! The quality is unreal! Watch the HD version full screen!
  6. i550

    Sure it was "only three boats" but that is 75% of the US fleet that is sailing! Pretty good turnout I'd say! Anyway we all had a great time and it was awesome to fainally have multiple boats on the line together!
  7. i550

    From this weekend in Chicago:
  8. i550

    Paul- Glad to hear that you are interested. See here for locations: http://maps.google.com/maps/ms?ie=UTF8&hl=en&msa=0&msid=115187542624947231352.00045d25d24fb6247ff24&ll=27.488781,-82.705078&spn=9.328299,18.303223&z=6 There is one boat in progress to the north of you and one sailing to the south. Sounds like the makings for a nice E. Florida Fleet. Also visit i550.org to ask questions of other builders (Kool-aid drinkers). Best, Jeff
  9. i550

  10. i550

    Here are a couple of marginal quality cell phone pics from last week's Wed. night beer can race. Results were not great, but we did keep pace with an SB3 for the most part. But it was only the third third time the boat hit the water. Let's just say we have some tuning to do!
  11. i550

    From my post on the i550.org site:
  12. i550

    Now if all people were as reasonable as you Speng! I suspect (hope!) that the handicapper will do the right thing and rate the boat (reasonably!). We will find out next week.
  13. i550

    Thanks Christian. It would be nice for LMPHRF to set the example (in the Midwest at least) for rating small sporties.
  14. i550

    I got an email response last night from the regional handicapper re: my PHRF certificate. He indicated that he was on vacation until Tuesday, at which time he would "correct it". Might not quite be over yet. We'll see what happens...
  15. i550

    Nice (but small!) pics of TTB and the Green Machine at Bay-to-Bay here: http://www.vidpicpro.com/gallery/index.php?category=gallery/yacht-racing/baytobay10/saturday/division 2&start=0 Great job gents!