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  1. wingssail

    what was it?

    My first impulse was Stormvogel, having seen the boat out of the water in Trini in 2013. Seeing the photo of Cornelius Bruynzeel (in the white coat) nailed it for me, but I was too slow. Congratulations.
  2. wingssail

    Used sails

    If they are serviceable get them to one of used sail outlets, at a rock bottom price. There are a lot of sailors, mostly cruisers, looking for used sails. But if they are truly trashed, and I mean the cloth is falling to pieces, as a lot of old racing sails are, might as well dumpster them. I take off the hardware, if there is any, and put them in the dumpster. Sad, but sails are actually a consumable.
  3. wingssail

    Can you make a "PHRF cheater"?

    None of the improvements you discussed make that boat a PHRF cheater, it is simply doing what the rules allow. PHRF assumes you have a well prepared boat, so it's OK to prepare it well. Those owners who neglect all that maintenance and upgrading are giving away to the better prepared boats. That being said, not everyone wants to work that hard on their old family boats but they still want the fun of racing. Do we say, "Tough luck, you are going to perennially lose."? In our area we want to encourage those boats with old sails and filled with cruising gear. We have defined a set of rating adjustments to address extra weight (declared and listed) old dacron sails, fixed propellers, and other speed slowing factors. Some boats get 12-18 seconds a mile against the well prepared sister ship, but it works. No one has the excuse, "I could never win" and corrected times are remarkably close. But the best prepared boats are often sailed by the keenest sailors and they still win most of the races, just not by such big margins. Everyone has a chance.. What is a PHRF cheater? It is someone who declares one thing (like a sail size) but uses something else. we have these too.
  4. wingssail

    TP 52 Deal?

    "to race that boat competitively will cost more per year than the buy-in. Sail budget is 50-75K to stay in the game. here's some rough budget annual expenses sails 50K bottom 5-10k rigging and electronics 5-10K dockage and storage 20K insurance 5K ?? crew, pro's, regatta transport, fees $$$$ you name it depreciation 25-50K Nobody is going to buy this boat to race in the TP52 Super Series so Yikes cost figures don't make sense. There are 52's racing locally and regionally all over the world. Not Super Series competitive but fun, fast, challenging, and much cheaper that suggested above. I'd budget, for my area: sails 15K, Sails last three years at 25 races per year, buy good sails, not grand prix bottom 3-5k rigging and electronics, general maintenance 12k dockage and storage 15K insurance 2K Buy liability only crew, pro's, shirts, crew dinners, etc, regatta transport, fees 3k depreciation 25-50K- What? in four years it's free? Try 10-20K This would be about typical for many localities for an amateur run club racing program for a 50+ race boat. My costs for a 43' is about 1/3 that, racing does not have to be so expensive.
  5. wingssail

    Dialing In The New Old Boat

    This is a sort of heavy boat for its length with a very short waterline, so it's not going to be fast, but 3 knots is way off the mark. A bagged out genny seems like the main culprit, all the symptoms point to that. The sail might be able to be recut if the cloth is still good enough, a sailmaker will tell you that, but often the dacron begins to get stretchy and then stretches into a baggy shape no matter how nice it looks before the wind fills in. You are going to need a new sail, and be careful of used genoas, they may have the same problem.
  6. wingssail

    Is The Thrill Gone?

    I don't know why some life long sailors just lose the passion for it, but some do. Lots maybe. They always look for the reasons; there are plenty, but it's just that you lose the need to do it. If you have to be sailing to know you're alive, you'll find a way around all those obstacles. I don't live in Florida, but west coast Mexico is about the same, except fewer powerboats, fewer assholes, and nice, deep, blue water to sail in, (and good winds, all year round). OK, so it's not the same. But it's HOT in the summer. But we still sail, even in the summer, just not as often. Right now I'm anchored in a lagoon and it is plenty hot, and no air conditioning until we get back to our base in August. But I just can't let this go. I have to sail. I always have. So, if you lose the passion, OK, move on. No guilt. There will be others of us who haven't.
  7. wingssail

    Box Rule in the early days

    Ran across a fleet of these things sailing in Martinique. Seems everyone just loves to pile on sail.
  8. wingssail

    what is it?

    My wild ass guess is a club swan 42, maybe 48. Galley/Nav looks like enough headroom to stand. Aft area less so (raised sole). Not particularly in love with the "dreadnought" bow or the chamfered sides.
  9. wingssail

    Bella Mente Broke Their Rig......Again

    That is not what's wrong, it's what is right. For those who can afford it, and who want to test the extremes, there is no other way to do it. Hap is someone who can. I don't criticize them for pushing that quest to find the last possible speed gains. Others will benefit from his quest. Let him spend his money where he wants. For those who place higher value on safety factor, I'd say, "Follow your preference, and no hard feelings against either direction." I raced for a while on a high-end boat whose owner wanted a "bullet proof" rig. He got it, it's still up after some testing conditions, but it wasn't the fastest. Another friend will only own a full keel steel boat, for safety reasons. Where do we draw the line? In my own case I push the limits where I can, to the extent of my finances. Each year I try to find something that makes the boat faster, often by being lighter. It pays dividends on the race course. And it costs money.
  10. wingssail

    Sail or Bail?

    I think there are a lot of folks here who couldn't afford an Opti making snarky comments about this boat. In my opinion it isn't worth nearly the price since there are a lot of nice boats out there for less. Interior of a 50 ft boat, looking home built, but that's OK with me, my boat is home built too. But I could see this interior working on a cruising boat. Mast is not too far forward relative to the location of the keel, but the photo perspective makes it look worse. Pretty narrow, and with that 7' keel, explains why the rig looks short, this is not a Mini Maxi 70'! I don't think Deerfoots are pretty either. I think it would be a good cruising boat for the right price, but don't compare it with a $3million 78' Wally Yeah, at $300k consider it, over that, Bail. If your budget it more like used Opti, well just go ahead with the snarky comments and think you're cute.
  11. wingssail

    Changing fleets after the sailing is done?

    First I don't understand the "No rating Adjustment" comment. Don't you have spin and non-spin ratings? The 15 sec/mi credit, or whatever it is, should help your competitiveness in a spin fleet. Second, no need to make a fuss, but a congenial discussion with RC might have been worth while, at least they would know someone of their customers isn't happy. Third, what should they have done, in your opinion?
  12. wingssail


    Info From 2017 St. Petersburg - Habana Race: Owner / Skipper Info Name:Stefan Achilles/Brocks City:Tampa State:FL Country:USA Yacht Club:DIYC Yacht Info Name:"Wired" - USA 39511 Design:Farr 395 Year:2001 Length:39.5 Hull:Blue Spin:Blue-White-Red Rating:39.0 (PHRF) The photo could be misleading, telephoto can make it look closer, but if someone on the boat was yelling obscenities, etc, seems like no excuse for that. If anyone knows Stefan or Sigurd, they ought to ask him for a comment.
  13. "your PHRF rating is determined by a bunch of self-interested clowns taking wild shots in the dark" Wrong, and sounds like sour grapes. In my area, and everywhere I have sailed, the PHRF handicappers, especially at meetings where they are trying to resolve requests for changes, are knowledgeable volunteers who listen to owners and consider data and try to come up with fair handicaps, and by and large they do.
  14. wingssail

    Close call for Hispania...

    This is a problem worldwide; old boats, large and small, change hands, again and again, each time the new owners have great plans but not much in the way of resources. The boats deteriorate. We see smaller boats selling in California for a few thousand dollars and some bozo buys it and says to his friends, " Hey, I got this boat, lets sail to Mexico." They get here, find out it's hot, boat work isn't much fun, and their girl friends want to know when they are coming home. They leave it anchored somewhere and fly back. Why not, they've got nothing invested in it. And a good old boat becomes a derelict and a problem for someone else when it goes adrift. Take the bigger boats, a grand old maxi, for example. Yeah, I know, dinosaurs, but they are beautiful under sail, awesome really. I love them. And the equipment that they have simply cannot be bought anymore. And, not much market for these boats outside of Arlie Beach, so the price drops. Now along comes some guy with a couple hundred grand and good intentions and he buys an old maxi. Oh yeah it takes 20 people to sail it. And the broken bits are outrageous to fix. So the boat sits, and deteriorates. And how can we as a society, afford to do this? How can we take an object which represents so much human endeavor to design and build, including all the tech bits and equipment, countless hours of effort, and just throw it away. I have to shake my head. I don't know the solution to this, but it makes me sad to see grand old boats go to waste and eventually become wrecks.