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  1. Gitana Maxi 17

    That white stuff ,It's not foam its coremat for bulking out the laminates. Just need to get the fabric laminate mixture right ,she then be good to go. Saying it's right on a drawing board is only one part of it . Was impact testing carried out? I doubt it. From build to water with a prototype breakages are going to happen. Well done to all competitors and all involved and a big thank you to the French on leading the world stage of yachting.
  2. AC 36 Protocol

    Thank yeow. I appreciate your words of wisdom. Pubs open slater.
  3. AC 36 Protocol

    Yawn , morning lab rats , ya not taking this seriously are you ? surly not .Its going to be the same old shit sailing around in 12 knot shit boxes . Everyone will talk about it before , race a few weeks , pack up and go home. The planet will be non the wiser. Waste of time effort and money where the yachts after are mothballed collecting dust or sent out to charter. The rules should stipulate that the winners future campaign boats should be faster, It is now not.The Americas Cup has now become irrelevant.
  4. AC 36 Protocol

    75 ft monohull with wing mast and foils would be great with six crew max if possible would make it different. So whats it to be a 75ft skiff or 75ft Moth?
  5. AC 36 Protocol

    What that the next AC will be sailed by illegal immigrants to get round the rule .There's sadly plenty and I expect they have more talent going to waste than the pick of the same old faces at the moment. New people in the sport is required and that ain't gonna happen in the good old stuck up the arse UK.
  6. AC 36 Protocol

    I see people on here whinging about passports etc ,sadly I live in the UK and have dual nationality UK and Australia . I will always choose to sail as an Australian as the UK has it's head firmly lodged up it's arse and will always be so. As to building the yachts will be interesting as the UK has no UK owned builders or industry come to it. No Green Marine is not British.
  7. AC 36 Protocol

    Exciting times ,can't wait to see a 75 ft monohull going round the course foiling at full chat in a breeze. Well done New Zealand.
  8. Game On

    Why bother with people like that who will not let you compete. Set your own race up and use the local pub as your club, friendlier people and no bullshit. Any one wearing sailing gear in the pub has to buy a round. Simple.
  9. volvo goes both ways

    It's my wife's fault when she cracked Mark over the head with a hoover and now it's coming to fruition.
  10. volvo goes both ways

    RIP Volvo ,trying to be many things and not get to the bottom of the problem is ridiculous. So as we have seen what happens when a foil breaks and you are pushed to the back or retire on that leg, not good for sponsors . Then we have cat inshore round the cans sailing? WTF. It is suppose to be a Ocean race . Take a leaf out of the Class 40 . Simply design a fast ocean boat and make it for four up.You want numbers .Sponsors could have three boats per team if the boat is right,and it currently is not.Oh and that is for potato head Mark Turner. Speak next year ,Adios.
  11. FIFA

    WTF are they on . The fellas in the two world wars gave there lives for us and they played football in no mans land. FIFA are fucking corrupt wankers and shitbags. FIFA FUCK OFF. https://youtu.be/awDZkqq3b50
  12. Vendee Globe 2016?

    Afternoon Lab Rats well HB broken foil I like to call Wilson will be let go to a watery grave. The rest as you all know will be fine.WIIIIIIIIIIILLLLLLLLSSSSSSSSSSSSSON.
  13. Vendee Globe 2016?

    The gap from north to south is set to increase with the advantage going to Thomson, who will be sailing along the Ice Wall at 42°30S: more wind and a better bearing should see him extend his lead.
  14. Vendee Globe 2016?

    HB looks to be staying close to the exclusion zone and on paper is the right thing to do where the weather will be coming up from the south. To go north is not good as it takes longer to hook up with the weather systems .Always go to the weather systems and hook up and try to ride as long as possible. We will see in the coming days how it plays out.
  15. Vendee Globe 2016?

    Morning Lab Rats , HB should be in new breeze and on the other tack in 48 hours and gone.