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  1. jacobsen1

    Talk to me about melges 20s?

    more info please? Listings?
  2. jacobsen1

    Talk to me about melges 20s?

    How do I get more info on that boat? Is there an ad for it anywhere?
  3. jacobsen1

    Talk to me about melges 20s?

    Awesome, thanks. We are NOT going to race, or at least if we ever did it would be with at least 2 guys and 450+ lbs if not more. Also, for me single handing will be fine. Can't be worse than a viper/vector/29erXX. For my dad he sets wind limits and will sail main only above whatever the right number is so the roller furling jib is a huge plus for us. I need the chute sock so spinnaker work is easy. With an auto pilot (or light wind!) I've done the kite on our old 33'er in my profile pic solo... At this point I keep going between no enough sail area for light breeze (even short handed) -vs- too much as it picks up from videos I'm finding. So I think we're barking up the right tree.
  4. jacobsen1

    Talk to me about melges 20s?

    Dad is 72 and we don't need the fastest option. VXs and vipers are awesome boats. Our viper was our favorite OD boat we've owned. But slightly more of a handful vs the M20 and we like the idea of a M20 having no hiking straps and the baby life lines you hike against.
  5. jacobsen1

    Talk to me about melges 20s?

    Hey Alan, fancy meeting you here! You're the IC guy that once owned a viper. I'm the skier from Bridger and Beehive that we've run into each other twice! I'll PM you my cell.
  6. jacobsen1

    Talk to me about melges 20s?

    I'm in Bozeman, boat will be on Canyon Ferry.
  7. jacobsen1

    Talk to me about melges 20s?

    according to the three M20s for sale in toronto they've all said their fleet was replaced by VXones.
  8. We've moved to MT and are looking for a fun boat to lake sail. No racing plans at all. My father is 73 years young. My kids are 8 and 11. We've owned a viper 640 and 830, open 5.70, 29er XX, an I-14, etchells and some other fun boats. We're looking for something fun and fast to day sail only. The appeal of the melges is it seems like a slightly depowered viper 640? No hiking straps and a sit in rule. The lakes typically have 8~12kts. We raced against a few when we had our viper and I know they're slightly slower around a course but we don't care. I know a melges 24 needs rail meet so it's out even though they're less expensive. There are boats in toronto being sold due to VXones ruining the class. We want something with a chute sock so it's easy to douse. Can these be easily sailed solo upwind if depowered correctly? Deck step mast, easy to rig solo or with 2? (I'm 6'4" and 230lbs) Ramp launch-able? Fun downwind? Easy to deal with the spinnaker solo (I can sail a 29erXX solo with the chute)? How many posts before the U20 guys show up... Thanks!
  9. jacobsen1

    Race Replays

    here's what I'm using. I live in Jamestown RI (zip 02835) and have cox as my cable provider. If you download the nbcsn app (NBC sports network) and then tell it that town/location and cox as the cable provider it works. Not sure if it's checking my location with the GPS in the phone/tablet I'm using. I also have the NBCsn app on my roku and it asked for an access code to install it but it used similar info to confirm (no account number etc). Both apps, phone and roku, have replays in the afternoon after it was on live on cable. Now sure how much later but I've been watching them around 3:30pm the same day. Good Luck!
  10. Aloha,

    having recently sailed the first Open 5.70 in Hawaii for the first time, that keel system seemed screwed to me - what did you mean by 'line it up' everytime ?

    We use a club hoist to splash the boat, and lowered the foil easily to the bolt-points and pinned it. Experienced way too much slop sailing, & discovered a nick in the trailing edge when done. Obviously...

  11. jacobsen1

    J/111 Goes Sailing...

    saw the boat on the mooring in newport last night, looks awesome.