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  1. Nodrog

    DIY butane torch?

    this is a shame, I really did think that for a moment there was a chance of a mate of this guy's holding his beer whilst filming the incineration of whatever it was that was meant to be fixed, oh well...
  2. Got myself a small vacuum pump, will be using it on some small jobs to improve the laminate, probably a bit of overkill, but have the time so why not. First one a larger job mind, bonding 2 sheets ply together, one is already curved in the hull. Issue is that its not an oil-less pump, and visibly exhausts oil mist when running hard. Not a huge amount, not enough to see any appreciable drop in oil level, but enough to notice the mist. Will the this mist be contaminating stuff / surfaces in the workshop? I'm pretty careful degreasing, wipe everything with acetone, before doing any work, is that enough? Or should i find a way to get the pump outside when its running? That would be really popular with the neighbours, its a noisy wee beast..
  3. Nodrog

    workshop heater ?

    Thanks all, I managed to track down a far infrared panel for just $100, although it hasn't arrived yet. That should lift the temps enough to get a decent cure on the chillier nights.
  4. Nodrog

    workshop heater ?

    Thanks Zonker, 'whatever is curing' is a 13ft boat so not too keen on building an oven for it! And no, won't be using the exposed element one, definitely a fire waiting to happen! Last time I was doing some foam cored panels and I had success with an electric blanket inside the large 8x4ft cardboard box the foam came in. This time I think it needs to more local 'spot heat', the boat is ply, just need to get the areas I'm filleting / tabbing/ reinforcing a bit warmer. The 2nd link was to some 250W infrared bulbs, designed as 'heaters' to go in badly insulated NZ bathrooms etc think I'll go with a couple of these,
  5. Nodrog

    workshop heater ?

    Is winter here in NZ, typically 10deg C, not ideal for curing epoxy overnight. What's the opinions on best heater for a workshop? I ideally don't want to heat the entire space, its too big and drafty, just the panels / part of the boat I'm working on, and its a rented space so nothing too permanent. Gentle warmth, not raging hot is what I'm aiming for., that I would be comfortable to leave on overnight. A mate 'borrowed' a far infra-red heater from work for his shop, perfect piece of kit, but very pricey. Something hanging from the ceiling is really needed I think. Something like this Briscoes radiant heater could be good, but after cobbling something together to get it to hang from the ceiling I think I'll be too close to burning the place down. My thoughts so far are the mount 2 or 3 of these on a bar and hang from the ceiling. heat lamp bulb
  6. Nodrog

    Toe strap webbing -- melt / heat bonding?

    fold it over a couple of times, put a nail in flame till red hot, and jam it through. Burn the plastic off the nail in the flame, and repeat. Good for putting screws through if you're clamping the webbing to a bulkhead, or similar with one of these not so good for lashing to it, that will need stitching.
  7. Nodrog

    Emirates Team New Zealand.

    with you there salty
  8. Nodrog


    Thanks wal', i wasn't getting there either..
  9. Nodrog

    A COVID Game - Something to pass the time

    Didn't really want to win... !
  10. Nodrog

    A COVID Game - Something to pass the time

    Pessimism paid last time, will try the other extreme this time 34/38
  11. Nodrog

    A COVID Game - Something to pass the time

    being pessimistic to avoid disappointment 54/47
  12. Nodrog

    Harken 462 swivel cam accessory? 3d print?

    Thankyou, simplest is normally the best solution, cheers
  13. I've a couple of harken 462's, which do a great job, but now and again mid gybe the falls of the mainsheet get caught between the cam cleat and the fairlead in front of it, causing much pain and frustration. The line in the cleat is slack in the gybe which doesn't help. If my local harken guys were open i'd ask them, but does anyone know if there is an accessory like in my poor sketch. A couple of bars that go accross that stop lines falling into the gap. or does anyone ( in NZ) have the ability to 3d print such a thing? I'd like to be able to say I'd fashion one from s/s plate or similar, but my skills are not up to making something that would look even half decent.
  14. Nodrog

    Aussie Government blow it (Again)

    The ratio of ICU beds to population would I expect be driven by 2 factors, the nation's wealth, and the nations health. The USA doesn't have 30% more beds per capita than Saudi Arabia / Canada / Germany because they're wealthier, its because the population is unhealthy enough to need them on a regular basis. The beds / ventilators are not sitting there unused waiting for a pandemic. When the ICUs are needed for corona patients somebody else doesn't have access to them.
  15. Nodrog

    Feedback - VIRTUAL REGATTA, shit rules

    I gave up on the offshore version, it was frustratingly too much like "real" yacht racing, those who were prepared to pay extra $'s for a faster hull finish or more sails would have an advantage no others could match. As in real life, the organisers incentive to monetise the event made it crap for all but the top level of spenders/ participants. The inshore is fun with a few mates whilst you're all on a zoom call at the same time over some beers, but only for 10 minutes or so before it wears a bit thin. The winner is typically the one who paid for the auto start / auto vmg / and wind visibility. Pretty hard to be luckier than the guy who can see the future... No other way to get our fix at the moment so must be pretty busy on their servers. In a large fleet it seems to pay to show no regard for any rules, and take the favoured end of start line/ lay line, regardless of how many boats are already there. You only seem to be able to pick up one penalty at once so go hard, get ahead, then its easy. Majorly frustrating though when there's a connection glitch and mid race you time out / retire from the race. The steering is also v frustrating as above. It must be an interesting measure of how many hard core committed sailors there actually are, as really, if you weren't a sailing nut there's no way you'd play that game vs what else is available these days....