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  1. Nodrog

    Emirates Team New Zealand.

    Interesting to me that they're back to a tow test on first day with new foils, if that is the case?. They did this with boat1, but wasn't boat 2 just launched and sailed almost same day? Its a fresh day in Akld, but plenty sailable I would have thought.
  2. Nodrog

    Practice Races This Week

    The buoys are heading to course D or E
  3. Nodrog

    Practice Races This Week

    Picked up on that too. Saw a close up vid of ETNZ vs Prada start with prada starting to leeward and bow forward, looked like Prada had the best of them and squeezed ETNZ out in first couple minutes, ETNZ had a bit of a wobble on the foils. interesting JS tactic, start to leeward and sail ridiculously high but still just foiling, make it impossible for opponent to live there, the ultimate lee bow. But then Steele watched the whole beat, and apparently ETNZ did manage to survive the lee bow, advanced and when they tacked on the boundary was directly to windward, game over for prada. Its going to be a fascinating summer.
  4. Nodrog

    Luna Rossa Challenge. AC 36

    nice! the spill I saw was prob further out, they would have been by northern leading, not certain on the timing, was sailing too...
  5. Nodrog

    Luna Rossa Challenge. AC 36

    Cool shot !! what time was this taken @weta27? Was off the north shore around 5pm and saw them pull a pretty significant wheely and crash down in the distance, stopped pretty quickly! Dropped the jib afterwards and towed home.
  6. Nodrog

    Finishing the ends of sandwich panel

    Another alternative is to edge the foam before you laminate it. The pic is a centreboarder's foredeck before laminating, the ply bits are inserts where hardware gets mounted, the yellow cedar is where there will be exposed edges, mast gate and c/board. For a robust hatch cover / washboard i'd get say 50mm x 6mm timber of your choice, run thru thicknesser if you can to same thickness as the foam, something tough, and glue this , edge on, to the foam, just 'tacked', doesn't have to be super well done as all gets consolidated in the laminate. Place it so its centreline is somewhere in line with where the edges will be, bit like a picture frame,, ie you're making the panel oversize, with timber all around, Laminate it up, vacuum bag best, or your preferred work around if you can't, then trim down to size. Can round / bevel / sand to your heart's content afterwards.
  7. Nodrog

    Emirates Team New Zealand.

    I would put money on BB's new job description being 'Fuck with Dalts as much as possible. Leave no stone unturned in attempts to distract him, lose any influence he has with the media, all manner of mind games should be used. If ETNZ lose public support, all the better.' BB and Dalts I doubt are mates, and BB's a pro at planning this stuff, Dalts is 'ready, fire, aim'. 15-love to BB, ( he just served an ace) and there's plenty more to come.
  8. Ended up using the cloth, one of the rings won't see much load, but the other will be the towing eye so wanted to be sure of some strength. I'm pretty sure that if it comes off now it will take half the foredeck with it. I made a jig of sorts to hold everything flat, couple of recesses to fit the ferrules, and vacuumed it all down. Pleased the level of prep work pretty much eliminated sanding afterwards per El Boracho! The piece will be an insert for foam deck. side with fairing compound will be topside, should come out fairly flush when its done. Jig: top under
  9. An update on this. Wasn't happy with cutting them in half and inserting one half from each side. Seemed too difficult to get the 2 halves to line up properly, and avoid having a razor sharp edge in the middle, sort of defeating the point of the whole exercise. I evolved the "U" shaped inserts slightly into what I can only describe in a series of pics. This is for 2 ferrules close together, the 6mm ply will be cut to size afterwards, and then used as an insert in foam core deck. The pics oviously just a dry fit, cameras and epoxy I don't believe mix well.
  10. Nodrog

    Emirates Team New Zealand.

    I'm probs late the party on this, as mentioned just above, the ETNZ boat now seems to be able to sail at will with the leeward part of the foil breaking the surface. I thought this ( and perhaps crossing a wake) was previously the point of doom, and triggered the wipe outs. Either way, they're looking mighty impressive.
  11. Nodrog

    What Rope for Spin Pole Bridle?

    just bury the bungy inside the dyneema and stitch it in, then dyneema just 'shrinks' when no load.
  12. Nodrog

    Solid Shock Cord

    I get the shock cord they use for spear guns, solid rubber, 8-12mm, small hole in the middle, good dive shops will have rolls of it to make up strops in custom lenghts. Doesn't last long in the sun though.