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  1. Nodrog

    Flying Ant bring big smiles and so much fun

    Hopefully will have 2 of these very cool little boats sailing at Wakatere, Auckland soon. There's one of Beashel's boat being lent as a trial, inspired by that but without the budget, found a very old one and modernised it over winter. Was launching day today, lots of smiles, cool wee boats.
  2. Nodrog

    Team NZ

    Its some kind of brutal therapy.... Which race did the boom break in? Was that the same one as the bucket?
  3. Nodrog


    Don't believe Nick's worked with ETNZ since San Fran. He was with the japanese team for Bermuda.
  4. Nodrog

    Team NZ

    hold on, so it seems you're commenting on something that a) you have personal experience of, b, experience at a reasonably high level, c, that seems relevant to what we're seeing from photos. Such tomfoolery has no place here.... And.... you did it without ego, abusing other posters, swearing, or calling anyone a cunt. WTF ? !
  5. Nodrog

    Making a Carbon Kevlar 1" tube

    Vacuum bag or not? Rank amateur at this, but i tried both. Vac-ing ended up giving me wrinkles where the fabric compressed around the tube. Had a much better experience wrapping in successive layers of peel ply, pulling it tighter and tighter, and then finishing off with wrapping with really tight parcel tape. Do it in a spiral pattern working down towards one end and the excess resin squeezes out at that end. I did a layer of candle wax, then wrapped that in clingfilm/gladwrap before the laminate. It all comes out from the inside when you warm it up. Was a 32mm tube about 1.5m long.
  6. @Zonker thank you, blindingly obvious now! Option 2, a picture says a 1000 words, thanks. I know where they're going to go so will put some ply instead of pvc core in the right spots. Ping pong balls were the missing link. Option 1, yes will be doing this for toestraps etc, but option 2 the way to go to fasten a block. cheers
  7. hahah! nice.... The alternative of buying a new boat vs this rebuild is also now looking cheap....
  8. There seem to be some quite nice, and quite expensive options for retrofitting a flush padeye into a deck, rope-eye etc, but I'm looking to build from scratch. Small boat stuff, centreboarders, will be used to tie harken 2146 / 29 mm soft attach blocks. There's some nice resources for making for cedar kayaks, so they look a little like this Its going to have to be completely watertight as will be in a cockpit floor, underneath is buoyancy tank, but the foam panel isn't made yet, so it can be built in from scrath. Have 5 or 6 of them to do if i can find a neat way of doing it. Anyone have any ideas?
  9. As I've been working through a rebuild project at home I've been somewhat astounded as to the amount of waste I'm making that's going to landfill. In my day to day life i'm no greenie nazi,. but do take a little care to separate the recycling, reduce single use plastic, only landfill what's really required, etc etc. The irony of sticking one of the strongest fibres known to man together with completely inert cured plastic just so I can play on the ocean isn't lost on me... Perhaps i should work with wood instead... Does anyone have any hints for reducing the amount of disposable waste we generate? Some things I'm trying to do: Vacuum bagging, make the bag oversize, cut off the end and re-use it for the next panel Tying to find reusable mixing pots that don't crack trying to get the old stuff out. Buying better spreaders/ mixing sticks / etc that can be cleaned and reused. Peel ply- just have to accept this as waste I guess. Likewise breather fabric. Does anyone else have any ideas? Or care? Maybe I shouldn't ....
  10. Nodrog

    Making a Carbon Kevlar 1" tube

    Just done this, tube came out reasonable, although my wax surface wasnt very smooth, which im paying for... I now have a nice 3ft, 3/4in tube thats very very waxy on the inside. Any hints for tidying it up?
  11. Nodrog

    Guidance needed - Club Scoring Software

    Sailwave great. The only issue is that it can only reside on one PC. Our club has an old laptop donated some time ago, and we back the file up to google drive each week, but still have trouble with different versions of the same file. More of an issue with a series over several weeks / months. If the sailwave file could reside on the cloud somewhere, and be accessed by different PRO's each week it would be perfect.
  12. Nodrog

    Flying Ant bring big smiles and so much fun

    what weight / size / age are the kids racing them in Aussie?
  13. Nodrog

    Shocks vs Friction Rings vs Blocks

    I would only be using shocks on bare 12 strand dyneema, have seen some boats using them with covered line, lots more friction then. Also, does the line need to be free running when under no or light load, like the vang in an OK needs to be. If that's the case i'd be sticking to ball bearing blocks. Saving 500g seems a lot on blocks, are you sure you've got that right? Are the control lines / blocks measured / in the boat for the swing test? are you already down to weight? If so, you may end up having to replace that weight saving with correctors anyway?
  14. Nodrog

    VR Sydney to Hobart

    I'm in VR name is 'je quil OK587'
  15. Nodrog

    Funny Comments while Racing

    for fucks sake unfuck the fuckin fucker