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  1. Here's a hint... Called White Pearl, as end higher than front, sails and hull (yup tall) look proportionately similar too... Frigate or Galleon (3 masted) or whatever you correctly call it... Modern (future) day Pirates of the Caribbean for what it's worth I've met Phillipe Starck, a couple times... I get it... I know you won't even let the door open a crack not to be cynical It's pretty funny So...
  2. J/88

    My father and I were at a regatta together when I was 15. I was pretty smug as my dad and I were sailing on a hot boat leading our class. I looked at our main competition (it was the last day of regatta) all dressed in team uniforms stretching and doing excersises on the front lawn of the yacht club. These guys were so over the top, on land and holly S**** on the water. I told my father what I thought of them, and how great it would be if they just got into a diffrent class. He calmly looked at me, and said something I will never forget and often share with people. Sailing should be an all inclusive sport, you may not agree or like those guys, but be open and respect them for the sport and for the sports sake. And if anything else, be entertained by it all. Now we are on a J 88 thread. And the bashing starts. Again. I've seen Dr L new boat, it's beautiful and has many of the things talked about on this thread, and more. Ive been very tempted to share pics, but I won't.
  3. J/88

    On the rating front!!!...I noticed that the J boat PHRF base for the J 88 is 87 (105 lp jib and 95 sq m kite). Does this 87 for Charleston reflect that? What sails are allowed for that rating? NE PHRF and Galveston gave the boat a 87 as well, and I wonder what sails the boat in Key West had with an 84? for what configuration? Thanks if anyone can chime in.
  4. J/88

    Have there been any other 88's out there that have applied and received their PHRF numbers? And where was it issued? Bill's Sock Puppet thanks for that chart a few pages ago. It would be nice to know whats going on out there...looks like No Cal was hard, the J 88 rates 69 up there!
  5. J/88

    Any info out there on the Code 0 / A 3 bobstay debate? Anybody have this set up, be great to hear feedback!
  6. J/88

    Are most of you owners going with the shore power option? What are the alternatives?...I've been on boats that use a battery charger plugged right into dock shore power outlet with the little 3 plug converter thing, seems like it would be lighter?
  7. J/88

    Anybody heard or know about additional sails outside one design for point to point racing? I see quantum offers an A - 3 which fits the slot between an A - 2 and the class jib.
  8. J/88

    And the other questions I have are... 1. I'm assuming the boat doesn't come with a kelp cutter? Bummer. 2. And the optional black on stanchions, is it durable anodizing? arr4ws video above has them. Any impressions?
  9. J/88

    Anybody looking into "optional" point to point offshore sails? I notice that Quantum offer an A3 which covers reaching abit. Post 454 above...
  10. Artemis?

    Agreed. Seems like some people are here to discuss each other and the politics of this place more than sailing. Message to ED, Please stop this dribble it is ruining a place that has a lot of potential. Such a shame that 3 or four people can ruin a forum. Yes,yes yes. I've pleaded before for people to understand that most of us come to look at these forums because, yes, we want to read and contribute on sailing, yes sailing subjects! To have to read these pity, stupid, mud slinging post directed at each other, really sucks. What gets me is that these people go on and on, knowing the majority of us are having to view their dribble. Really narcissistic and childish beyond belief. Please ED, get this back on track somehow...
  11. Artemis?

    Here are two pics showing that observation...
  12. Artemis?

    One thing I noticed on Artemis. The ribs on the first element are perpendicular to the leading edge, so presenting a slightly angled profile on surface to the (horizontal) wind. Anybody out there with skills to post side by side pics? ...