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  1. blooper time!

    Ohhh, for fucks sake, please get this on video. It'll be gold......
  2. J105 Pushpit

    You answered your own question.... beyond going to the class web site and looking for a spare, why deal....
  3. Spithill 2020

    I can see Jimmy getting a director role in a Australian challenge. I can see Barker getting a role within the AC management.
  4. Team Alinghi

    He's now got it in Boston. Saw it tonight. It certainly has presence...
  5. Marblehead to Halifax 2017

    Watched the start from shore (unfortunately), and they are having a beautiful day with breeze.
  6. Potential AC36 teams get talking

    Why are people convinced that OUSA are out? This is pocket change to Larry. He's an older guy. He may just be enjoying himself. people say the cup survived long periods between wars and was just fine. Different time, different funding. Not compatible to today short attention span public. foiling mono is fucking stupid. Why start all over again. There will be 50s available to buy. Bigger teams can sell their packages, keep the momentum going. I agree with loosing the human hamsters. Steer the design to the course where it will be raced but keep the boat similar enough for smaller or newer teams to build from. and let this one sink in. A bunch of sheep shaggers beat Airbus in foil development..... they beat BMW in control systems and ergonomics. why would they want to walk away from a huge head start moving into 36?

    Fuck all wrong! Congrats to the Kiwis. It'll be interesting! I bet you made a mental note of my post the day it was written....
  8. Team Alinghi

    Northern Alinghi nor Luna Rossa would make very good poodles..... more likely BAR.....
  9. The Pulse 600 Saved My Life

    The Minister of Multihull Propaganda (MoMP) approves of this message.......

    This is going to be a sweep for OTUSA. Berling is the next generation along with Outridge and Slingsby. "The America's Cup is always won by the fastest boat", historically true... These boats are too close to call with any certainty one over the other. Experience, tactics, luck and nerve is going to win it this time around.

    Yea, you're a brilliant star...... I think you know what I meant.....

    OTUSA is significantly more dialed in to defend that anyone of the challengers. They'll need to step up their game...

    Waiting upon your competitor to make a mistake is no strategy toward winning the cup.

    OTUSA are going to sweep ETNZ.... I don't think either boat is significantly faster than the other. It's going to be about experience, sailing talent and chemistry . Jimmy is going to tie Peter in knots and leave him for dead in the pre-starts. Let's face it. Jimmy is probably the best in the world at prestarts and he is training with Dean who is arguably right there with Jimmy. OTUSA has clear chemistry onboard. They ar very well oiled. ETNZ doesn't seem to have the same. no doubt Peter will have a great career in the AC but not this time around. They don't have enough boat speed to overcome his vulnerabilities....
  15. Strategy thoughts

    The pre-start will be important. I'm looking for Japan and USA to be dominant here. The ability to stay efficiently on the foils, as in minimal steering correction. My gut says ETNZ and Artemis are as refined as any of the seasoned guys. Then design. Who has the best and who can leverage what they have most effectively. Beyond that, managing penalties. It's a small and fast course. Jimmy loves to try to suck competitors in.