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  1. Andrews 80 Donnybrook

    You have to worry when the broker posts the same photo several times and one upside down. But it does have a barometer
  2. VOR 2017-18

    Easiest way to get past a geoblock is use Hola VPN http://hola.org/ you can set you browser to any country you like.
  3. VOR 2017-18

    Never won anything in Maxi's against other maxis
  4. VOR 2017-18

    Any link
  5. Sydney to Hobart 2017

    Mates were sailing 18's that year and had stocked up on XXXX. Bernie Powers was staying above them and saw this and lowered a bucket down full of Powers Bitter and told them to swap it with the XXXX, He then proceeded to poor it out over the edge of the balcony saying you can't drink that shit
  6. Sydney to Hobart 2017

    This is what they really want It is strongly recommended that a lifejacket be worn by each member of the crew at times such as, but not limited to: i. When alone on deck ii. When the true wind speed is 25 knots or above iii. When visibility is less than 1 nautical mile. iv. When below decks v. When leaving the house vi. When driving to the yacht club vii. When walking on a jetty viii. When taking a dump ix. When asleep in bed Note I have seen a laser sailor driving home still in his wetsuit and lifejacket
  7. VOR 2017-18

    A bit like the Australian Cricketer and WW2 Fighter pilot Keith Miller being asked if he felt pressure batting that day. "I'll tell you what pressure is. Pressure is a Messerschmitt up your arse. Playing cricket is not."
  8. Syd-Hobart Yachts, Where are they Now?

    What happened
  9. Syd-Hobart Yachts, Where are they Now?

    Both Impetuous and Too Impetuous will be there for the reunion with most of the original crew scattered across both boats.
  10. 6 meter Worlds

    Were they using rowing boats as mark set boats
  11. The Four Carbon Cutters project

    You cant post that it is sitting perfectly on its lines, some will be upset Looks beautiful, can't wait to see it sailing
  12. https://www.spinsheet.com/news/australian-skiffs-annapolis Get down and have a look they are pieces of furniture that race every weekend
  13. J70, cheating and pros

    Surely the keel and rudder are 3d machined female moulds. Should be 100% accurate irrespective of where they are made.
  14. Sydney 41 or 38?

    They are there to give you a surprise in the gybe
  15. What Superyacht is this from FP

    You would get tired running from one wheel to the other