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  1. Bill E Goat

    your worst distance race experience! What happened?

    Pittwater Coffs a couple of years ago, had never sailed on the boat but knew the crew, boat not setup at all for offshore, no pipe cots, lee cloths or enough bunks for the off watch. Was promised lots of food but chicken sandwiches and lollies the whole way. Worst of all it was 260 miles upwind and we did over 120 tacks to keep out of the current, every half hour. Only eased the sheets to cross the line. Weird dynamic between the owner who rarely sailed on the boat and the others that always sailed it. Only positive was the beautiful NSW coastline
  2. Just change the names and a bit of an edit and it's all done "who inherited a fortune and lost most of it chasing his dreams as an entrepreneur" "could seldom stay focused, a tendency that irritated his associates, who might be summoned from a continent away only to be told that he had no time to see them" "When it came to his marriages, though, he chose each time a beautiful young woman of no fame or fortune; continued having well-documented affairs regardless"
  3. Bill E Goat

    Prada Cup

    Shut up Shirley your team got fucked up the arse
  4. Bill E Goat

    Prada Cup

    A bit like the hot chick at school
  5. Bill E Goat

    Prada Cup

    LR vmg up to 4-5 knots more.
  6. Bill E Goat

    Prada Cup

    Is there a mercy rule ?
  7. Bill E Goat

    Prada Cup

    Not going to sell much at that price $100 NZD for a fucking hat
  8. Bill E Goat

    The Australian Sailing and RQYS Kabuki Theatre Thread

    I would see this as a major breach of the Privacy act The Act requires to only collect sensitive information from you: • where you consent and it is reasonably necessary for our activities; • if the collection is required by law or a court or tribunal order; or • if it relates to our Club activities and you are a Club Member or have regular contact with us in connection with our activities. So I don't see how the club needs to know if your a gay vegan druid with high blood pressure, who votes for Clive Palmer,
  9. Bill E Goat

    Prada Cup

    Wish that idiot would stop saying 3 and Oh, it's 3 nil
  10. Bill E Goat

    Prada Cup

    Do you always have to come last
  11. Bill E Goat

    Prada Cup

    Do you reckon Shirley has a photo of Sir Ben taped to the roof above her bed
  12. Bill E Goat

    Prada Cup

    Nope, post #8 in this thread
  13. Bill E Goat

    Trump’s permanently banned by Twitter

    $45 on Jan 15, Closed at $68 yesterday, doesn't look like it hurt them too much
  14. Bill E Goat

    Prada Cup

    My bad I thought it started Friday, not looking good either day, except for the Predictwind model on Sat
  15. Bill E Goat

    Prada Cup

    Predictwind is a lot more accurate (especially as it is a Kiwi product) Friday OK Sat not so much