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  1. One of their other companies is getting a bit of attention as well Retirement village operator Aveo is making a fortune by ripping off Australians
  2. Sail against it on Impetuous Two with the old blokes, hurts when at 51 your the youngest by about 20 years and consequently get sent to the bow.
  3. He won a race !
  4. Nice boat, Ian McDirmand sails one out of the RSYS, has a prod as well as a pole. A little bit faster than a Sydney 36
  5. Can anyone actually state anything DW has won as a skipper ?
  6. Somehow I dont think buying a Supermaxi is a way of parking cash, more of a way of losing it
  7. Any truth in this rumour
  8. Its for sale
  9. Wow tide must have turned or they are heading home, hate that feeling. Spent a whole night of Evans head once going backwards, they should be kedging
  10. I have WOXI finishing 1 day 3 hours, and First 40 in 2 days 2 hours
  11. Secret weapon - the blooper
  12. From the ORCi certificates WOXI Length Overall 30.480m Maximum Beam 5.092m Displacement 28,076kg Draft 5.891m BJ Length Overall 30.470m Maximum Beam 5.202m Displacement 26,826kg Draft 5.048m
  13. From the ORCi Polars WOXI only lost our in light running but not much
  14. Behind by only 3 1/2 minutes having not sailed before the start against one of the most well funded campaigns in the country is a sensational effort
  15. Looking like a slow race, upwind a lot, NNW going N. WOXI about 1 1/2 days. Hope you like short tacking up the coast