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  1. J33 Stories

    Well, 1 year in w/ the J/33. We didn't fill the closet with trophies, but we know the boat is faster than the crew. As one sage put it to me, you can fix a slow crew, you can't fix a slow boat. It is the most well rounded boat I have owned. You never leave the dock and say because of conditions, we have no chance today.. One race in 18 to 25 downwind we surfed to 13.2 knots. No fear, No anxiety just big smiles. (definitely a little initial anxiety though) Once we clean up our mark roundings, we will always be in the hunt. We are damn good the first leg!! We don't get a ton of heavy air here, and one thing I noticed in the 18 to 25ish race you had to stop the boat from feathering up. To hit near polar upwind speeds of 6.3 to 6.5 you had to consciously keep the boat a little lower than felt natural. The J35's were a touch higher with equal speed. I might post this in General Anarchy for ideas and let people tell me how stupid I am...
  2. cool or horrifying?

    Absolutely freaking loved it! Put it up and let God take it down. Great stories rarely start with the light #1...
  3. What size Tuff Luff for a J/33?

    Anyone happen to know which Tuff Luff extrusion is the proper one on a J/33?? I found the front of mine had about a 6" crack on the front side of it.. I wonder if epoxy and a narrow pc of cloth would be a short term fix?? Thanks for any info.
  4. J/33 Backstay

    We will be racing a pair of J 35's + others mixed phrf raceers. Can the 33 point equally high as the 35 w/out pinching?? We are going to be slow boat in class at 84. Being slow boat and not matching point is generally bad.. We have a good main and a good #1, but so do they
  5. bent rod on backstay

    I only ran down 1 quote, but it was about $850 for everything new.
  6. bent rod on backstay

    We bought a J33 last fall. I was unwrapping the mast today and saw about a 20 degree bend in the back stay near where it attaches to the masthead. Also, there is a "toggle" between the terminus of the backstay and the mast head. I thought that was odd. I would think the backstay would go to the pin directly.. Has anyone seen a "toggle" there before and why?? Also, this is my first boat w/ rod rigging. Is this 20 degree bend critical to fix immediately? I hate to buy a new backstay without rigging the boat once and seeing how everything fits and tunes out... I attached a few pics. Thanks for any input.
  7. J/33 Backstay

    In full disclosure, we bought this boat in October, and I havn't even sailed it yet. I keep thinking about the backstay and that little hand pump for it wayyyyy back behind everything. I am used to sailing smaller boats and being able to drive and adjust backstay any and all the time. Obviously, you can't do that on the 33. Has anyone ever replaced a hydraulic backstay on a boat this size for a mechanical cascade system run to the driver? Maybe the spar is to stiff and you need the hydraulic... Maybe that is why the checks are so important.. Do keep more tension on the backstay than you would on a smaller boat and then use the checks to put more power back in to the main?? Thanks
  8. ORR Rating Certificate for J33

    Thank You!
  9. ORR Rating Certificate for J33

    Does anyone have a certificate I could see a copy of? What is the stability index # for the J/33?? I know they have been racing in the Chi Mac so it is a non issue, but I am still curious.. Thanks for any help. Br, ​Chris
  10. My Wife HATES my Olson 30

    We ended up buying a J33. Hope she likes it... I really really hope she likes it. She is 5'11" and there is no way there is more than 5'9" down there no matter what anyone says...
  11. Table Kit Available?

    We just bought a J/33 and are wondering if there is a kit available for a compact table that can hinge on the bulkhead with a drop down leg. Just looking for something compact and easy. Thanks for any input.
  12. I'm considering buying ONE new sail ...

    Big Genny will bring you the most happiness.
  13. J33 Stories

  14. J33 Stories

    Hey Scotch - Good story. I like it a lot better than going turtle. At least its warm in HI... How fast was she going in 15tws on a tight spin reach before you woke up your co-skipper? Where you 2 pretty comfortable double handing? Stock set up or did you tweak things to make it easier for 2 to handle? I just cant freaking wait for spring. (-25 wind chill here today)
  15. J33 Stories

    Thanks for the replies. I really appreciate it. We bought Wind Lassie formerly Thing and Odin. She was always a Lk MI or Lk Erie boat. We have her on Lake Superior now. We plan to do 2 70 mile offshores next year. Should be like staying at the Ritz compared to last years Olson 30. Very excited!