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  1. esoxproblem

    what's your top boatspeed in a J boat?

    J/33 13.2 on 1 big wave. It really felt fast. God I miss summer already...
  2. esoxproblem

    Melges 24 VS Melges 32 in PHRF

    Cool picture. They are insanely fast in 5 to 8 kts.
  3. Does the 24 have a chance against the 32 in PHRF? It's a lot of seconds per mile, but they are living in different universes upwind...
  4. esoxproblem

    J 33 Mainsail Trim

    We bought a used 33 last year and had a lot of fun racing it. We did not embarrass the competition but we had moments and races where we all thought wow, this boat can really win. The main is such a big part of this design - more so than on a J 35 as a % of sail area. I read on SA somebody had made a point of commenting that over trimming the main on the 33 would absolutely kill it. I was wondering if anyone had some firsthand experience with mainsail trim on the 33 and could share some information? Sail trim and or set up. Thanks
  5. esoxproblem

    Downwind main trim in light to moderate

    I love that video. I sent it to everyone on the boat and begggged them to watch it. I really appreciate the feedback. Thanks
  6. I am guilty of giving a lot less thought to downwind sail trim than upwind. I was looking at a pic of our J33 behind a 35. The 35 had a little twist in their main. Ours was off on the halyard, way out on sheet and vang on. Kinda barndoor style. In the pic, the 35 trim looked nicer. I had always thought that the slightly twisted leech was just an air dump, but maybe there is more to it.? Any thoughts to downwind angle against the J35? Right now, if we match angle, we probably loose a little ground. And, if we heat up a little, we still loose a little ground. Thanks
  7. esoxproblem

    Anyone used Kiwigrip and removed it?

    I agree with Spackler. It seems to kinda get a grime to it. Nobody has dedicated deck shoes on our boat, and it seems to get dirty and then not want to scrub clean. This annoys me. But, it is amazingly easy to apply. We have had it down 2 years and no chipping or flaking to speak of. You can find some of the aforementioned bubbles that have popped though. For DIY, I don't think anything else comes remotely close to being as "easy"
  8. esoxproblem

    J33 Stories

    Well, 1 year in w/ the J/33. We didn't fill the closet with trophies, but we know the boat is faster than the crew. As one sage put it to me, you can fix a slow crew, you can't fix a slow boat. It is the most well rounded boat I have owned. You never leave the dock and say because of conditions, we have no chance today.. One race in 18 to 25 downwind we surfed to 13.2 knots. No fear, No anxiety just big smiles. (definitely a little initial anxiety though) Once we clean up our mark roundings, we will always be in the hunt. We are damn good the first leg!! We don't get a ton of heavy air here, and one thing I noticed in the 18 to 25ish race you had to stop the boat from feathering up. To hit near polar upwind speeds of 6.3 to 6.5 you had to consciously keep the boat a little lower than felt natural. The J35's were a touch higher with equal speed. I might post this in General Anarchy for ideas and let people tell me how stupid I am...
  9. esoxproblem

    J33 Stories

  10. esoxproblem

    J33 Stories

    Hey Scotch - Good story. I like it a lot better than going turtle. At least its warm in HI... How fast was she going in 15tws on a tight spin reach before you woke up your co-skipper? Where you 2 pretty comfortable double handing? Stock set up or did you tweak things to make it easier for 2 to handle? I just cant freaking wait for spring. (-25 wind chill here today)
  11. esoxproblem

    J33 Stories

    Thanks for the replies. I really appreciate it. We bought Wind Lassie formerly Thing and Odin. She was always a Lk MI or Lk Erie boat. We have her on Lake Superior now. We plan to do 2 70 mile offshores next year. Should be like staying at the Ritz compared to last years Olson 30. Very excited!
  12. esoxproblem

    J33 Stories

    Its nice that going on 50 I can be so damn excited about a new old boat (even one that needs core work and repainting and who knows what else) that I would be here asking for stories. But, here I am. I need a fix. There is just so little to read about the boat. It is killing me waiting for spring to get it in the water. Really would love to hear something - anything anyone can share about racing and sailing the J33's. Heavy air, light air, reaching running, pointing or hopefully shaming the local J35's... anything?!? Thanks
  13. esoxproblem

    1984 Farr 33

    Does anybody know if it has a rep for being real tender? I saw the ballast % to total displacement was pretty low at 31%
  14. esoxproblem

    1984 Farr 33

    Forgot to add, we are predominantly a light air venue. Average 5 - 10 knots most nights.