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  1. esoxproblem

    what's your top boatspeed in a J boat?

    J/33 13.2 on 1 big wave. It really felt fast. God I miss summer already...
  2. esoxproblem

    Melges 24 VS Melges 32 in PHRF

    Cool picture. They are insanely fast in 5 to 8 kts.
  3. Does the 24 have a chance against the 32 in PHRF? It's a lot of seconds per mile, but they are living in different universes upwind...
  4. esoxproblem

    J 33 Mainsail Trim

    We bought a used 33 last year and had a lot of fun racing it. We did not embarrass the competition but we had moments and races where we all thought wow, this boat can really win. The main is such a big part of this design - more so than on a J 35 as a % of sail area. I read on SA somebody had made a point of commenting that over trimming the main on the 33 would absolutely kill it. I was wondering if anyone had some firsthand experience with mainsail trim on the 33 and could share some information? Sail trim and or set up. Thanks
  5. esoxproblem

    1984 Farr 33

    Does anybody know if it has a rep for being real tender? I saw the ballast % to total displacement was pretty low at 31%
  6. esoxproblem

    1984 Farr 33

    Forgot to add, we are predominantly a light air venue. Average 5 - 10 knots most nights.
  7. esoxproblem

    1984 Farr 33

    The Olson 30 has been sold, and the quest for standing headroon has started in earnest. There is a Farr 33 for sale on Yachtworld that has been on there a long time for $12,900. It is priced at about half of what the other boats I was interested in. We race on Lake Superior. Mostly WL's and occasional offshore of 60 or 70 mile races. Can anyone offer up the good and bad on this boat?? I don't know a thing about it. Thanks
  8. esoxproblem

    Chicago Area III

    Does anyone know if that Sov 30 at Crowleys is redeemable or worth an effort.? Yard says it sat for 10 years. $6500. Looks like a good Wed night boat for light air...