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  1. duncan (the other one)


    plenty of NOS musto gear around .. worth a search.
  2. duncan (the other one)


    lynch mob much?
  3. duncan (the other one)

    is it me or is it you?

    noice. </sarc>
  4. duncan (the other one)

    Twisted cover

    aren't they outfuckers?
  5. duncan (the other one)

    Stainless Wire Railings

    its a sailing club - use dyneema lashing.
  6. duncan (the other one)

    Flying Ant bring big smiles and so much fun

    excellent stuff. Love the bailing bucket (?) trailing out the stern. Is that Brooklyn?
  7. duncan (the other one)

    is it me or is it you?

    yup - just look at Australian Sailing's Annual Report: https://www.sailing.org.au/about/annualreports/ Expenditure matches income.. (AUD) $18M revenue. $4.5M from clubs affiliation, training fees, certification, instructor registration etc ~$13M ASC and sports grants (ie: the general taxpayer) Expenditure ~$18M $8M on employee benefits (! FMD) $1.5M rent and office $1.7M grants to athletes $200k on depreciation of coach boats (not sure how many boats that adds up to?) I'll note there doesn't seem to be any club-specific expenditure. That $4.5M effectively goes up the wazoo in admin and paperwork
  8. duncan (the other one)

    what is it?

    so why don't you clowns call it 'titanum' ?
  9. plus there are precious few journalists these days -- they all got sacked. Everything else is pulled off the wire.
  10. duncan (the other one)

    what are they?

    Not tits.
  11. protest not enough beer on board? Only one drinking.
  12. very good point.. this year there was clearly a band you could give the ok in (Green Cape to Gabo).. previously it was a line. I remember some grumbling amongst sailors that year.
  13. I looked it up - there was satellite comms, HF fix and then an ok to proceed past Gabo.. so maybe not as nefarious as I have implied.
  14. has anyone got the full back catalogue of the 'yeh, but our situation was different' regarding WOXI... there have been quite a few.