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  1. Melbourne Osaka 2018

    this. In flat water, they are very very slippery boats in the light. Shaggy - while you'd be struggling with a big sticky bum in the doldrums, they'd be slipping away at high speed. Very balanced -- no real foibles. Hands off sailing at 90% of potential 90% of the time. Perfect for short-handing. They only suffer when others are planing or surfing more.
  2. Be carefull with Yanmar !!!

    Sounds to me like leopard is trying to divert attention away from their own incompetent assembly.
  3. The 70th Brisbane to Gladstone race.

    I started barfing at the headsail takedown at 8min in. After that - good vid and great back story.
  4. Competitive One Design ocean racers

    never rated real well.
  5. What to wear under salopettes?

    what is this 'dry' you speak of?
  6. Competitive One Design ocean racers

    I forgot the JPK line of IRC racers.. rate very (very) well and could be called OD.
  7. Swage Stops

    if you need to make up a strop - try a length of dyneema with a fixed eye splice at one end and an adjustable eye splice* in the other. These are surprisingly stable and will let you tweak the length of the strop. * - a simple tucked splice with the tail exiting after the bury so you can adjust it.
  8. Competitive One Design ocean racers

    how about which ones are actually sturdy enough to go ocean racing?
  9. Swage Stops

    wire sucks. Use low-stretch line pulled to a hard stop (stopper or similar) and jib cunno. Fast, repeatable, easy.
  10. Brought On Some Tears

    Bill wasn't senile - he knew his time was coming and did that to fuck with his sailing buddies. Fair winds, Bill.
  11. Swage Stops

    can't you cut and re-swage the end rather than move the stop?
  12. Hydrogen fuel cell generator

    make absolutely sure there's no oxygen?
  13. VOR Man Overboard

    It took me a while to realise, too - but blocking Random is your only solution.
  14. ........ to Noumea

    don't like having to pack a set of jarmies and more than one hot meal?
  15. ........ to Noumea

    Hey - didn't we do this already?