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  1. In Over Our Head

    yeh - well 'neglecting to correct' is going to hurt you on something like the mumm. You need to always be trimming not just the usual controls, but the runners (forestay sag) especially.. then don't forget that a crank on the runners will upset your leech tension, so start again in that trim cycle.
  2. blooper time!

    max boatspeed of 18 kn logged during a race. Picture is post-race (hence no headsail and flaked main)
  3. Sydney to Hobart 2017

    Bowman: "What the *fuck* is going on back there?"
  4. Club/offshore racers in Aus up to $80k AUD

    talk to a sailmaker who knows his (IRC) shit. AFAIK - sprit no penalty as long as STL preserved. Zero no penalty if no larger than kite (and measures as kite), but beware the max # of kites limitation (21.6.1). You can tack a headsail to the sprit, so consider that. Smaller headsails ratings benefit may not be worth it depending on your local conditions.
  5. Spirit-33' s&s

    or maybe
  6. Sydney to Hobart 2016

    unfortunately, in this thread, they're a year behind.
  7. blooper time!

  8. blooper time!

    its a bloody awesome sail in that little window it likes. Almost set and forget, and stabilises the roll enough to be able to pull the pole more aft than would normally be comfortable in the upper end of its range.
  9. blooper time!

    Have a look at that vid above -- constant 8's in fairly benign conditions. For something a bit more exciting.. peak logged during some shenanigans at night.
  10. Heavy #1 vs #2

    well yes -- just questioning the blanket 'reef is slow'. It certainly aint' in most boats in 30+ with a #3 or less up, for example.
  11. blooper time!

    yes indeed
  12. Spirit-33' s&s

    What a cool boat. nice lines. 1970 ? http://rolexsydneyhobart.com/the-yachts/1970 http://rolexsydneyhobart.com/standings/?raceId=40 https://youtu.be/CrgvKV6aCwg?t=298
  13. Heavy #1 vs #2

    yah what ?
  14. Heavy #1 vs #2

    yeh - sorry. more negative luff round / hollow. same same.