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  1. Other Virtual Races

    So I guess you did get the options then? Good going either way, and we'll all be expecting big things next VG.
  2. Vendee Globe 2016?

    I thought they motored out then tagged the engines. I missed that footage this time round but that certainly happened in 2012. TBH I haven't watched any canal action this time, and just assumed that Colman was being towed because his batteries were too low for propulsion after the dismasting / jury rig / nearly starved finish.
  3. Vendee Globe 2016?

    LOL I just love the fact that he has to be towed up the canal by a RIB. That's the spirit! https://twitter.com/conradcolman/status/835133992995278859
  4. Vendee Globe 2016?

    Colman - what a legend. Just one favour, mate, can you launch that drone one last time and get your own footage of your finish? Rig up a footstrap and get out on the gunnels to immortalise yourself further with some Imoca-Laser hiking action across the line. But seriously, what an effort!
  5. Other Virtual Races

    Well done mate - top effort.
  6. A If the Vendee (not the Sprint) is the only race you've finished within the last two years, then you aren't presently ranked. The ranking gets updated the Monday after a race closes, but Vendee hasn't closed yet (although the Sprint has). Once Vendee finally closes, you'll have a ranking the following Monday, for the following two years (races drop off the ranking list after two years). Ahh thanks - makes sense. I wasn't sure if I was just missing something pretty obvious.
  7. I doubt I will. Unrelated question, is there any way to see your VR ranking? I can see everyone else's, it seems, except mine. Unless that's because the VG is the only race I've done in years. I was interested to see where a 'one race wonder', albeit in a very big race, puts you in the overall yearly rankings
  8. After finishing I went from 352 to 351 for a while (but the ranking list still showed 352). It eventually settled down on the original place. No idea why.
  9. Vendee Globe 2016?

    All credit to Jeremie - shouldn't be forgotten that he's had patchy weather information at best for the majority of the race. So to come in third is a massive achievement!
  10. Vendee Globe 2016?

    Ah gotcha - misunderstood the post then. But he did post a pic of a broken Karver furler (can't remember what sail it was from), so I think my more general point still stands - there's a pattern of failures at the front of the boat where headsails are attached.
  11. Distance from start must be miles sailed - mine says 26,678.3
  12. Vendee Globe 2016?

    So at least 3 boats this time round have had issues with the J1 hardware leading to loss of the sail: ALC, AT and Conrad Colman. For Colman (IIRC) this also acts as the forestay - not sure about the newer boats. That's nearly as many keels as dropped off last time.
  13. Last time round I finished in 79 d, 11 h, 58 min, 34 s in 8556th place. That put me in 948th of the 'Sans Options' boats. The first place finisher without options was 'AB-BIO' in 1118th. Check it out here: http://vr-annexe.akroweb.fr/vg12.php Shame we don't have this info (or the cool animations) this time. Amazing tussle between m2for and jahmbo. Hamachi & Breitling also had only 2 1/2 minutes between them.
  14. 6times7: practice events not necessarily required ;-) I remember last time round trying desperately (and unsuccessfully) to keep up with you. Though I'm sure I can dig up some excuse for that! RS: keep it real. Once every four years is OK, right? I was sceptical about the new interface, 3D view, eye candy etc at the start, but actually I think the interpolated winds made it much more interesting. And at least they ended the crazy tracks along the edge of wind cell boundaries - remember them?! On the other hand, it did mean you had to check your boat more than twice a day. I wouldn't have wanted to be 'sans options' this time round, so a big shout to hutspot who looks set for the SA trophy in that division!
  15. Vendee Globe 2016?

    How often would he actually have used the J1 in the last month?