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  1. miahmouse

    New foulies?

    Whatever you go with, make sure its Gore-tex.... nothing else compares fabric wise. The prices of all of it have gone through the roof on most brands, your wallet will feel much lighter after this round.
  2. miahmouse


    I like Musto... Its all I'll buy because it actually works. But I just saw the MPX Smock is at $675 now... they've got to be fucking high to charge that for a spraytop.
  3. miahmouse

    20+ Footer - Building in Hawaii

    looks good man...
  4. miahmouse


    I am guessing that, since the Portlanders have articulating prods, he means fully artic'ed to stbd and then fully artic'ed to port....hence a wag like a pup tail. exactamundo...
  5. miahmouse


    Looks damn good... one suggestion with the prod setup... The fairlead for the tack needs to be as close to center as possible or the wag will be different from side to side... As setup, with the tack all the way out launched with full wag to stbd, you won't get full wag to port (or you'll be yelling fuck and wondering whats stuck).
  6. miahmouse

    20+ Footer - Building in Hawaii

    No believe me, it's awesome That way the spinnaker trimmer can chill in the quarterberth. FB- Doug hehe...
  7. miahmouse

    20+ Footer - Building in Hawaii

    Wish the breeze had ripped through the shed more - still too much dust in there! Obviously with the weather as bad as it's been, no chance to paint. Next week I suppose . . . Color scheme: Snow White topsides, 545 white bottom, Snow White sprayed deck non-skid. Keep it cool, but keep the the sunglasses handy. How do you like the looks of your transom? I think it turned out rather nice. Alright Jim, I can't figure it out. Whats the little pocket-like thing in the top corners of the transom for? Stern looks great, really dig the rudder area. Those are the turning blocks for the spin. sheets. Like most of the control lines on this boat they go under deck. wait... whaat? the spinsheets run under the deck? as in ... into the boat, under the deck? just doesn't seem that practical... for many different reasons... edit: given, I don't know how exactly its done in this case... tubes inside? sealed to water ingress somehow?
  8. miahmouse

    20+ Footer - Building in Hawaii

    lookin good... plans for the rig?
  9. miahmouse


    ... but I had the nails ready and everything...