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  1. Chicago-Mac/Meridian X MOB Recovery

    these were brand new lights, with brand new batteries...
  2. Chicago-Mac/Meridian X MOB Recovery

    Just to reiterate, these weren't the lights included in the vests. The running recommendation is a strobe, not a solid light. As well as secondary flashlight.
  3. Chicago-Mac/Meridian X MOB Recovery

    This is a neat little widget just for sounding an alarm indicating an AIS MOB detection. http://oceansignal.com/products/ais-alarm/
  4. The Jobson Retort

    From the picture, it looks like there was already a shitfight for water going on... If they were truly coming from behind, Courageous shouldn't have gone in there in the first place.
  5. 2016 Olympic Games

    any commentary on the 49er team from denmark in race 1 today? In the lead and sailed right the hell on past the wrong mark... looks like they thought the start line was teh finish line...
  6. No commemetary on nacra class?

    Pretty pathetic NBC can't get their shit together after an entire week. Hour upon hour of dead silence...
  7. How to watch the Olympics

    watching the RS:X races at the moment... what are they doing when they're pulling what looks like the uphaul line upwind? is that the downhaul re-routed or are they moving the rig around with the uphaul line?
  8. Pocket Hose from FP

    biggest pieces of crap ever... had one explode and send shrapnel at my throat...
  9. Dear Newport Bermuda Organizing Authority...

    boats have to meet certain requirements to enter the bermuda race nobody is saying that the boats which don't meet those requirements are not capable of doing an offshore race. I get it that the rules are the rules. I mean it more in the terms that a mini is a very good example of a boat worthy of going offshore; if it doesn't measure in perhaps the rule needs to be re-examined.
  10. Dear Newport Bermuda Organizing Authority...

    How in the actual fuck is a Pogo2 deemed not capable of doing any offshore race?
  11. Ker 43 Ptarmigan

    oh yeah... when it goes wrong, it was the pit man... always!!
  12. Ker 43 Ptarmigan

    4. halyard locks NEVER work the way you want them to, the way they were designed or the way somebody got them to work once... They're right up there with printers and copy machines in the "spawn of Satan" rankings. 5. IMO and I'm sure someone will disagree, but the key to a string drop is to get the bottom of the kite starting to fly up and away from the boat (it will make people look up and think "we're fucked")... tack and sheet off to let the kite work up a bit (takedown line pre-tensioned) then go like hell on the takedown line as the halyard is blown. The whole kite folds in on itself and just disappears. An audible count to get everyone going at the right time does worlds as well. The time gaps are still a 1 or two count max between moves. The location of the patches is also rather important... ttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JwacJBxtQ8o
  13. 20+ Footer - Building in Hawaii

    looks good man...
  14. i550

    I am guessing that, since the Portlanders have articulating prods, he means fully artic'ed to stbd and then fully artic'ed to port....hence a wag like a pup tail. exactamundo...